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is it ok to sleep in a tent after cleaning mold out of it?

my friend and i set up my tent and found mold in it ( the last time it was used was a few months ago at a cancer relay and was still wet when put away). now we
are going to clean it and was wondering if we could sleep in it tonight. i have tried to find research on this and found nothing. please help me out thank you.

Asked by Bubblesxoxox.45 at Aug 10,2011 07:29

No! Mold can bring with it a lot of diseases which are very harmful to a respiratory system. If houses have mold, they must be cleaned and a health inspector
must clear it before it can be sold in many countries. This is for health reasons. I would strongly recommend purchasing a new tent.

Answer from Anna444 Rocketmai at Aug 13,2011 06:38

Best answer

Yep, mould could cause respiratory problems, you should clean it very good first and leave it a few days to air after that. if you need tips how to clean it up safely
without much chemicals you can ask. Regards

Answer from Douglas Brent at Aug 14,2011 06:46

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