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Is it bad to get your moles removed?

Asked by Hannah at Aug 16,2011 07:30

if its covering a large portion of your face then its up to you if u want it to get removed or not. but you face the possibility of getting cancer. talk over this with
people you know such as your sister or brother

Answer from miguel at Aug 16,2011 07:33

Best answer

Nope. The only downside is that it costs a little money and can hurt a little bit for a few days, might leave a small scar too. I think the other answer is a little
misleading. If you have a mole that is raised like a bump (not flat) then lots of exposure to sunlight can lead to skin cancer. Removing it removes the risk. People
don't remove them because you don't -have- to and they usually aren't problem. If it bothers you, get it done.

Answer from Vad at Aug 16,2011 07:33

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