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Infected ear piercing help!?!?

I have 2 lobe piercings on both sides of my ear. I got the 2nd ear lobe piercing about 3 or 4 months ago. I was gona get my 3rd eearring in my ear lobes today but
now I'm worried that my second is infected. Can I still get my third pierced if my second is infected?

Asked by Khloe Kkk at Aug 13,2011 12:52

Best answer

First, you should get the infected piercing cleaned up and sterile again - see a doctor, then think about a third piercing. All the Best.

Answer from Seán at Aug 13,2011 13:04

When my second lobe piercing got infected I saw the pharmacist and they suggested I used surgical spirit, its not very expensive and it helped loads but it will
sting a little whilst using it. If your pain threshold isn't very good then it may be a discomfort and you'd be better off seeing someone about it. I'd carry on using sea
salt solution, assuming that you do, if that doesn't help then I'd go to the pharmacy and see what they suggest, they will either be able to sort the problem or
suggest you see a doctor. :)

Answer from tremg at Aug 13,2011 14:15

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