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I need some help here.?

Back in March 2011 of this year, I was told that I have COPD along with Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergllisos, pulmonary function test shows my overall
function is at 33 percent. I am just wondering is my doctor thinking I am going to die in five years or less? Asperllsois is scaring my air sacks in my lungs and this
what is killing my lungs overall. Please I need to know if anyone can help.

Asked by Gary Godorov at Aug 14,2011 03:56

Best answer

This would be a question for your doctor. The people here won't know the true condition of your lungs. Most doctors won't tell you that you have 6 months to live
or 5 years to live. They have found that some people give up or get despondent when they do that so they are intentionally vague about it. Try talking frankly with
your doctor about your condition and your future.

Answer from Gep at Aug 14,2011 04:28

Without knowing your full medical history, there is no way anyone here can help you and give an accurate prognosis. Your doctor is best equipped for that.

Answer from •• TONY •• at Aug 14,2011 04:49

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