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I have a swollen lip? What happened? D:?

I was eating a vegetable roll; and Ive never had any problem with this type of food; but now my left side of my bottom lip is swelled up D:! I dont know how or why
this happened seeing as ive been okay with the foods before.also, any tips to stop it from swelling?

Asked by s Brick walls mouth off to me s at Aug 13,2011 16:22

Was there anything different about the other ones you've ate? You can put ice on it?

Answer from Clarissa Thompson at Aug 13,2011 16:23

Probly alergic to what ever was in it such ad its flavorings, msg or mabye stuff like that

Answer from Vlad Songchai at Aug 13,2011 16:24

Best answer

Is it possible that you've accidentally bitten the inside of your lip? I know that normally, you would feel it if you had but once I was eating and afterwards my lip
swelled up. It turned out I'd accidentally bitten my lip while eating and a tiny piece of food had kinda got into it. All I did was rinse it out with mouth wash and then
put an icecube on it for a while. The swelling went down after that. This might be completely wrong though, so if you still have no idea what caused it and the
swelling hasn't gone down after a few days I'd it looked at.

Answer from -my_chemical_angel- at Aug 14,2011 12:08

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