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					                                  SECONDARY SCHOOL
                                    NEWSLETTER 4
                                        Term 2
                                     10th July 2009

                       Dear Parents and Pupils
                       Thank you so very much for affording me the time off school to attend the Leadership
Catholic Culture       Development course at Wits Business School. It has been an inspiring time of learning
                       from and networking with heads and senior staff from other schools. I have returned
Cross Country          from the course grateful to be at this fine school and renewed in my vigour to serve our
Exam Stress Tips       pupils and you our parents to the best of my ability.
English Olympiad
                       We enter a relatively quiet phase as the girls prepare for and start writing their exami-
Fun Day                nations. Please help keep them calm at home by ensuring that they follow a carefully
Geography Outing       prepared study programme and keep to a sensible time management schedule which
                       allows for a good night‟s rest. Please do not encourage the use of stimulants such as
                       “alert” tablets. While they may assist in keeping the user awake for longer, they are
Inter-house Netball    extremely dangerous and the after effects of extreme tiredness will then manifest when
Inter-house Plays      the user is most required to be awake – during the actual examination. In the case of
                       illness, a doctor‟s certificate is required. I wish them success in their endeavours.
Johannesburg Garden
Club                   Please do ensure that your daughter continues to wear full and correct school uniform
Resource Centre        to all examinations. If it is a particularly cold day, pupils are encouraged to bring their
                       beige Brescia blanket to keep their legs warm while writing examinations. Pupils are
                       not permitted to bring any electronic equipment other than an approved non-
                       programmable calculator into the examination venue. Pupils are therefore encouraged
                       not to bring cell phones with them to school. If they do need to bring a phone it must
                       be locked in their lockers or be left with my secretary, Mrs Coulter, for the duration of
Cross Country          the examination.
Nicole Rennie
                       I am pleased to inform you that I have received the information booklets for the Johan-
English Olympiad       nesburg schools‟ anti-alcohol coalition agreement which I mentioned in a newsletter
                       earlier this year. Please be alert to receiving news of information evenings where your
Bronwyn Gore           contribution to and support of this venture will be discussed.
Kate-Lyn Moore
                       Our girls continue to impress us with their achievements. Congratulations are due to
Hockey                 Bronwyn Gore (grade 11) and Kate-Lyn Moore (grade 12) for their exceptional
                       achievement in the de Beers English Olympiad where they were placed in the top fifty
Moshibudi Tabane       category. Moshibudi Tabane (grade 8) is congratulated on her achievement in being
                       selected for the District 9 hockey team. We wish her all the best as she prepares for the
                       district tournaments. And, last but not least, congratulations to Nicole Rennie (grade 7)
                       for winning the cross country run at St Stithians where eight schools participated.
 I wish you and the girls a time of quiet and reflection during the next two weeks. Please do not hesitate to
 contact the grade co-ordinators or me if you have any queries or concerns.

 Kind regards

 Benedikte Nott
 Headmistress: Secondary School

                                    Wherever I go, there God is. Now and always he upholds
 “There is no place where God is not.
 me with his power and keeps me safe in his love.” Author unknown.


      Organise your time.
      Exercise relieves stress (plan for thirty minutes a day).
      Make time to relax (try relaxation exercises).
      Get enough sleep (relax before going to bed).
      Eat a healthy balanced diet containing lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and protein rich food like fish to
      counteract the effects of stress.
      Eat regular meals.
      Limit your intake of coffee, tea, coke, etc. (drink water).
      Avoid stimulants and depressants as these may become addictive.
      Talk to your family and friends for support.
      Have a positive attitude.
      Visualise success.
      Reward yourself.

                                                  GOOD LUCK!

  (Adapted from: Your Self-Empowerment Guide to becoming a Top Performer by Professor J. Higgins)


Congratulations to Bronwyn Gore and Kate-Lyn Moore who achieved a position in the Top 50 in the 2009
De Beers English Olympiad. They were placed between 16 and 50. This entitles them to free tuition to
their first year at Rhodes university, subject to meeting the Universities entry requirements. A certificate
from Rhodes regarding the Scholarship will be received shortly.

The rank order of the Top 100 will be available on from Thursday 16th
July 2009.

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                                        OUR CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN CULTURE

                 Confession          (or the Sacrament of Reconciliation – reconciling the person
                 to God)

                 On the 25 June 2009 two high school pupils and 24 young grade 4 pupils were
                 initiated into the Sacrament of Reconciliation by Father Michael at the Bryanston
                 Parish. The girls had been well-prepared over the past half year on what to expect
                 and met the occasion with a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

                 This sacrament is also known as Confession and the Sacrament of Penance. This
                 sacrament was instituted by Jesus Christ himself on Easter Sunday when He ap-
                 peared to the apostles after His resurrection and said to them, “Receive the Holy
                 Spirit. For those whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven; for those whose sins
                 you retain, they are retained” (Jn20:22-23).

                 The Sacrament is an outward sign (the absolution granted by the priest) of an in-
                 ward grace (the reconciliation of the penitent to God). The penitent is required to
                 be contrite, to confess fully and be willing to make amends for his/her sins.

                 The question is often asked why it is necessary to „go to Confession‟ when one
                 could confess directly to God who can forgive without one going through a priest.
                 On the most basic level of course, the answer is yes, but Catholics believe that the
                 proper form for forgiveness of sins came from Christ and they embrace it as a lov-
                 ing gift from God. The Church encourages regular Confession as a way out of the
                 downward cycle of sin by public acknowledgement of one‟s sins, repenting of
                 them and asking God‟s forgiveness and help in resisting further temptation to sin.

                                                                            RESOURCE CENTRE
This week has seen many girls making use of the Resource Centre to study for their exams – welcome
girls and good luck. I hope the peace and quiet of the library has assisted you in this!

Please would girls and parents alike take note that ALL library books on loan to the HIGH SCHOOL
are to be returned by this Friday 10th July. Should girls wish to read during the holidays this is only
possible if a „holiday loan slip‟ is obtained from the library staff and signed by a parent and returned to
me. A maximum of 7 books may be borrowed during this period and ALL books are to be returned on
the first day of the new term.

May I ask parents to assist their children in finding outstanding/late library books and to please return
them to the library at your earliest convenience.

Many thanks
Marcella Otridge
Librarian St. Ursula’s Resource Centre

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                                       GRADE 12 URBAN GEOGRAPHY OUTING

 On Thursday 4 June, the Grade 12 Geography girls
 went on an outing after school to further develop
 our investigative skills in the urban settlement
 field. We were dropped off at the Spur on the
 Southern side of Beyers Naude and walked along
 the road analysing in detail various aspects of what
 we saw (land use, the shops, the restaurants etc.)
 After making our way down Beyers Naude we
 turned right and diverted into Cresta Shopping
 Centre where we split up and explored its interior
 contents, looking for answers to our worksheet of
 questions. Luckily we had enough time to have a
 quick break and enjoy some of the best doughnuts
 in Johannesburg. Our afternoon outing was a short
 one but we gained some much needed knowledge
 of our syllabus in real life circumstances.

 Ashleigh Symington


    Mrs Ria Milburn of Bush Education, the
                                                                     Members of the Johannesburg Garden Club
    guest speaker being thanked by Mrs Prue
          Johnson, Chair Person of the
           Johannesburg Garden Club

  Earlier this year, Brescia House School was approached by Mrs Anne Lorentz to host the Johannesburg Gar-
  den Club‟s July meeting. Anne Lorentz is known for her involvement with the popular TV gardening series,
  „Gardens Wild and Wonderful’ as well as being the horticulturist for the Oppenheimer family.

  On Wednesday 1 July, during the mid-term break, sixty ladies braved the cold morning air to listen to a Ria
  Milburn‟s presentation on “The Ancient Dust of Africa”. Those in the auditorium were left with a feeling of
  calm and peace as we marveled over the beauty and wonder of our country. The Garden Club ladies were
  very complimentary about our school gardens and noted how wonderful they looked, even in the chilly win-

  A special word of thanks to Louis Coetzee for his technical assistance on the day.

  Sallyanne Tromp

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      Roxanne Skosana and Sinéad Meaker
                                                              Amy Bunce, Vuyo Njenje and Natalie Laughton

 Well done to all houses - the awards were as follows:

 Best Production                 :   Brescia
 Best Director                   :   Sinéad Meaker and Roxanne Skosana (Laurus)
 Best Actress                    :   Luthando Vilakazi and Bronwyn Gore (Laurus)
 Best Casting                    :   Laurus
 Best Supporting Role            :   Ellen Vlok (Laurus)
 Best Use of Costumes            :   Brescia
 Best Set:                       :   Merici
 Best Overall Design             :   Merici
 Best Cameo                      :   Lucia Martinengo
 Best Creative Director          :   Brescia
 Most Promising Actress          :   Reneilwe Motale
 Merits for Acting:
    Courtney-Michelle Silburn
    Ndileka Mbina
    Kate Wallace
    Kayleigh Bus
    Fatima Kubeka
    Tanya Theunissen

 Gail Jacobs

                                                          Back Row: Ellen Vlok, Courtney-Michelle Silburn,
      Bronwyn Gore and Luthando Vilakazi                  Kayleigh Bus, Lucia Martinengo, Reneilwe Motale
                                                         Front Row: Katherine Wallace, Ndileke Mbina, Tanya
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          Pictures tell the
          Fun for all, from
           little ones, to
           teenagers, to

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  Cross Country
  Cross Country Results 25 June at St Peter’s Girls Prep

  Grade 7

  1st Nicole Rennie

  4th Tayla Dominy

  Cross Country Run at St Stithians on 9th July (8 Schools participated)

  Congratulations to Nicole Rennie for coming 1st in her age group. Well Done.

  Despina Maliaka‟s provincial hockey team – Southern Gauteng U18A – won nationals (played over

  Congratulations to Moshibudi Tabane who has made the district nine U14 provincial hockey team.

 Brescia vs Kingsmead results

    TEAM                SCORE

    U/14 A                  0-0
    U/14 B                  0-0
    U/15 A                  1-2
    U/16 A                  0-2
    Second                  3-1
                                                             Brescia House School 2nd Hockey Team
    First                   1-0

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 The Inter House Netball matches were held recently. A big thank you to all those girls who supported their
 houses and to the girls who played so well.
 The results were as follows:

 1ST   LAURUS                7 POINTS
 2     BRESCIA                6 POINTS
 3RD   MERICI                3 POINTS

 1ST   LAURUS                16 POINTS
 2ND   MERICI                6 POINTS
 3RD   BRESCIA                5 POINTS

 1ST  LAURUS                 23 POINTS
 2ND   BRESCIA                11 POINTS
 3rd  MERICI                 9 POINTS

                                                                                                                                           r   ter
                                                                                                                                    p   po
                                                                                       r   tic

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