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					Vol IV, No 1                                                                                           JUN 2006
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Brig RK Sanan

                                                                    Brig RK Sanan
Lt Col Lokesh Kushwaha
                                  Its my pleasure to extend good wishes and warm greetings to the readers of this
Compiled &                   first issue of the Newsletter for the year 2006. The past six months have been period
Designed By                  of intense activities though very satisfying and rewarding in many ways. I intend
                             touching upon the major issues, progress made thus far and the achievements.
Shri Danvir Singh                 The Codification process has been streamlined and finally long pending issues are
                             being resolved with the Service HQs. Integrated HQs of MOD (Navy and Air Force)
                             were approached to identify a ‘single point window’ with whom we could
Published By                 communicate. Our efforts have been fructified. Air Force has already started sending
                             IIG forms in big numbers whereas a major policy shift is being undertaken in Navy
Directorate of               towards Codification.
Standardisation                   Our efforts on Bar Coding have also yielded results. A workshop on Bar Coding
Ministry of Defence          was organised by the Directorate on 03 Apr 06 at India International Centre, New
‘H’ Block; DHQ PO            Delhi followed by a conference at the Directorate on 25 May 06. Consequent to this, a
New Delhi – 110 011          pilot project on Bar Coding is being initiated in Ordnance Factory Kanpur and COD
Tele No                           A major project on the re-establishment of LAN in the DDP offices of MOD at South
                             Block and Sena Bhawan was undertaken and successfully completed. The servers
                             have been relocated, new hardware installed and entire cabling redone. This has
011 – 2301 5407              facilitated smooth access, transferring and down/uploading of data between various
                             offices of DDP and the Directorate.
Fax No                            The File Tracking System is fully operational. An FTS node linking Sena Bhawan,
                             South Block, Planning & Coord and the Directorate has been provided in the Central
                             Registry Section in Adm Gp.
011 – 2301 5686
                                  Our websites (both English & Hindi version) have a new look now as its home and
                             link pages have been reconstructed. The website is now available 24 x 7 for users. The
E-mail Address               average hits have increased to 250 per day and the total No of registered users who
                             access our website are around 250.             We have obtained sanction for Broad Band connectivity for all our Cells and they
                             have, by now, changed from dial up connection to Broad Band. We had to close down
Website                      our Detachment at Aruvankadu as it was not giving any worthwhile results towards
                             our core activities of Standardisation and Codification. The Archives Section at DSC
                             Badarpur is fully functional now. The inspections of all the Cells have been planned   and are being conducted as per schedule.
                                  A phased upgradation of the infrastructure of DNC and CACOSA is on the anvil.
                             The existing servers and hardware will be replaced with contemporary machines.
                                  Last but not the least we finally have a conference hall of our own. I am happy to
                             announce that it has come up very well with all the facilities available. We even hosted
                             a US Delegation for a presentation on 12 May 06 in the same conference hall.
                                  In the end, I shall take this opportunity to place on record my deep appreciation for
                             your whole-hearted cooperation and indulgence. We continue to strive hard to excel in
                             our sphere of activities and this will only be possible with your support and
                             cooperation which, I am sure, will continue.
                             Jai Hind
                             New Delhi
                                Jun 06

                                                       to discuss the progress and formulation of
 ACTIVITIES AT THE DTE OF STD                          JSQRs on various equipment/items. Seven
                                                       JSQRs were finalised during the period Jan to
                                                       May 2006 and preparation of 17 JSQRs is in
        Standardisation. Against the annual            progress.
target of 665 Standardisation and 491 Revision
documents for the year 2005-2006, 762                         LSSC Meeting       LSSC Meeting was
Standard and 501 Revision documents were               held on 03 Mar 06 at SQA(L), New Delhi and
prepared during the year. In the present year          was chaired by Shri Asad Ahmed, the then
104 Standard and 89 Revision documents have            DQAL. The meeting was attended by all the
been prepared against the annual target of 685         members of various AsHSP.
and 495 documents respectively till 31 May 06.
                                                              Visit: US Delegation Directorate of
        Codification. A total number of                Standardisation organised the visit of group of
13,628 items were codified in year 2005-06             11 students from Industrial College of the
against the enhanced target of 11,177 items. In        Armed Forces (ICAF), National Defence
the present year 1985 items have been codified         University, Washington DC on 12 May 2006. A
thus making a total of 2,30,465 items codified         presentation was given to them by DQAL Shri
till 31 May 06.                                        Uma Maheshwara Rao, Dir Gd-l in the
                                                       Conference Hall of the Directorate on
        Updation.     A total number of 4453           “Electronic Components Obsolescence in
updations were done in year 2005-06 against a          Weapon System”.
target of 4312, since then till 31 May 2006, 718
updations have been carried out against the                   TRAINING
target of 3106.
                                                               Courses.      During the period Jan to
        DECC Meeting. 1(2006)            DECC          Jun 06, four courses were run, two each at
meeting, under the chairmanship of Shri Alok           Institute of Standards Training (IST) Pune, and
Perti, Jt Secy (Supplies) was held on 24 Feb 06        Regional Institute of Standards Training
at South Block to review the progress on               (RIST), Defence Standardisation Cell, Delhi.
Codification activities and setting the targets        Total 63 officers and staff attended the training.
for the next year.
                                                             Training Courses Conducted by NIC.
CCSSC Meeting. CCSSC Meeting was held                  Two courses on office automation and
on 21 Mar 2006 at South Block under the                computer awareness for officials of DDP and
Chairmanship of Shri Anup Mukerji,                     Directorate of Standardisation were conducted
Additional Secretary (DP). The meeting was             by NIC, New Delhi.
attended by all the Chairman of thirteen Sub
Committees of the Std Group. During this                      Enhancement of IT Facility at IST
meeting, tasking and target for preparation of         Pune and RIST Delhi.       With a view to
Standardisation documents were decided.                strengthen the IST & RIST, considerable IT
                                                       hardware has been procured/relocated. One
      ISEPC/ISWGs        Two        ISEPC              server, 17 terminals, networking components,
meetings and eleven ISWG meetings were held

printers, LCD projection system etc amounting                Heavy Mobile Vehicle for Corps of
to approx Rs 15 lakh have been installed at IST              Engineers.
Pune. Surplus IT hardware arising from                       Base Station for hand held V/UHF Sets
Cells/Detts has been pooled at RIST Badarpur                 and Phone Patch.
in order to achieve better training facilities.              HALE UAV (Unmanned Air Vehicle).
Now each student has one computer terminal
for learning. This has made very significant          ♣      NSQR
improvement in training environment of both
the Institutes.                                              Indigenous RRB equipment (Radio
                                                             Receiver ‘B’).
       Entry Control.      183 Statement of                  Medium Range Multi Mission Maritime
Case of Army, Navy and Air Force for                         Aircraft (MRSA).
introduction, scaling and declaring the items                Air Borne IFF Interrogator.
obsolescent/obsolete have been cleared during
this period. Nineteen cases of GSQR/NSQR                    Departmental Specifications.       133
having inter service applicability have been          Departmental Specifications converted to JSG-
cleared during the period.                            031 format have been finalised and loaded on
                                                      the website.
♣      GSQR
                                                             Barcoding. Workshop on Bar Coding
       TI Sight for Dragunov 7.62 mm Sniper           was orgainised by the Directorate on 03 April
       Rifle.                                         2006 and 25 May 06. Consequent to this, a
       Hand Held Unmanned Air Vehicle                 pilot project on bar coding is being initiated in
       (UAV) System.                                  Ordnance Factory Kanpur and COD Kanpur.
       Jelly Filled Cable System.
       Electronic Stethoscope to detect
       Mechanical and Electronic Timings
       System in Improvised Explosive
       TIDEX MK-II.
       Digital Encryption Module (DEM) for
       Hand Held Motorola Radio Set.
       Tactical Optical Fibre Cable System
       (Single Mode Four Core).
       Interoperability Device.
       20 mm Cannon.
       Under Water Assault Rifle.
       Transient Response Electro Simulator
       as part of EMP Magnetic Interference            Participants from various Defence Orgainisa-
       /Electro Magnetic Interference Testing.        tions in Barcoding Workshop
       Lorry 10 Ton 8x8.
       Wsksp Shelters.

                                                                   New Home Page for Website. Defstand
                                                           website ( and its Hindi
                                                           version have a new look as its home and link pages
                                                           have been reconstructed. The website is now
                                                           available 24 x 7 days for the users.

Discussions between the Director and CEO
GS-1 India during Workshop on Barcoding

                                                           Launching of New Website Page by Director
                                                           on 26 May 06

         Re-establishment of LAN in the DDP                ♣       Number of Hits.        The average number
Offices of MOD.        A LAN has been re-                  of hits on our website by users have increased to
establishment in between South Block, Sena                 250 per day. 31 new user Ids have been provided to
Bhawan and nodal offices of MOD at ‘H’ Block by            access our website. The total number of users who
re-location of servers, installation of various new        access our website are 249.
hardwares and fibre optic cabling. This has
facilitated smooth access, transferring and
down/uploading of data between various offices of          ♣      Broad Band Connection. Sanction for
MOD. An inter website for the DPP has also                 broadband connections for Internet has been
deployed and running.                                      obtained from the Ministry. All Cells are in the
                                                           process of changing over to broadband connection
                                                           from dial up connection.
         Deployment of Indian Standards on
WAN. History was made on 23 Jan 06 when due
to the pioneering interaction between the                         File Tracking System (FTS).
Directorate of Standardisation and DG BIS, for the
first time, deployment of Indian Standards was             ♣        FTS is now operational. An FTS node
made on Wide Area Network of the Directorate of            linking Sena Bhawan, South Block, Planning &
Standardisation. The Directorate now enjoys the            Coordination and the Directorate of Standardi-
facility of 55 concurrent users (five for each Cell,       sation has been provided in the Central Registry
five for Directorate of Standardisation and five for       Section in Adm Gp.
Vizag Dett). The Standards can now be accessed
from Defence Standardisation Website and also via
I Net through the CACOSA Server.

♣     Upgradation.        Case is being taken up                              ÉÊiÉàÉÉcÉÒ ÉÊ®{ÉÉä]Éç BÉEÉÒ ºÉàÉÉÒFÉÉ BÉEÉÒ MÉ<Ç +ÉÉè® ªÉlÉɺÉƣɴÉ
for upgrading the existing IT hardware in the                                 ºÉãÉÉc/ºÉÖZÉÉ´É £ÉÉÒ ÉÊnA MÉA*
DNC. This would enable the users quick access
and downloading of data.
                                                                                         àÉÖJªÉÉãÉªÉ àÉå 16 ºÉä 20 VÉxÉ´É®ÉÒ, 2006 iÉlÉÉ
         Establishment of Conference Hall.                                    15 ºÉä 19 àÉ<Ç, 2006 iÉBÉE nÉä ÉËcnÉÒ BÉEɪÉǶÉÉãÉÉAÆ
A conference hall has been set up in Room No                                  +ÉɪÉÉäÉÊVÉiÉ BÉEÉÒ MÉ<ÇÆ ÉÊVÉxÉàÉå 18 BÉEÉÉÌàÉBÉEÉå BÉEÉä |ÉÉʶÉÉÊFÉiÉ
149 of ‘H’ Block for conducting meetings. The
                                                                              ÉÊBÉEªÉÉ MɪÉÉ* ªÉä BÉEɪÉǶÉÉãÉÉAÆ BÉEÉ{ÉEÉÒ ãÉÉ£É|Én ºÉÉÉʤÉiÉ
conference hall can accommodate approx 20
persons. The conference hall has high quality                                 cÖ<ÇÆ*
furniture and furnishings and is equipped with
multimedia Projection, PC and Laptop                                                      àÉÖJªÉÉãÉªÉ àÉå 22 àÉÉSÉÇ, 2006 BÉEÉä ÉÊxÉnä¶ÉBÉE
facilities. It also has a reception room and a                                àÉcÉänªÉ BÉEÉÒ +ÉvªÉFÉiÉÉ àÉå ®ÉVÉ£ÉÉ−ÉÉ BÉEɪÉÉÇx´ÉªÉxÉ
                                                                              ºÉÉÊàÉÉÊiÉ BÉEÉÒ 74´ÉÉÓ ¤Éè~BÉE +ÉɪÉÉäÉÊVÉiÉ BÉEÉÒ MÉ<Ç* <ºÉ
                                                                              ¤Éè~BÉE àÉå ÉÊãÉA MÉA {ÉEèºÉãÉÉå {É® +ÉxÉÖ´ÉiÉÉÔ BÉEɮǴÉÉ<Ç
                           CACOSA                                             ºÉÖÉÊxÉÉζSÉiÉ BÉEÉÒ VÉÉ ®cÉÒ cè*

♣       A proposal has been initiated with the                                           àÉÖJªÉÉãÉªÉ BÉEä ºÉ£ÉÉÒ OÉÖ{ÉÉå/+ÉxÉÖ£ÉÉMÉÉå BÉEä ºÉÉlÉ
Ministry of Defence for development of a                                      ÉËcnÉÒ ºÉƤÉÆvÉÉÒ BÉEÉÊ~xÉÉ<ªÉÉå {É® SÉSÉÉÇ BÉE®xÉä BÉEä ÉÊãÉA 27
comprehensive application software for Codifica-                              {ÉE®´É®ÉÒ ºÉä 2 àÉÉSÉÇ 2006 iÉBÉE ÉÊ´ÉSÉÉ®-ÉÊ´ÉàɶÉÇ
tion related activities of the Directorate to include
data entry and validation package, updation                                   BÉEɪÉǵÉEàÉ SÉãÉɪÉÉ MɪÉÉ* <ºÉàÉå OÉÖ{ÉÉå/+ÉxÉÖ£ÉÉMÉÉå uÉ®É
package, duplicate check package, replication                                 àÉcºÉÚºÉ BÉEÉÒ VÉÉ ®cÉÒ BÉEÉÊ~xÉÉ<ªÉÉå ºÉä +É´ÉMÉiÉ cÉäBÉE®
package and application package for Cells.                                    =xÉBÉEÉ ºÉàÉÉvÉÉxÉ £ÉÉÒ ÉÊxÉBÉEÉãÉÉ MɪÉÉ*
♣       A phased upgradation of the infrastructure                                       nÚºÉ®É ÉÊ´ÉSÉÉ®-ÉÊ´ÉàɶÉÇ BÉEɪÉǵÉEàÉ 22 àÉ<Ç ºÉä 25
is in the offing. The existing servers will be
gradually replaced with contemporary machines.                                àÉ<Ç, 2006 iÉBÉE SÉãÉɪÉÉ MɪÉÉ* <ºÉàÉå {ÉÚ´ÉÇ BÉEɪÉǵÉEàÉ
The LAN is also proposed to be replaced with                                  BÉEä nÉè®ÉxÉ ÉÊxÉvÉÉÇÉÊ®iÉ ãÉFªÉ A´ÉÆ +Éɶ´ÉɺÉxÉÉå {É® BÉEÉÒ MÉ<Ç
contemporary cabling.                                                         BÉEɮǴÉÉ<Ç BÉEÉä ´ÉɺiÉÉÊ´ÉBÉE °ô{É àÉå näJÉÉ MɪÉÉ* BÉÖEãÉ
                                                                              ÉÊàÉãÉÉBÉE® ªÉä BÉEɪÉǵÉEàÉ BÉEÉ{ÉEÉÒ ãÉÉ£É|Én ºÉÉÉʤÉiÉ cÖA cé*
                                                                                          ®FÉÉ =i{ÉÉnxÉ ®ÉVªÉ àÉÆjÉÉÒ VÉÉÒ BÉEÉÒ +ÉvªÉFÉiÉÉ àÉå
           ÉÊxÉnä¶ÉÉãÉªÉ BÉEä àÉÖJªÉÉãÉªÉ iÉlÉÉ +ÉvÉÉÒxɺlÉ                   ÉÊnxÉÉÆBÉE 02 àÉ<Ç, 2006 BÉEÉä ÉËcnÉÒ ºÉãÉÉcBÉEÉ® ºÉÉÊàÉÉÊiÉ
ºÉäãÉÉå àÉå ÉËcnÉÒ BÉEä |ɪÉÉäMÉ BÉEÉä +ÉÉÊvÉBÉE-ºÉä-+ÉÉÊvÉBÉE ¤ÉfÃÉxÉä       BÉEÉÒ ¤Éè~BÉE cÖ<Ç* <ºÉ ¤Éè~BÉE àÉå ÉÊxÉnä¶ÉBÉE àÉcÉänªÉ iÉlÉÉ
BÉEä ÉÊãÉA ÉËcnÉÒ +ÉxÉÖ£ÉÉMÉ ¤É®É¤É® |ɪÉɺɮiÉ cè* ÉËcnÉÒ                    ºÉcɪÉBÉE ÉÊxÉnä¶ÉBÉE (®É.£ÉÉ.) xÉä £ÉÉMÉ ÉÊãɪÉÉ* ¤Éè~BÉE àÉå
+ÉxÉÖ£ÉÉMÉ àÉÖJªÉÉãÉªÉ BÉEä ºÉÉlÉ-ºÉÉlÉ ºÉäãÉÉå àÉå £ÉÉÒ                      ABÉE àÉÉxÉxÉÉÒªÉ ºÉnºªÉ uÉ®É =~ÉA MÉA |ɶxÉ +ÉlÉÉÇiÉÂ
®ÉVÉ£ÉÉ−ÉÉ ÉËcnÉÒ BÉEä |É£ÉɴɶÉÉãÉÉÒ BÉEɪÉÉÇx´ÉªÉxÉ BÉEä ÉÊãÉA              ‘ºÉäãÉÉå BÉEÉä ®ÉVÉ£ÉÉ−ÉÉ ÉÊxɪÉàÉ 10(4) BÉEä +ÉÆiÉMÉÇiÉ
BÉEÉäÉÊ¶É¶É BÉE® ®cÉ cè* <ºÉ µÉEàÉ àÉå ºÉäãÉÉå ºÉä |ÉÉ{iÉ                     +ÉÉÊvɺÉÚÉÊSÉiÉ BÉE®ÉxÉÉ’ BÉEä |ÉiªÉÖkÉ® àÉå ºÉcɪÉBÉE ÉÊxÉnä¶ÉBÉE
                                                                              (®É.£ÉÉ.) xÉä ÉÊxÉnä¶ÉBÉE àÉcÉänªÉ BÉEÉÒ iÉ®{ÉE ºÉä àÉÉxÉxÉÉÒªÉ

ºÉnºªÉ BÉEÉä ABÉE àÉcÉÒxÉä BÉEä +ÉÆn®-+ÉÆn® +ÉÉÊvɺÉÚÉÊSÉiÉ                    ♣       Data Base Orientation Course for Gp ‘B’ &
BÉE®ÉxÉä ºÉƤÉÆvÉÉÒ BÉEɮǴÉÉ<Ç {ÉÚ®ÉÒ BÉE®xÉä BÉEÉ +Éɶ´ÉɺÉxÉ                ‘C’ from 20 Mar 06 to 24 Mar 06.
MÉ<Ç cè* ÉÊxÉnä¶ÉBÉE àÉcÉänªÉ BÉEä cºiÉÉFÉ® ºÉä +É{ÉäÉÊFÉiÉ {ÉjÉ
®FÉÉ àÉÆjÉÉãÉªÉ BÉEä ®ÉVÉ£ÉÉ−ÉÉ |É£ÉÉMÉ BÉEÉä £ÉäVÉ ÉÊnªÉÉ MɪÉÉ               ♣      Standardisation Archive has been renovated
                                                                               and the same was inspected by the Director on 08
cè*                                                                            May 2006.

          àÉÖJªÉÉãÉªÉ àÉå ºlÉɪÉÉÒ +ÉÉnä¶ÉÉå BÉEÉ ÉËcnÉÒ                       ♣       Broad Band Internet connectivity has been
+ÉxÉÖ´ÉÉn |ÉMÉÉÊiÉ {É® cè* <ºÉä ªÉlÉɶÉÉÒQÉ {ÉÚ®É BÉE® ÉÊãɪÉÉ                 made functional w.e.f 09 May 06.
                                                                               ♣       The video conferencing facility has been
VÉÉAMÉÉ*                                                                       activated/repaired and the OIC this Cell has been
                                                                               participating in the Directors fortnightly conference
                                                                               with the JDs.
             DELHI                                                                                   VISITS

                                                                               ♣      The following officers visited this Cell: -
                                                                                              Brig    RK     Sanan,    Director,
♣       The following courses have been                                               Directorate of Standardisation visited this
conducted at the Regional Institute of                                                Cell on 21 Apr 2006 and 08 May 2006.
Standardisation Training, Defence Standardisation
Cell, New Delhi :-                                                                            Maj Gen KP Sinha, then DQA(V)
                                                                                      paid a visit to the Cell on 21 Feb 2006.
                 Data Base Orientation for Gp ‘A’
          from 16 Jan 2006 to 20 Jan 2006.                                                    Sh. SP Singh, Area Manager MTNL
                                                                                      paid a visit to this Cell on 20 Jan 2006.

                                                                                DEFENCE STANDARDISATION CELL,

                                                                                                 HINDI WEEK

                                                                               ♣       Hindi Week was celebrated from 13-17 Feb
                                                                               06. All the staff of this office participated in the
                                                                               competitions conducted during this period and
                                                                               were suitably awarded with cash prizes.
Course Photograph of Data Base Orientation
Course: 16 Jan 06 to 20 Jan 06

                  TRAINING                                 DEFENCE STANDARDISATION CELL,
♣       The following Courses were conducted by
the Institute of Standards Training at DS Cell,
Pune: -                                                                INSPECTION/VISITS

              Computer Awareness Programme                ♣       Brig RK Sanan, Director, Directorate of
       for Gp ‘B’ & ‘C’ Officers was conducted            Standardisation, New Delhi visited this Cell on 10
       from 24 Apr to 28 Apr 06. 18 Gp ‘B’ & ‘C’          May 06. The Director was introduced to all officers
       Officers of Defence Establishments                 and staff and a presentation on the activities of the
       attended the Course. 06 Officers of the Cell       Cell was made to the visiting officer. The Director
       were faculty members.                              called on the CMD of BDL, Hyderabad and held
                                                          technical discussions with him regarding
               Foundation Course on Standard-             Standardisation activities. Col R Shrivastava, Offg
       isation and Codification for Gp ‘B’ & ‘C’          Joint Director (Std) accompanied the Director
       Officers was conducted from 15-19 May              during the visit.
       06. 11 Officers from various Defence
       Establishments attended the Course. 06                                 TRAINING
       Officers of the Cell were faculty members.
                                                          ♣      No 4561957W Hav TS Murlidhar attended
               CODIFICATION                               course on “Computer Awareness Programme” at
                                                          IST Pune from 24 to 28 Apr 2006.
♣ 223 Number of items have been codified
during the period Jan – Jun 06.                                            CONFERENCE
            STANDARDISATION                               ♣      Annual conference of the Guided Missile
                                                          Systems & Committee of Chairman Sub-
♣      One JSS and two JSRL have been prepared.           Committee was held on 24 May 2006 at R & QA,
                                                          DRDL, Hyderabad.
♣      Nine JSS, six JSRL and four JSPRs have
been revised during the period.                                                LIAISON

                                                          ♣      Liaison visits were made to ECIL, HAL
    CONVERSION OF DEPARTMENTAL                            (Hyd), DRDL, CQA(Sys), CQA(EW), BEL(Hyd),
          SPECIFICATIONS                                  RCI and BDL(Hyd) and issues related to
                                                          Standardisation and Codification were deliberated
♣       29 Departmental Specifications have been          upon.
converted into JSG 031 format during the above

                                                          ♣       The details of Standardisation and
                                                          Codification targets achieved during the above
                                                          period are as under:

                Standardisation. Quality 4 Nos of             Attended attended
        Approval Notifications were revised/               (e) Process    Col V Ravi     17-19      DIQA,
        reaffirmed.                                            Audit      OIC            May 06     Bangalore
                                                           (f) Lead       Gp Capt        05-09      DIQA,
               Codification/Updation. 177 items                Auditor    VS Gandhi      Jun 06     Bangalore
        were codified during the period Jan –Jun 06            Course
        whereas 224 items were updated.                        (LAC-21)


  DEFENCE STANDARDISATION CELL,                            ♣      Closing Down of Det at Aruvankadu.
           BANGALORE                                       Vide GOI, Dept of Defence Production letter No.
                                                           1101/PE/Adm/Std/1/4006/D (QA) dated 22 Feb
                                                           2006, the temporary detachment of Defence
                                                           Standardisation Cell, Bangalore at Aruvankadu has
                                                           been closed w.e.f 01 Apr 2006.
♣       Shri SN Chakraborty, JTO of this Cell
delivered a lecture on Standardisation & Codifica-
tion at DIQA, Bangalore on 16 Jan 2006
                                                            DEFENCE STANDARDISATION CELL,
♣       Col V Ravi, OIC, delivered a lecture on                         AVADI
Standardisation &    Codification on 18 Apr
2006 at DSSC, Wellington.
                                                           ♣      1175 item pertaining to various AHSP’s of
                                                           Chennai jurisdiction have been codified for the year
♣      A guest lecture on Standardisation &
Codification was delivered by Col V Ravi, OIC, on
25 May 06 at AFTC, Jalahalli, Bangalore.
                                                           ♣       21 Standard and five Revision documents
                      TRAINING                             pertaining to NBC Store documents were
                                                           formulated during the year 2005-06.
    Course Officer/staff Duration          Place
    Attended attended                                      ♣      Draft JSS for “Mobile DE Contamination
(a) Database       Lt Col       16-20      RIST,           System” has been compiled based on the Dept
     Mgt           Zorawar      Jan 06     Badarpur        Specn received from VRDE, Ahmed Nagar and
     course        Singh                                   forwarded to all the Labs for comments.
(b) Database       Nb Sub       20-24      RIST,
    Orientation    G.Ravichan   Mar 06     Badarpur
    Course         dran
                                                           ♣      Draft Catalogue pertaining to codified
(c) ISO-           Gp Capt      26-28      DIQA,           items of “Arrester Barrier” of 8 BRD, Airforce
     9000-         VS Gandhi    Apr 06     Bangalore       have been compiled and forwarded to the Depot
     2000                                                  for comments.
(d) Foundation     HMT KK       15-19      IST, Pune
    course on      Sah          May 06
    Stdn &

    Course        Officer/staff Duration   Place

 DEFENCE STANDARDISATION CELL,                             ♣      Lectures      on     Standardisation    and
           DEHRADUN                                        Codification actives were delivered by the Officers
                                                           of this Cell in Institute of Technical Studies,
                                                           DGQA Complex, Kanpur. Various aspects of
                  ACTIVITIES                               preparation and revision of JSS, Conversion of
                                                           Deptt Specifications into JSG 031 format and use
♣       Main activities, which took place between          of CODISOFT for codification were discussed.
01 Jan 2006 to 31 May 2006, are appended as
under: -.                                                  ♣      Broad Band connection in this Cell has
                                                           been installed through BSNL. It has further eased
                Hindi Saptah was conducted from            out sending/receiving of E-Mails and updation of
       06 Feb 2006. Debate, essay writing, poem            Web page of DS Cell, Kanpur.
       recitation    and     Hindi    typewriting
       competition were held for the staff of DS                                 VISIT
       Cell and prizes were accordingly
       distributed.                                        ♣      Brig RK Sanan, Director, Directorate of
                                                           Standardisation visited this Cell on 08 Mar 06.
               Work on addition/alteration of
       existing garages to make guest rooms and
       raising the perimeter wall commenced in
       the month of March 2006. Work is under



♣       Standardisation Council Meeting was held
at OCF, Shahjahanpur on 10 Feb 2006 and was
attended by Shri RP Singh, TO ‘B’, Shri KK                          Director entering OIC’s Office
Agnihotri, TO ‘B’ and Shri RM Singh, JTO. The
issues related to variety reduction, standardisation
of washing instructions and packaging of other                     HINDI RELATED ACTIVITIES
OCF products were discussed.
                                                           ♣       Hindi week was celebrated from 20 to 24
♣       Bi-monthly meeting with reps of all four           March 06 in the Cell. All officers and staff of the
AsHSP was conducted on 22 Feb 2006 in OIC’s                Cell participated in different competitions held on
office and number of issues regarding                      28 March 06. Prizes were distributed by OIC to the
Standardisation and Codification activities were           winners.
resolved. Reps were given demonstration of the
CODISOFT software used by the Cell for

♣      Shri Ashok Verma.   He attended Comp-
uter Awareness Programme at IST, Pune from 24           ♣      Shri MK Qureshi STA ‘C’ attended Data
to 28 April 2006.                                       Base Orientation Course at Regional Institute of
                                                        Standards Training, Badarpur from 20 Mar to 24
♣      Sub/Maj KL Sharma. He attended                   Mar 2006.
Foundation Course on Standardisation and
Codification at IST, Pune from 15 to 19 May 2006.       ♣       Shri Anil Kumar Sahu, LDC attended
                                                        Computer Awareness Programme course at
                  OBITUARY                              Institute of Standards Training, Pune from 24 Apr
                                                        to 28 Apr 2006.
♣       JC-497200H Nb/Sub Kishna Ram died on
27 April 06 at Command Hospital, Central                ♣       Hav (AD) SS Kumar attended foundation
Command, Lucknow. The condolences were given            course on Standardisation and Codification at
to the departed soul by OIC and Officers/Staff of       Institute of Standards Training, Pune from 15 May
DS Cell, Kanpur. A letter of condolence by the          to 19 May 2006.
Director, Directorate of Standardisation was also
handed over to NOK on 28 April 2006.                                     TECHNICAL

                                                        ♣      Final progress on Codification and
 DEFENCE STANDARDISATION CELL,                          Updation/cleaning targets of CQA(W), Vehicle
           JABALPUR                                     Factory, Jabalpur and CQA(OFV) for the year
                                                        2005-06 is as under :-

♣      Brig RK Sanan, Director, visited DSC,            Codfn        Tgt Comp- Updation Tgt Comp
                                                        Activities for the leted    and    for the -leted
Jabalpur on 12 and 13 April 2006.
                                                        AHSP       Yr 05-        cleaning Yr 05-
                                                                     06          activities 06
                                                         CQA(W) 175         235  CQA(W)       30     34
                                                        GM/VFJ 50            27  GM/VFJ 15            15
                                                           CQA       35      60 CQA(OFV) 150         151
                                                           Total     260    322    Total     195     200

                                                        ♣       It is worth mentioning that target for
                                                        Codification for the year 2005-06 has been
                                                        exceeded by 72 Nos. For Updation, the target for
                                                        the year 2005-06 has been exceeded by 05 Nos.

Director being introduced to officers and staff
of DSC, Jabalpur

                                                        ♣        The Director appreciated the efforts put in
 DEFENCE STANDARDISATION CELL,                          by the Cell towards Standardisation Council
           ICHAPUR                                      activities in their region. He also appreciated the
                                                        infrastructure, layout of the building, its
                                                        maintenance and the general environment.
♣      Brig RK Sanan, Director, Directorate of
Standardisation visited this Cell on 25-26 April
2006.                                                   ♣       Shri A Banerjee, UDC (Gp ‘C’) attended
                                                        Course “Course on Computer Basics” from 11-15
                                                        April 2005.

                                                             DEFENCE STANDARDISATION
                                                               DETACHMENT, MUMBAI

                                                             STANDARDISATION ACTIVITIES

                                                        ♣       The detachment has maintained liaison with
                                                        various inspection agencies/ordnance factories for
                                                        Quarterly Standardisation Council meetings and
                                                        Standardisation activities.
       Director being briefed by OIC
                                                                 CODIFICATION ACTIVITIES
♣     The Director inaugurated the Renovated
Administrative Building on 25 April 06.                 ♣      165 IIG forms have been forwarded to
                                                        Directorate of Standardisation New Delhi for
                                                        allotment of DS Cat Part No from April 05 to Mar

                                                        ♣       Col PP Oka, OIC, DS Cell, Pune visited
                                                        this Det on 18-19 Jan 2006.

     Director inaugurating the Renovated
     Administrative Building                                 DEFENCE STANDARDISATION
                                                                DETACHMENT, KOCHI

                                                         Col S Kuriachan               10 Feb 06
                                                         Shri K P Thomas               27 Mar 06

♣     Brig. RK Sanan, Director, visited this             Gp Capt Ranbir Singh          05 Jun 06
Detachment on 02 Feb 06.
                                                         Lt Col Ashish Tayal           20 May 06

                                                         DSC DELHI

                                                         Lt Col Arun Sharma            09 Jan 06

                                                         DSC BANGALORE

                                                         Gp Capt VS Gandhi             20 Feb 06

           Director visits DSD Kochi
                                                         DSC AVADI

                                                         Lt Col RS Varadan             28 Apr 06

Lt Col SC Deswal of HQ, Directorate of                   DSC PUNE
Standardisation proceeded on premature retirement
w.e.f 14 Apr 06                                          Cdr Vikram Waman Karve        27 Mar 06

                                                         DSC ICHAPUR

                POSTINGS IN                              Lt Col Rajinder Singh         02 Jan 06

Following officers have posted in the
HQ/respective Cells & Detachments on dates as
mentioned against each: -

                                                                        POSTINGS OUT

                                                        Col EK Umashankar   01 Apr 06.
Following officers have been posted out from the
HQ/respective Cells & Detachments on dates as
mentioned against each: -


Col (Now Brig) Arun Chugh        18 Jan 06

Shri HK Singh                    02 Feb 06

Shri Lalji Shrivastava           07 Feb 06

Shri GD Sharma                   30 Mar 06

Lt Col JS Shekhawat              01 Apr 06

Lt Col SK Prasad                 14 Apr 06

Lt Col SK Ghosh                  22 Apr 06

Shri GK Sharma                   04 Apr 06

Shri SS Rathore                  28 Apr 06

Shri Mahesh Kumar                01 May 06

Lt Col Krishna Kumar             08 May 06


Cdr BP Thatte                    18 Apr 06


Wg Cdr DK Sharma                 07 Jan 06

Lt Col RS Varadan                28 Apr 06