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how do i make my acne go away?!?

i have relativity bad acne on my chin and lower cheeks. i NEED it to go away before school starts in the end of august. i will do anything that doesnt cost too
much. please! anything advice is good! thank you!
by the way, im a 15 year old girl with oily skin, thanks

Asked by dramaqueen11 at Aug 12,2011 07:05

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Well of course do medicated acne treatment like proactive or something idk what best.but what I use that keeps me from getting any acne at all is astringent or
toner. I use olay toner and it's cheap. Put it on a cotton ball and put all over face and neck in morning and at night and it works.0

Answer from AwkwardlyYours at Aug 12,2011 07:07

cover it with toothpaste every night

Answer from Ally Wood at Aug 12,2011 07:08

For an at home remedy try this: Take a little organic honey and mix it with some natural cinnamon. Mix it up so its a little less thicker than toothpaste. Then spread
a little on your acne and leave it on overnight. Careful! Don't get it on your pillow. It made my acne shrink tons.

Answer from Eve at Aug 12,2011 07:09

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