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how do i get rid of forehead acne?

okay so i have a whole bunch of little pimples on my forehead how do i get them off? Also i have like 5 big red pimples by my nose how can i get rid of those and
my nose is covered with tiny ones i don't even know if you can see. Also i dont want to buy any expensive stuff, or stuff you have to order online! Thanks!

Asked by Mary at Aug 12,2011 15:23

Lemon juice

Answer from mark l at Aug 12,2011 15:24

For pimples you have to do a few things . 1. Don't scratch with nails , cut your nails very small. 2. Don't use any cream just getting attracted by advertisement . 3 If
Doctor prescribes any cream or medicine ,then only you should use them . 4. Take vapor at least twice or thrice a day , You will get pain but it will open the
blockage of the skin & it will allow the oil to come out which is locked on you face 5. After taking vapor if you have sandal wood powder , make a pack with water
& sandal wood powder & apply on face & keep till it dries .( If you don't have sandal wood powder , use powder of ordinary gram) 6. Don't take any tension , due
to too much mental tension people get pimples . 7. Don't eat too much oilly food , try to eat plenty of leafy vegetables & fruits .

Answer from Bob at Aug 12,2011 15:57

Well watch out what you eat, foods also contribute to acne, google or yahoo search food and acne; especially milk.

Answer from arjay at Aug 12,2011 16:05

Best answer

Avoid contact with your face . Our hands are consistently “dirty”. Unless absolutely necessary, avoid touching your face. By doing so, you are preventing bacteria
and dirt from clogging your skin pores. In addition, those with long hair should try keeping your hair from direct contact with your face as our hair traps dust and
dirt throughout the day.

Answer from Ashley Watkins at Aug 14,2011 00:48

Don't allow sweat to linger. Those with sporty lifestyles should as far as possible wipe away excessive sweat from the skin during exercise. After exercise, it is
important to use a mild face cleanser to get rid of dirt and dried sweat as soon as possible. Consider using a gentle exfoliate to remove dead skin once or twice a

Answer from Jason Robinson at Aug 14,2011 00:54

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