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How do I get rid of an earache?

Me and my friend went swimming for a while and water got in my ear and I didn't know it was in anyway, I was fine for a long time but the next day, it started to
hurt but not bad, I took antibiotics and it was fine but now it's 3 am and it's hurting like hell I don't want to relieve pain for a little bit but I want it GONE

Asked by Stop Please at Aug 15,2011 14:52

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I hate to break it to you but there is nothing you can do for it. You're taking antibiotics so that should help clear it up but you have to give it time. I would say take a
pain killer, such as advil, but I do not recommend combining medications. I just had an ear infection a few weeks ago. I was in constant pain for a few days. I went
to the doctor and the local pharmacy and I was only able to get antibiotics.

Answer from K D at Aug 15,2011 15:20

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