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how can you get chlamydia?

Asked by laydiana Vasquez at Aug 12,2011 04:25

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I hope this helps you. Be sure to read: Who Gave Me Chlamydia? All the Best.

Answer from Seán at Aug 17,2011 22:22

You get it from riding a tractor with short shorts on.

Answer from I love lamp at Aug 17,2011 22:23

unprotected sex

Answer from Melissa at Aug 17,2011 22:39

chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease . Luckily enough unlike herpes and the HP V virus. it does go away with treatment. However if untreated. there might
be complications.

Answer from Amanda Questions at Aug 12,2011 04:29

You'd better ask some medical care centers or ask some one like you with the same experience.No need to be shy.I think every where has a care center,or you
can join some nice site like what I showed below for help,or just start a topic at its forum.I think many people are willing to help and share what is useful with
you.Good luck to you.:P

Answer from Lisa Aguilera at Aug 12,2011 11:15

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