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How can i stop myself from blushing?

I have pretty pale skin and I blush over EVERYTHING. like I will answer a question in class and get so red and people point it out sometimes. I just really don't
like it, and I was wondering of there is any way to prevent it?

Asked by bandit at Aug 17,2011 21:58

Best answer

It depends what is causing you to blush in the first place, whether it can be stopped or not. There are several reasons why a person might have facial redness.
Here are just a FEW possibilities: - genetics / hormones - hyperpyrexia - rosacea - sun sensitivity - allergy - medication induced - lupus It sounds like it could be
rosacea, however, for an accurate, professional diagnosis consult a certified dermatologist. It's always easier to treat something when you actually know what it is
you're dealing with. In the meantime, there's certainly ways to keep some facial redness under control and less noticeable. There are products you can buy that
are specifically made to help reduce facial redness: - There is a face cream called ROSACURE which is an anti-redness cream formulated for rosacea-prone skin
types. (even if it's not rosacea) - Guinot has a face cream called RED LOGIC which claims to neutralize the appearance of red blood vessels. - LaTherapie Paris
has a fortifying skin cream that is supposed to help soften high colour (reduce redness) I know there are other brands and products that may be similar. You need
to find the one that works best with your skin and your body chemistry. Increase your omega 3 fatty acids by taking supplements such as Evening Primrose Oil,
fish oils, etc… And by eating walnuts, hazelnuts, or pecan nuts (if you’re not allergic) Ground Fennel seeds and Flax seeds, as well as Flax seed Oil supplements
(omega 3’s) also act as anti-inflammatories. (reduce redness) Omega 3’s aid in proper digestion and healthier skin. Try increasing your intake of vitamin D
through supplements (1000 – 4000 IU/day) and B-complex to aid in healthier skin and maintaining a healthier immune system. - Drink more water and avoid all alcohol & caffeine products (coffee, tea, pop, etc.) Alcohol & caffeine will
actually dehydrate your skin. Water re-hydrates from the inside out. Here are a few other helpful, (and natural) hints for a better complexion for a lifetime: - avoid
any products with alcohol (internally or externally) Alcohol can actually burn & irritate sensitive or inflamed skin tissue. - only use gentle, fragrance-free, oil-free,
alcohol-free cleansers on your face - avoid any scented soaps and creams (scents & fragrances can irritate sensitive or inflamed skin) - have a daily facial
cleansing routine (2x daily, morning & night. Do not scrub as this will irritate the skin) - try a dairy milk face-soak during a flare-up (as long as you're not allergic)
The dairy milk helps to balance the natural PH of the skin - try using face lotion containing certified green algae or aloe vera gel (use lotions, not creams, as lotion
is more gentle on the skin and absorbs more easily) - avoid extended periods in direct sun (use sunblock with 15 - 30 spf) - drink pure green tea (matcha), rose
hip tea, and fennel tea (great antioxidants) - eat foods high in anti-oxidants; such as blueberries, cranberries, purple grapes, broccoli, etc. - avoid spicy foods,
greasy foods, and foods with a high refined-sugar content. (these foods disrupt the natural digestive processes of the body) - avoid hot things. Hot showers & hot
tubs, hot drinks (the heat will dilate blood vessels causing more redness) - try to get at least 7 - 8 hours of sleep each night (aids in the healing processes of the
body) - try to cut down on stress (stress can magnify a multitude of conditions) Check out the sites below regarding some of the reasons for facial redness.

Answer from Lady Rose at Aug 17,2011 22:56

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