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					                                                           Fibre Channel to SCSI Bridge

 Modern day business practice has resulted in nothing short of an information explosion. Companies have been left
 playing catch up as they try to manage their incessantly growing storage needs. Modern day SANs (Storage Area
 Networks) are designed to increase the accessibility of data across the enterprise, thus making the strategic
 management of data more achievable. The simple aim of Fibre Channel is to develop a practical means of quickly,
 reliably and securely transferring data throughout the network environment. Delivering 2Gb connectivity, Fibre Channel
 at the current time represents the fastest interface available for data storage networks. With SAN connectivity reliably
 assured, managers can focus on the management of their information. The misconception has been that implementing a
 Fibre Channel SAN is an expensive, complex operation. This is because of the currently held perception that a company
 must invest heavily in replacing their current SCSI infrastructure in order to achieve Fibre Channel compatibility.
 However, Rancho Systech, Inc., a global cost leader in data transfer solutions, offers customers the prospect of Fibre
 Channel connectivity at affordable prices.

 Cost Effective Solutions
 Rancho Systech, Inc.’ new Tamar range of Fibre Channel to SCSI bridges allow customers to keep their original SCSI
 based storage devices by providing a FC – SCSI connection that delivers all the benefits of Fibre Channel whilst retaining
 the investment in the existing infrastructure Rancho Systech, Inc.’ Tamar Fibre Channel bridges are offered at terms that
 are unrivalled by any of our competitors. This means that the Tamar family of Fibre Channel bridges represents the most
 cost effective solution for storage connectivity. This benefit is achieved in three ways:
 1. Provides Fibre Channel performance levels.
 2. Delivers maximum return on investment for original SCSI infrastructure.
 3. All these benefits offered at unrivalled terms.

 Simply Plug n’ Play
 The plug n’ play Tamar family is extremely easy to implement and use. The detailed accompanying GUI ensures that any
 user will have no trouble operating the Tamar Fibre Channel Bridge. With native support for disk, tape, optical and
 changer devices, the Tamar range of products offers users maximum flexibility for all their storage needs.
 Features:                                                          Functionality:
 Fibre Channel performance levels.                                  Block Size: 1Mb maximum
 Maximum return on investment.                                      NL_port
 Unrivalled terms.                                                  FL_port
 Ease of implementation.                                            F_port
 Detailed GUI.                                                      N-port
 Flexible Native Support.                                           Class 2 & 3 support
 Interface:                                                         Voltage: 110-230V AC
 Host Port:                                                         Power Cons: 10W (max)
 Fibre Channel 2 Gigabit single port; transfer rate 200MB/s         Incorporated Standards:
 (burst) auto negotiation between 1 and 2Gb networks                FC-AL
 Slave Ports:                                                       FC-PLDA
 LVD/SE: Auto sensing SCSI Ultra 160; maximum transfer rate         FC-TAPE
 160MB/sec.                                                         FC-PH
 HVD: SCSI Ultra, maximum transfer rate 40MB/s                      FC-FLA
 Connectors:                                                        FCP-SCSI
 Fibre Channel: Small Form Factor Pluggable                         FC-FS
 SCSI: 68-way HDC                                                   Environmental:
 RS232: 9-way D-Type Null Modem                                     Operational: 0 to 40°C (convection)
                                                                    Non-Operational: -20° to 60°C
                                                                                                                     102908 TG

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