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has anyone ever spread genital herpes to a partner without an outbreak?

i just want to know from anyones personal experience if this has ever happened. i know what drs tell us but i dont always believe everything drs say. i just need to
know if this has ever even happened.

Asked by nicksmom at Aug 16,2011 15:12

Best answer

That's how my boyfriend gave it to me. He doesn't even have genital herpes, he has oral. THe doctors are right. They go to school for ten years for a reason.
Also, you owe it to every sexual partner to be upfront. Either take responsibility or don't have sex.

Answer from Carrie at Aug 17,2011 04:36

That's why I asked her to spent almost a day in doc's chamber. Before confirmation no intimacy. Diseases do not care for love, how intense can it be.

Answer from FF at Aug 20,2011 03:09

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