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Final stage of my staph infection?

The green chunk (core) in the middle of the boil came out today. Now it is a hole. Deep enough I could probably stick the tip of my pinky finger in it. My question is
should I take the bandage off and let it get air and start to scab up? Or should I keep the bandage on with trip antibiotic ointment to keep it soft and open?

Asked by Lisa at Aug 12,2011 20:41

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Letting the air get to wounds to help is an old wive's tale that has never been shown to heal faster adn in fact slows down healing. If you remember that wounds
heal by filling in from the bottom with healthy soft new capillaries called granulation tissue and also heal by having the elastic sides pull the wound edges together,
then you can see why having the air get to it and creating a scab (think big hard rock right in the middle of the wound) would slow the whole works down. Modern
woundcare is to keep the air away from the open wound. Keep using the daily antibiotic ointment and cover with anon-adherent dressing changed every to every
other dya and it will heal as fast as possible. Other bad things for wounds include Peroxide (other than to bubble out foreign material one or two times), alcohol,
Betadine, Hibiclens and Bleach solutions. These have all been shown to be caustic to wound healing.

Answer from wounddo at Aug 12,2011 21:17

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