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Does dry skin cause a rash?

I have been shaving but i always use shaving gel and sometimes cream but i have always had the rash under my arms ever since i started shaving which was
months ago. And the skin is so dry that is gets this scaly gray apperance? Help plz

Asked by Brittany at Aug 17,2011 17:18

Best answer

Yes. I advise you to stop shaving and start waxing. It might be the ingrown hairs that are causing your skin to rub and to start a rash.

Answer from Qwerty at Aug 17,2011 17:19

dont worry! dry skin is not problem. as we have many Lymph glands under our arms, it can cause rash or pimple somtimes. u should keep ur skin always clean
and clear. but during shaving, be careful. if u have further skin problem then ask ur doctor. u can use branded cream and whitening spray for under arm. wish ur

Answer from Dh Rayhan at Aug 17,2011 17:28

you need some lotion on it. use aveeno lotion often

Answer from Scorpio MC at Aug 17,2011 19:43

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