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									                                                                                       August 2009
                             SeniorNet Association Inc.
                                         PO Box 559, Booval, Ipswich, Qld. 4304
Proudly sponsored by                               Phone 3812 5036

                              Seniors Helping Seniors use Computers and the Internet
                       Ipswich City Council • Microsoft • Department of Communities

                                       Management Committee
                                            2008 - 2009

    President                  Gordon TIMBS               3281 3751
    Vice President             Kevin MURPHY               5464 0528
    Treasurer                  Lesley BURROWS             3288 0369
    Secretary                  Erroll ELLIOTT             3281 5646
    Training Coordinator       Ken CURWEN                 3389 2950
    Membership                 Monica WHELAN              3280 0192
    Public Relations           Vi JORGENSEN               3294 6594
    Web Master/Newsletter      Jenny GREAVES              3282 0143
    Catering Coordinator       Colleen FREEMAN            3281 4414
    Equipment                  Ray JORGENSEN              38161740

President’s Report
The year is progressing and so is the training with our Training Room being used each day of the
week Monday to Friday which is a great increase on when I first became involved with SeniorNet.
This is an indication of the increased demand for our tuition services and in the variety of courses
made available. This is only possible because of the dedicated members of our Training Team and
the time they spend in preparation and teaching.

The painting in the common areas of the building along with the new partitions in our tenancy
area has been completed so all is looking much fresher and presentable.

The members of the Management Committee continue to work conscientiously and hard to keep
SeniorNet viable and abreast of changing situations. Illness has necessitated changes to the
members of the training team. Thank you to those who have had to step back and we are grateful
for those who have come forward to lend their time and skills.

We continue to give appreciation for the considerable contribution which the South East Qld
Community Telco gives us in sponsorship without which we would not be viable. I remind
members of our Open Day which will be held as part of Senior’s Week celebrations in the Mall in
the centre of Ipswich near our Training Room on Thursday 13th August. It is a joint venture with
Ipswich City Council and many other Seniors Organisations will be represented so come along and
encourage new people to join SeniorNet as they catch your enthusiasm.

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It is good that we take an interest in each other not only as computer people but to support each
other in all the aspects of our lives and to help each other along life’s journey. Ipswich is a great
place to live and we are hearing all the time that we are the centre of the fastest growing region in
Queensland so let us rejoice and be glad.

Gordon Timbs

A warm welcome to our New Members:

Ronald & Helen Myatt                         Rob & Sue Bennett
Christine Callinan                           Robert & Jill Steele
Ronald & Uyvoone Buckley

Important Diary Dates:

General Meeting
Date:          3rd August 2009
Venue:         Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Church Hall, 35A Robertson Rd.
               Raceview - Parking: Church grounds. Wheel chair access to the Hall
Time:          11.00 am
               *Please bring a plate of food to share for an informal lunch after the Meeting.

Information Morning Tea
Date:       7th September2009
Venue:      SeniorNet Training Room, City Mall, Ipswich
Time:       10.00 am

Seniors’ Concert
Date:        18th August 2009 – 1.30pm
Venue:       Ipswich Civic Centre
Cost:        $8.00 – Tickets available from the Ipswich Civic Centre

Cambrian Choir Theatre Restaurant
Date:        11th September 2009
Cost:        $27.00 each
Contact:      Marlene – Tel: 07 3424 8444 or email

Christmas Party
Date:        14th December 2009
Venue:       Uniting Church Hall, Glebe Road, Booval - 11.30am - Noon
Cost:        $15.00 each
Contact:      Lesley – Email

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                                    Digital Story Telling Project - As part of a QUT
                                    research project some SeniorNet members teamed up with St
                                    Peter Claver School students in a number of workshops to
                                    produce digital stories about Ipswich. The project involved
                                    pairing a SeniorNet member and a St Peter Claver College
                                    student to work together to write a script, source images,
                                    record voice-overs and edit the movie. The participating
                                    SeniorNet members thoroughly enjoyed the experience
especially the opportunity to work with the students on this pilot research project.
There will be a public screening of the digital stories at the Barry Jones Auditorium on Thursday
30th July 2009. The doors will open at 5.30pm.
An invitation has been extended to SeniorNet members and if you wish to attend the screening, it
will be necessary to RSVP to by Tuesday 28th July 2009.

Media Release 05.07.09 – Cheaper Fares for seniors around Australia

Australian seniors will be able to benefit from nation-wide, reciprocal public transport
concessions, as part of a $50 million national agreement. All seniors throughout Australia can now
access concession fares on interstate public transport systems.
This scheme will benefit 800,000 Senior Card holders, who were previously unable to access public
transport concessions outside their home state.
This announcement builds on the Australian Government’s recent agreement with Great Southern
Rail to introduce concessions for Seniors Card holders on its services (the Indian Pacific, the Ghan
and the Overland).

For more information:



It was with sadness that we received the news of the passing of John Haring, a real stalwart
member of SeniorNet Association. Even though John resided in Brisbane, he was keenly involved
in SeniorNet’s Email Discussion Group. He provided practicable support for our members using
computers. The Email forum reached many members at that time. He will be sadly missed.

“We are each gifted in a unique and important way”   Mary Dunbar

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              SeniorNet Workshop Programme: August-September 2009
                     SEQ Telco Training Room City Mall Ipswich

                 Monday                                            Wednesday
 rd                                               th
3 August – General Meeting –                     5 August – Sticky Labels in Word
           Robertson Road
           Catholic Church                                                                 Ken Curwen
10 August – Excel Q & A                          12th August – Word Art

                                   Ken Curwen                                              Ken Curwen
  th                                               th
17 August – Cut, Copy and Paste                  19 August – Emailing Photos
                                Marie Coleman                                     Edna van Genderen
  th                                               th
24 August – PrintMaster                          26 August – Genealogy
                                Bev McGlashen                                         Doreen Hayward
  st                                              nd
31 August – Spell Check and                      2 September – Copying from
            Autocorrect                                         Websites
                                   Rex Whybird                                             Ken Curwen
 th                                               th
7 September – Members Morning Tea                9 September – Downloading from
              10a.m.                                           the Internet
                                                                                           Ken Curwen
14 September – Collage in Word                   16th September – Save and Save As
                             Edna van Genderen                                             Vi Jorgensen
  st                                               rd
21 September – Drawing in Word                   23 September – Screen Capture
                                                                for Notes
                                   Rex Whybird                                          Joan McKenzie
  th                                               th
28 September – Windows Live                      30 September – Files and Folders
                               Graham Parsons                                           Marie Coleman

NOTE: All Workshops are subject to change if Trainers are unavailable due to illness or other
commitments. If possible changes will be listed on the SeniorNet Web Site or you can contact
Ken Curwen –Training Coordinator – ph 3389 2950 – email to
confirm workshops are as listed. It is not necessary to make bookings for Workshops. Cost of
Workshop $5.00

See following page for descriptions of workshop content

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Workshop Topics Described

Sticky Labels in Word: In this session you will learn to design and print sticky labels for addresses
and identification – or just to look pretty!
Excel Q&A: Did you not quite get the hang of a procedure in Excel? This is your chance to have
another go!
Word Art: One of the drawing tools in Word is Word Art. This allows you to make very jazzy text
in a range of colours and shapes (such as arches). Practice using it in this workshop.
Cut, Copy and Paste: How to remove, relocate and duplicate areas of text (or other file content)
by a range of methods.
Emailing Photos: There are several tricks to sending photos – especially to non-broadband
equipped friends. Learn them in this workshop
PrintMaster Revisited: Did you not quite get the hang of a technique in PrintMaster greeting cards
program? This is your chance to have another go! (or to try it before taking the course).
Genealogy: This session covers using Australian archives in your research.
Spellcheck and Autocorrect: This will explain how to use the spellchecking facility which is common
to all Microsoft Office applications to correct your spelling (even in other languages) and how to
set up and use the autocorrect facility (which corrects common typing errors such as ‘hte’ for
‘the’) to your advantage
Copying from Websites: You may well want to keep information gleaned from the Internet. This
workshop shows you how to do this by printing it out; by saving the web page; or by extracting the
information for use in another document (such as a Word document).
Downloading from the Internet: How to download files and items you want; where to put them in
your computer; and what to do if they get lost
Collage in Word: One way of making a collage of photos is to import them into a Word document.
You can then play with layout and decoration. Learn the skills at this workshop.
Save and Save As: When you save a file there are a number of choices you can make, and not all of
them are obvious. This workshop fills in the gaps in your knowledge.
Drawing in Word: The Drawing toolbar in Word 2003 (and its counterpart in Word 2007) is the
access to a wide range of sketching tools. Learn how to illustrate your documents with them.
Screen Capture for Notes: Windows offers tools for taking snapshots of all or part of the computer
screen for illustrating instructive notes. You can then annotate your screen shots to explain their
function. You do not have to be a trainer to appreciate this session – if you are helping a friend
out with a problem a picture is worth a thousand words!
Windows Live: Microsoft offers a range of web-based utilities for communicating and storing your
data under this heading. It combines social networking, on-line chat, file sharing and emailing in a
single web location. You will learn to use it at this workshop.
Files and Folders: How to create and manipulate dedicated storage areas within your computer’s
hard drive for easy cataloguing of your data.

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Computer Courses

Morning Tea
On the months when there are no General Meetings we hold a Morning Tea at the Workshop. It
is your chance to socialise with fellow members and Trainers, and since the computers are all to
hand we can answer any questions directly by demonstration.
So join us on Monday 7th September at 10am.

The following courses are planned.

   •   Internet                             Monday 20th July, 12.30-3-30pm (3 weeks), $25
   •   Digital Photography Techniques       Thursday 23rd July, 9-12am (6 weeks), $50
   •   Basic Computing using XP             Friday 31st July, 9-12am (4 weeks), $25
   •   Basic Computing using Vista          Tuesday 25th August, 9-12am (4 weeks), $25
   •   Email                                Friday 28th August, 9-12am (3 weeks), $20

Bookings can also be made for Word Processing I and II, Spreadsheets (Excel) I and II, Digital
Photography Techniques, Card Making (PrintMaster), Presentation Techniques (PowerPoint),
Desktop Publishing (Publisher) I and II, Slideshows (Photo Story 3/Windows Movie Maker), Photo
Editing (Picasa) for the rest of the year.

If you check out the list of Workshops you will see three new ones – Downloading from the
Internet, which explains the tricks and traps in getting files from the Web; Screen Capture, which
covers the use of your own computer screen to illustrate your notes; and Windows Live, which is
Microsoft’s ‘Everything for Everybody’ website. Note that the charge for Workshops is now $5.
On Thursday 13th August SeniorNet are holding our Open Day at the Workshop, in conjunction
with the Ipswich City Council’s Senior’s Day in the Mall. We would be appreciative of any
assistance that can be offered on the day – nothing technical, just welcome guests and offer them
tea and advice!

There have been some changes in the Training team. Pat Berlin has had to stand aside for health
reasons; Joan MacKenzie has agreed to become Shadow Training Coordinator in her place; Lyall
Newsome has decided, after a splendid fifteen years of service to us, to discontinue training and
go travelling instead; Heather Preston is refocusing on in-home training – a much needed function;
and Keith James has joined the Team and will initially be assisting in the Digital Photography

In response to health concerns we are providing a pump action bottle of hand cleaner (self-drying)
which is to be found beside the sign-in pad; you may like to use this prior to refreshments.
In welcoming members to courses and workshop sessions we do request that you turn off your
mobile phone (except in emergency) as the taking of a phone call is very disruptive to Training.

Ken Curwen, Training Coordinator.

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Hints and Tips

Internet Explorer 8
During Windows Updates you may well have been asked to install Internet Explorer 8 recently.
This new version is not a frightening change from the previous Internet Explorer 7, so there is no
reason to refuse to install it. In fact, it takes a couple of careful observations to realise which
version you are running. The main changes are:
   •   The Address bar will prompt as you type, and the ‘base address’ of the site will be in bold
   •   When you type in the Search box you will get prompts from the search engine concerned
       (just as the Google toolbar has done for some time).
   •   The Favourites area (-) which was to the left of the tabs now occupies a separate bar and
       the rest of that bar carries web slices. These are selected items from web pages you
       browsed and will flash if that item changes; for example, you could track the new bids on
       an E bay page.
   •   When you open a new blank tab it will carry links to your recently accessed web pages.
   •   When you open a new tab from an existing tab (by holding down Ctrl while clicking on a
       link) the associated tabs will be highlighted in the same colour.
   •   If you highlight text a button appears which opens a menu of Accelerators – web services
       which can link from the text; for example, highlight an address and you can link to a map of
       that address.
   •   A new Find toolbar simplifies finding terms on a web page.
   •   A new Zoom control allows you to magnify a web page
   •   New security features modify the security features of the Internet Settings dialog
   •   Under the bonnet, Internet Explorer 8 loads pages more rapidly (subject to the speed of
       the internet connection, of course), and tabs are isolated from each other so that a crash
       of one tab will not close down the whole browser, just that tab.

Saving an attachment received with an e-mail as a File
If you want to save the SeniorNet Newsletter to your computer for reading at a later date, right
click the attachment icon (paper clip) and then choose the “Save Attachments” (or “Save As”)
command from the pop-up menu. Alternatively click the File menu and then click “Save
Attachments” (or “Save As”).

               A Save dialog box appears.

Choose the location by clicking “Browse” and select the folder to which you would like to add the
current Newsletter.

Click Save.
               The attachment is then saved as a file in the Folder that you chose.

Caution! You should use caution when opening or saving attachments to e-mails. Only
open/save attachments that you are expecting such as the Newsletter, family photos etc. E-mail
attachments are a primary source of virus infection.

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Ipswich Mall 13thAugust – Seniors Week
Hello to all SeniorNet Members. Approaching us is the annual open day in the mall to celebrate
Seniors Week in Ipswich. This has always been a great time for all of us to meet and greet other
senior people of Ipswich and surrounding areas to show and teach them the joys of learning to use
a computer.
Help is needed to look after the display in the Ipswich Mall on the 13th August to introduce
ourselves and the benefits of computer knowledge to other seniors. We need four to six people in
the mall from 9:00am to 2:00pm and a set-up crew of four from 8:30am. Please contact me if you
can assist.
Contact:        Email:
Thank you in anticipation of your favorable response.

Kevin Murphy

                     NEED HELP WITH YOUR COMPUTER?

Computer Repairs: Rob Glazebrook - Computer Assistance and Internet Computers
Tel: 07 3103 1674 Internet: Email:

                      GENEALOGY and LOCAL HISTORY

               If you are interested in local history, check out the Ipswich Library site

     Quotation Corner

        There are two days in a week                                 Odd Spot
        about which and upon which                                  The human eye
               to never worry                                        actually sees
                                                                   everything upside
       one of these days is yesterday                             down, and it’s the
             and the other day                                   brain that inverts the
                is tomorrow.                                     image right-way-up.

                    Robert Jones Burdette

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BROADBAND, mobile and home phone customers in South East Queensland now have a greater
choice of telecommunications products following the launch of South East Qld Community Telco.

Previously known as iTEL Community Telco, the company’s new trading name and brand identity is
designed to more accurately reflect the region which it services - South East Queensland.


                             FREE Seniors Group Fitness Sessions
                          6.00 am 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month
                           Lifestyle Fitness Station, (near PCYC), Limestone Park
                                         Enquiries: Carol 3281 7900
                                                    Ruth 3294 6608

SeniorNet is a member of the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs Association. Their monthly Newsletter is
available on their web site at

                                        SIXTY AND BETTER
If you are interested in finding out more about this group, which offers a wide range of activities, ring the
Sixty and Better office in the Humanities Building, on 3282 8644

                              OTHER LOCAL ORGANISATIONS
 There are many social organisations and clubs operating in the Ipswich area. Details can be found on the
                           Ipswich City Council web site. These are the links:

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                                                         My Medication

                                                  A row of bottles on my shelf
                                                 caused me to analyze myself.
                                                 One yellow pill I have to pop
                                               goes to my heart so it won’t stop.

                                                 A little white one that I take
                                            goes to my hands so they won’t shake.
                                                 The blue ones that I use a lot
                                               tell me I’m happy when I’m not.

                                               The purple pill goes to my brain
                                               and tells me that I have no pain.
                                              The capsules tell me not to wheeze
                                              or cough or choke or even sneeze.

                                               The red ones, smallest of them all
                                                 go to my blood so I won’t fall.
                                             The orange ones, very big and bright
                                              prevent my leg cramps in the night.

                                                 Such an array of brilliant pills
                                                 helping to cure all kinds of ills,
                                                but what I’d really like to know….
                                              Is what tells each one where to go!

Jenny Greaves
Tel: 07 32820143

While we have made every effort to give accurate information on the URLs mentioned and tips given in this newsletter, we cannot
guarantee that their use will provide the desired results in all circumstances. In no event will the Editor or SeniorNet be liable for
direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of URLs mentioned and tips given in this
newsletter. We recommend members verify details before acting on information or suggestions contained in this newsletter. The
Editor would appreciate being informed of any erroneous information so that it may be corrected.

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