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Do I have Strep throat and if so is it contagious?

Ok so I have been having a sore throat for a few days and today I found out I had developed yellow blistering spots on the back of my throat. I have swollen
lymph nodes in my neck and I know that those are symptoms of strep and I'm going to the doctor's tomorrow. I want to have my friend over and she says that
strep is only contagious in the first days before symptoms start. My mom doesn't believe me and I want to know if I'm contagious or not.

Asked by Bleeblah at Aug 10,2011 16:26

your contagious untill you have taken penicillin for a full 24 hours

Answer from I am a manly biotch at Aug 10,2011 16:29

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Answer from Max Lynch at Aug 11,2011 17:27

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