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chronic acne scarring problem, help?

hello, I have habits of popping my acne and now it leaves me with chronic scarring. any idea what should i do to reduce the marked scar? i feel very embarrassed
to go out, makeup will only make my acne worse. thank you =)
been using bio oil since last year, no improvement. Been seeing dermatologist this year, and currently on Doxycycline and Dianette for acne problem.

Asked by lilimons at Aug 14,2011 04:53

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I once accidently popped a pimple and then I think I got an infection because soon after I got a bunch of random pimple scars on my chin where the other pimple
was. So if you have a pimple just remember before you pop it that it could get infected and you could get a bunch of other, worse acne scars. As for a product I
recommend bio oil, I started using it about 2 weeks ago and it has already reduced some of the scars.

Answer from Jaimee002 at Aug 14,2011 04:57

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