St. Mark Catholic Elementary School Term 3 Newsletter – by AnthonySeuseu


									             St. Mark Catholic Elementary School
         Term 3 Newsletter – 2008-2009 School Year
       Important Dates to Remember                     First Day of School - Procedures for Gr. 1 to 8

June 23 – JK/K (T/Th) Year-End Celebration in          School resumes on Tuesday, September 8th at 8:45
library – 2:30-3:15 p.m.                               a.m. Please remind your child(ren) to meet at the
June 23 – PLEASE RETURN PAGE 3 OF REPORT               back of the school by the gym doors in the
CARD                                                   morning. When the bell rings at 8:45 a.m., parents
June 24 – NO PIZZA LUNCH                               will say goodbye to their children outside the gym
June 24 - JK/K (M/W) Year-End Celebration in           doors and students will be asked to enter the gym.
library – 2:30-3:15 p.m.                               We will have morning exercises then teachers will
June 24 – Grade 8 Graduation Mass at St. Mark          call out the names of students in their classes.
Church – 6 p.m.
June 25 – Freezies for all students! (A year-end                        School Council
treat from your School Council)
June 26 – Last Day of School. Students will be         For your information, monthly School Council
dismissed at 2:15 p.m.                                 minutes are posted on the bulletin board outside
                                                       the main office and on our school's web page
The staff of St. Mark School wishes everyone a         ( This year's School
safe and happy summer holiday! School resumes on       Council was extremely productive, and the school
September 8th at 8:45 a.m.                             community is grateful to the Council for all of their
                                                       positive decisions and contributions. Thank you
                                                       to Amy Banton, Michelle Bedic, John Dixon,
                                                       Katherine Flitton, Stephanie Padden, Michael Fox,
                                                       Lisa DeJong, and Shelley Chambers!

                                                       Summary of this year’s Council activities:
                                                          - hosted a parent information seminar
                                                          - ordered sports equipment for recess bins
                                                          - purchased a laptop, classroom libraries, a
                                                              new T.V. for the library, wall-size maps,
               Staffing Changes                               team uniforms, tokens of appreciation for
                                                              the PALS program, sacramental tokens,
Sadly, we must say goodbye to Mrs. Dawn Schmidt,              arts resources, library resources, and much
our long-term occasional Grade 5/6 teacher, who will          more
be leaving our school and having a baby soon! We          - worked with the Fundraising Committee
thank her for her dedication to our students and              (Katherine Flitton, Paula Schaefer, Sarah
wish her all the best as she starts her family.               Stemerdink, and Stephanie Padden) to plan
                                                              the Express Yourself Arts Day. The
We welcome Mrs. Tricia McEwan back to St. Mark                fundraiser earned $6967.43 for our
CES in September. She will be teaching in the                 school.
Junior Division. We are looking forward to working     Thanks to everyone for all your hard work and for
with her again!                                        making a huge difference at St. Mark CES!
         Junior Boys’ 3-Pitch Team                       Zehrs Receipts and Campbell’s Soup Labels

The junior boys played a remarkable tournament on       Students and families are reminded to continue
May 19. In our round robin, we defeated Holy            collecting Zehrs store receipts (unfortunately not
Rosary, St. Paul and lost a close one to St. Dominic.   Superstore) and Campbell's Soup labels over the
That put us in second in our division. We then went     summer months. This year we were able to get a
on and defeated Holy Rosary in the semi-final. That     new set of baseball bases thanks to the Campbell's
put us in the Championship, where we lost a             Soup Labels for Education Program. The Campbell's
heartbreaker to St. Paul. We came in 2nd overall in     Soup Labels for Education Program also accepts the
the tournament. The boys played their hearts out        UPC symbols from V-8 juice, Goldfish Crackers, V-8
all afternoon, never giving up, and representing St.    Fusion Juice and both V-8 and Gardennay soups,
Mark in an exemplary manner. Mr. Ricketts was           Habitant soups and Prego Spaghetti Sauce. We can
very proud of their fine accomplishments and            also collect labels from soup used in restaurants
thoroughly enjoyed coaching the team. They are an       and cafeterias, so consider asking co-workers and
awesome group! Thanks to Mr. Ricketts for               family if they have soup labels or UPCs that they
coaching the team!                                      wouldn't mind collecting and donating to our school!
                                                        Every little bit adds up to free "stuff" for our

                                                                         Report Cards

                                                        We ask that page 3 of your child’s report card
                                                        be returned on Tuesday, June 23rd. It is very
                                                        important that page 3 be returned before your
                                                        child is dismissed for summer vacation. We thank
                                                        you in advance for your co-operation. Please note
                                                        that dismissal is at 2:15 p.m. on Friday, June 26th.

                  Strong Start

Once again, a selected group of St. Mark
Kindergarten and Grade 1 students had the
opportunity to participate in an amazing program
called Strong Start. Thank you to all our St. Mark
Volunteer coaches who worked with students
reviewing letters, sounds, words and building words.
Without your help and support we would not be able
to offer the program! Thank you to all community                           Volunteers
sponsors who fund Strong Start and their belief to
help children be successful at a young age in           A big thank you to all of the volunteers who helped
learning to read! We are very lucky to have such a      out in any way this year. Your kindness and
worthy program here at St. Mark’s. If you are           selflessness are very much appreciated by students
interested in volunteering next year, please let        and staff. You make our jobs easier and you help to
Mrs. DeJong know, and she can inform you of             enrich the lives of our precious students. Thank
when training sessions are offered.                     you!

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