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can sores on vagina be something other than herpes?

they are sores that are very painful, at first when I went to the doctor they thought it was an infection from cutting myself with the shaver. They are doing a herpes
test though, and I am impatiently waiting for the resuts

Asked by Jen at Aug 13,2011 12:23

Best answer

Most people shave outside their vagina's not the lips so I don't know how close to your vagina that your shaving but if your shaving the lips of the vagina then you
could have an infected hair follicle or ingrown hairs if its none of them then its the inevitable, herpes.

Answer from Meelee Love at Aug 13,2011 12:55

You'd better ask some medical care centers or ask some one who are in this situation.No need to be shy.I think every where has a care center,or you can join
some nice site like what I showed below for help,or just start a topic at its forum.I think many people are willing to help and share what is useful with you.Good
luck to you.:P

Answer from Tara Lisa at Aug 14,2011 02:19

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