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   ENDOWED IN MEMORY OF HARRY AND SHIRLEY NACHMAN                               Vol. 66 No. 5   April 2010    G   Nisan - Iyar 5770

Mornings:                                                                               AN EVENING
                                                                                        WITH COACH
  Sundays . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8:30 a.m.
Monday – Friday . . . . . . . . . . 7:30 a.m.

                                                                                        BRUCE PEARL
  April 5 & 6 (Pesach). . . . . . 9:00 a.m.
  (Yizkor Service Tuesday morning, April 6)
Shabbat . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9:00 a.m.

                                                    SYNERGY Shabbat Weekend
  Sunday – Friday . . . . . . . . 6:00 p.m.

                                                          APRIL 16 & 17
  Tuesday, April 6 . . . . . . . . 8:00 p.m.
Saturdays (Minchah-Maariv)
     April 3. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7:45 p.m.

                                                    Tprofessional dreams in July of 2009, as he led Maccabi USA’s Open Men’s
     April 10, 17. . . . . . . . . . 8:00 p.m.         ennessee head basketball coach Bruce Pearl fulfilled one of his
     April 24. . . . . . . . . . . . . 8:15 p.m.
                                                    Basketball Team to a gold medal with a 95-86 overtime triumph, defeating
SHABBAT MORNING SERVICES                            Israel at the 18th World Maccabiah Games.
                                                           For the past five years, Pearl has presided over arguably the most
            APRIL 3                                 successful period in University of Tennessee basketball history. He is the
      Chol Hamoed Pesach                            first coach to lead the Volunteers to a national #1 ranking. On February 27
                                                    of this year, Tennessee defeated the #2 ranked Kentucky Wildcats to cement
            APRIL 10
                                                    the Vols’ 5th straight NCAA tournament appearance.
            Shemini                                        Pearl has demonstrated a life-long commitment to Jewish causes and
           APRIL 17
                                                    to Israel. “Growing up in the Boston area, Israel has been at the forefront of
         Tazria-Metzora                             family conversation ever since I was a small kid," he says. “My grandparents
                                                    were Orthodox and kept a kosher home as well. I can remember that it was
          APRIL 24                                  much more difficult for my parents, who endured a lot of anti-Semitism
    Achare Mot - Kedoshim                           during my childhood than what my own children have to deal with today.
                                                           “Israel,” he adds, “is also at the forefront and part of my daily life as
                                                    well. Our rabbi discusses Israel each and every week at the Shabbat service

                                                    I attend with my family. And when I open the local daily newspaper, I don’t
                                                    automatically turn to the sports page. I flip through the World section to see

                                                    if there’s a story about Israel. Being Jewish and being connected to Israel is
                                                    part of who I am.”
                                                           Following Shabbat dinner on April 16, join us for “An Evening with
JOIN US FOR AN EVENING OF LEARNING                  Coach Bruce Pearl.”
   WEDNESDAY, APRIL 14           7:30 P.M.

Rabbi Efry Spectre,
our rabbinic leader for
                                                      Hear Author Rebecca Rosen
                                                    Psychic medium and author Rebecca
22 years, passed away
                                                    Rosen will speak at Sisterhood’s
on January 17 at the
                                                    Donor Day on Thursday, May 6. The
age of 75. He left an
                                                    boutique shopping and luncheon
indelible impression
                                                    begin at 9:30 a.m. Rebecca will speak
on our congregation.
                                                    at 11 a.m. about her book Spirited:
                                                    Connect to the Guides all Around
We will honor the
memory     of  Rabbi
Spectre with an evening of teaching,                See more on page 5 and watch for
prayer and song.                                    your special invitation.
    Yom HaShoah                                                                                Mazal Tov to our April
   COMMEMORATING                                THE         SHOAH
                                                                                               B’nai & Bat Mitzvah
                        MGross (née Einstein) k''z, was
                               y        grandmother,                         Masha                                                         April 10
                                                                                                                             Madelyn Selonke is the daughter
                  the only member of her                                                                                     of Lori Selonke and Daniel Selonke
                  immediate family to survive the                                                                            and the granddaughter of Judy &
                  Holocaust. Her parents, eight                                                                              Sol Stein.
                  brothers and sisters, and
                  countless other relatives were
                  slaughtered in Belzec. Chaim
                  Gross, a member of the                                                      Madelyn Clare Selonke
   HAZZAN        Haganah (Palestine’s military                                                                                             April 17
    GROSS        organization which became the
                                                                                                                             Noah Cutler is the son of Nancy &
                 foundation for the IDF), was part
                                                                                                                             Michael Cutler and the grandson
of a rescue mission, to “marry” Jewish girls in
                                                                                                                             of Margo & Michael Goldman and
Poland and move them to Palestine. Masha was                                                                                 Janice & Donald Cutler.
one of these girls. They remained married for the
duration of their lives. My father, Paltiel, was
born in 1939. It was seventy years later that I                                                                              Scott Lippitt is the son of Sandy &
was invested as a Hazzan.                                                                                                    Michael Lippitt and the grandson
     Every graduate of the H.L. Miller Cantorial                                                                             of Annette Neuvirth & the late
School is required to write a thesis. Instead of
                                                                                         Noah Samuel          Scott Eric
                                                                                                                             Morris Neuvirth.
doing the usual “write-a-dissertation-on-an-                                                Cutler             Lippitt
unknown-Jewish-composer” which would just
collect dust in the stacks of the school’s library,
I decided to embark on a project both more                                                                                                 April 24
meaningful and more practical. I resolved to tap                                                                             Evan Grossman-Lempert is the
into my composition skills honed at the                                                                                      son of Marci Grossman & Mark
University of Pennsylvania and break out the                                                                                 Lempert and the grandson of Micki
music paper. I was going to create a musical                                                                                 Grossman & the late Louis D.
Yom HaShoah service dedicated to my Savta.                                                                                   Grossman and Temmi & Hal
     In the history of the Jewish people, the                                                                                Lempert.
Holocaust is still a relatively recent calamity,                                          Evan Phillip Grossman-Lempert
and there is not a significant portion of liturgy
dedicated to its memorial. While the number of
our firsthand links to the Shoah is diminishing,
our connection to this dark period in our history
                                                                                       YOM HASHOAH PROGRAM PLANNED FOR APRIL 11
is still quite strong. I wanted to create this                                       The Men’s Club is sponsoring a Yom HaShoah program with guest speaker
service in order to provide a unique liturgy and a                                   Aron Zoldan following a 9:15 a.m. breakfast on Sunday, April 11. Mr. Zoldan
lasting link to commemorate this day of                                              is a Shoah survivor with an energetic, engaging style and an important story
remembrance. The result was an oratorio that I                                       to tell. He is a regular minyan-goer here and father of member Mildred Pivoz.
entitled I Believe: A Shoah Requiem.                                                      At 11:15 that morning Hazzan Gross and the Adat Shalom Choir will
     Yom HaShoah begins this year at sundown                                         present two excerpts from his oratorio, I Believe.
on Sunday, April 11 and is observed on Monday,                                            There is a breakfast charge for those who have not responded by April 5.
April 12. In conjunction with the April 11 Men’s                                     YOM HASHOAH CANDLES – Due to a large increase in postage
Club event which features Aron Zoldan as the                                         rates, the Men’s Club will not be mailing out the Yom HaShoah
guest speaker, the Adat Shalom choir and I will                                      Candles to all families this year. There will be a limited mailing,
be presenting some excerpts of I Believe.                                            and candles will go home with religious school and preschool
     I hope that you are able to attend this                                         students. If you do not receive a candle, we will have them available for pick
meaningful program. Plans are underway for the                                       up in the synagogue main office during regular business hours.
World Premiere of the entire oratorio on May 1,
2011 in a community-wide event.

                    T H E
                                                                                            Installation of Hazzan Daniel Gross
                                    V O I C E
        published monthly except February and July by
                                                                                                    Thursday Evening, May 13 7:30 p.m.
                   29901 Middlebelt Road
                                                                                            “An Evening of Song” with Hazzan Gross and Lauren Gross
              Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334
          Phone: 248-851-5100           G    Fax: 248-851-3190
                                                                                                              Accompanist: Marty Liebman
       Periodicals Postage entered at the Farmington, Michigan Post Office
            Postmaster: Send address changes to:
                The VOICE, 29901 Middlebelt
                                                                                                     Special Guest: Rabbi Mordecai Miller
           Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334-2319
              Affiliated with United Synagogue                                         Dairy Dessert Reception       All congregants will receive invitations.
                   of Conservative Judaism

                                                                          FROM RABBI BERGMAN
  OUR EARLY CHILDHOOD CENTER                                                       “THE MIDDLE DAYS”
T    he Early Childhood Center (formerly
     known as “Nursery School”) has always
enjoyed a special place in the heart of Adat
                                                                          B    y the time you read this, Passover should
                                                                               be around halfway over. All the
                                                                          excitement of building up to seder has
Shalom. Indeed, many families, including
                                                                          passed. You have already eaten several
mine, were preschool families before
                                                                          hundred pounds of matzah, or at least that is
becoming Adat Shalom families. So when
                                                    JEFFREY               how it feels. You have realized that “kosher           RABBI
Hillel Day School approached us about
                                                    SUPOWIT               for Passover” noodles, rolls, and cereals are        BERGMAN
joining their new community preschool, the
                                                                          oxymorons at best, and potentially
Executive Committee and Board of Trustees had a gut-
                                                                          dangerous at worst. It is also a little too far away from the end
wrenching decision to make. Consolidation is a laudable goal
                                                                          of the holiday to start thinking about real pizza again.
in the Jewish community today. On some financial level, it
                                                                               It is precisely these middle days that I think are the most
would make sense to fold our school into a community school
                                                                          important about Passover. Passover is the holiday of freedom.
that would not be our economic burden. But the clergy, staff,
                                                                          Real freedom comes from the ability to face the little everyday
officers and trustees were nearly unanimous in turning down
                                                                          inconveniences with a sense of humor and appreciation. It is
this proposal. We feel it is vital that we maintain a close
                                                                          about appreciating how much of our day is really good, even
connection between young families with preschool youngsters
                                                                          though we may not get everything we want.
and the synagogue, and we will maintain it as long as it is
                                                                               Think about how many things have to go right in what we
financially viable.
                                                                          would often call a bad day. I mean your average bad day, when
      My view is that the friendly competition from Hillel is fine.
                                                                          things did not work out as we expected. The first and most
Hillel also has a special place in our hearts. Hillel was the
                                                                          important thing is that we are alive to experience it. Just being
creation of our founding Rabbi Jacob Segal k '' z, and has been
                                                                          alive should make most days good ones. Second, you need a
promoted by Adat Shalom throughout its history. Just as our
                                                                          fair amount of food to get through your bad day. Finally, you
histories are intertwined, our goals are the same. We clearly
                                                                          need a place to have your bad day.
want to keep our preschool kids at Adat Shalom, and we want
                                                                               We are fortunate for the most part that we have all the
the Adat Shalom ECC to attract kids from the community. But
                                                                          things we need in order to at least find something good in every
we certainly should not have any ill will toward Hillel.
                                                                          day. As we go through the last days of Passover, let us realize
      I view this as an opportunity to make the ECC bigger and
                                                                          that a piece of matzah is really a feast, and that everyday can
better. I have charged the staff with the task of reviewing
                                                                          bring the joy of the holiday if we just allow it.
everything they do to see how they can make it more attractive.
This includes programming, facilities, equipment, pricing and
promotion. The good thing about competition is that it forces
you to either get better or go away. I believe we will flourish.          FROM RABBI YOSKOWITZ
                                                                               PICTURES       AND   M EMORIES
                  FROM RABBI SHERE
                                                                          A 5 Iyar – April 18-19, I sit at my office desk
                                                                             s we approach Yom Ha’Atzmaut 2010, on
                             “H AKOL B ’S EDER ”
                                                                          and look at ten framed photographs given to
                      f you speak a little Hebrew, you might know
                                                                          me by our congregation during a June 20,
                      that the usual answer to the question “How
                                                                          2008 Adat Shalom Shabbat dinner. Four of
                   are you?” is “Hakol b’seder,” literally
                                                                          the ten photographs were taken in Israel.
                   translating to “everything is in order.”
                                                                          Each represents a unique moment in time. All          RABBI
                                                                          convey how important the State of Israel is to YOSKOWITZ
                            Last week, we sat down to our
                   Passover Seder, but we may not have made
 RABBI SHERE the linguistic connection between “hakol                     our congregation and to me.
                                                                                In one photograph, members of our congregation and I are
b’seder” and the “seder” meal. One reason we call our
                                                                          tubing down the Jordan River. We were there during the
Passover ritual a “seder” is because it is meant to point us
                                                                          intifada and we met very few, if any, Jewish Americans during
toward greater order in our lives. By “order” I don’t necessarily
                                                                          our Adat Shalom mission of support for our brothers and
mean cleanliness or organization, but rather “order” in the
                                                                          sisters in Israel.
sense of priorities. I other words, we should know our priorities
                                                                                In another, I am praying at the Kotel – Western Wall – in
and do our best to order our days accordingly. The word
                                                                          Jerusalem, thanking God for the gift of this visit even as I pray
“Pharoah,” the villain of the Passover narrative, comes from
                                                                          that I may return soon.
the Hebrew root which means “to disrupt.” Pharaoh represents
                                                                                A Masorti congregation in Israel is the site of a third
those things in our lives that disrupt us from living according
                                                                          photograph, where a leader of the congregation and I are
to our innate sense of what is important. When we fail to live
                                                                          standing in front of an open Aron HaKodesh during a Detroit
according to our values, we allow the force of Pharaoh to
                                                                          Jewish Federation Mission to Israel. The Hebrew words on the
disrupt the “seder” of our lives.
                                                                          door of the Ark are the ones we say when we take out the Torah
     Seder isn’t just for Passover. It’s for everyday. May this
                                                                          on a Shabbat or Tom Yov morning.
Passover give us all the clarity, strength and insight to truly
                                                                                Prime Minister Shimon Peres and I are in a fourth 1996
answer the question, “How are you?” with the answer, “Hakol
                                                                          photograph. The Prime Minister is accepting a presentation
b’seder,” everything is in order.
                                                                          from me on behalf of Congregation Beth Achim during a
                                                                      3                                             CONTINUED ON PAGE    8
                                   People & Programs                                €SOCIAL ACTION IN ACTION ‹
                                  - LUNCH & LEARN -                                YAD EZRA DELIVERIES….On

                                Thursdays, April 8, 15, 22 & 29
                                                                                   Sunday, April 11, we will need
                                                                                   volunteers to make Yad Ezra
                                 A Celebration of Elie Wiesel                      deliveries. This involves driving to
                                                                                   Yad Ezra that morning with your family or
                                    with Rabbi Herbert Yoskowitz                   friends and picking up groceries to deliver to four
                                                                                   or five clients in the area. Without our help, these
                       As Elie Wiesel approaches his 82nd year, Rabbi
                                                                                   clients would not be able to get food for the week.
                       Yoskowitz has planned a four-part series reflecting
                                                                                   They are so grateful for this act of kindness. If
on Elie Wiesel’s attempts to make the world better through his deeds and
                                                                                   you would like to participate in this mitzvah,
his writing. Each week the group will focus on one of Wiesel’s books that
                                                                                   please       contact      Celia    Lubetsky       at
relates to the week’s topic: April 8 - Shoah - Night; April 15 - Soviet Jewry      clubet51@aol.com, or call her at 248-855-5884.
- The Gates of the Forest; April 22 - Israel - A Beggar in Jerusalem; April 29
- Chassidism - Four Hasidic Masters and Their Struggle Against                                RONALD MCDONALD HOUSE….On
Melancholy.                                                                                   Sunday, April 25, we will prepare and
Noon - 1:15 p.m., $10 per session.                                                            serve dinner for families of children
Please respond by the preceding Monday to Sheila Lederman, 248-851-                           who are hospitalized at Children’s
5100, ext. 246 or slederman@adatshalom.org.                                                   Hospital in Detroit and are staying at
                                                                                   the local Ronald McDonald House. If you and
                                                                                   your family would like to help out, you can
    RABBI YOSKOWITZ                 TO     SPEAK AT SUPPER SERIES                  prepare or donate a portion of the meal and/or
                                                                                   you can help deliver and serve the meal. If you

     UR SUPPER SERIES CONTINUES on Sunday, April 25, at the home of                would like to participate, email Deb Lapin at
            & Gene Perlman. That evening Rabbi Herbert Yoskowitz will              lapes321@sbcglobal.net.
discuss What Happens After I Die? Ten Jewish Views of Life After Death.
                                                                                   IT’S NEW!….Did you know that petting an animal
     The discussion and dinner will begin at 5:30 p.m. There is a $10/person
                                                                                   can lower blood pressure and heart rate?
fee, which includes the dairy dinner. The program is limited to the first 36
                                                                                   Rebecca Hayman and her certified therapy
people who respond.
                                                                                   golden retriever, Nikki, are eager to visit with
     Our Supper Series is chaired by Shelly Perlman and Adele Staller.
                                                                                   your loved one. If you would like to arrange a
                                                                                   visit, call Rebecca Hayman, 248-459-9191.
              – NEW EDUCATORS JOURNEY GROUP –                                      THANK YOU, THANK YOU…to everyone who
                                                                                           donated blood and volunteered to
                                                                                           help at the recent Red Cross Blood
                                                                                           Drive. A special thank you to Ruth
                                                                                           Zerin   and    Amy    Strauss   for
                WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21                           7 P.M.                       coordinating this very important
                        AT   ADAT SHALOM                                                   event.
                                                       HOSTED BY   RABBI BERGMAN   LOOKING FORWARD…
                                                     ARRANGED BY   DAVID STRAUSS
                                                                                            HOUSING THE HOMELESS XIV
                                                                                   During the week of August 1 - 8, we
                                                                                   will again host participants from the
  Bookstock’s Back!                             Jewish Theological                 South Oakland Shelter (SOS) in
   Metro Detroit’s Biggest and                                                     Royal Oak. The mission of SOS is to
                                                    Seminary                       break the cycle of homelessness by
     Best Used Book sale                       HigH Tea RecepTion                  providing    lodging,     food    and
                                                                                   transportation, as well as a variety of services.
          april 18 - 25                                    honoring                These include case management, counseling,
   Laurel Park Place in Livonia                                                    career services, and educational classes. Adat
                                              SenaToR caRl levin                   Shalom supports their goals by providing a safe
     sundays Noon - 6 p.m.                    & Rep. SandeR levin                  place to sleep, three meals a day and so much
                                                                                   more! Please plan to join us during the week.
      Monday - saturday
                                              Sunday, april 18  2 p.m.             Watch for more details and opportunities to
       10 a.m. - 9 p.m.                                                            volunteer as we get closer to the date.
 sponsored by the schostak Brothers,                  Shaarey Zedek                REAL GENEROSITY TOWARD THE FUTURE LIES IN GIVING ALL
                                                                                   TO THE PRESENT. – ALBERT CAMUS
 the Detroit Jewish News, and many
     metro-Detroit organizations                            For re servations or          – Evva Hepner, Social Action Chairperson
                                                                    information,                248-798-7673 or evva987@aol.com
           www.bookstock.info                                     248-258-0055

                                                        DONOR DAY: CIRCLE           MAY 6       ON YOUR CALENDARS
 I Men’s club happenings
 This month i want to highlight one of the
 most important Men’s Club programs of the
 year, our Yom HaShoah speaker and breakfast.
 Last year we had a Holocaust survivor speak to
 us and then toured the Holocaust Center in
 Farmington Hills. This year we decided to bring
 a speaker directly to Adat Shalom on Sunday
 morning, April 11th, with a breakfast starting at
 9:15 a.m.
 Mr. Aron Zoldan will be our speaker this year.
 Mr. Zoldan is very personable and will captivate
 those attending. After surviving the Shoah, he
 returned briefly to his hometown, before
 successfully breaking through the British
 Blockade to enter Palestine, where he continued
 his schooling and fought in Israel’s War of

                                                     Adiscuss her newly released book Spirited: Connect to the Guides All
 Independence. He moved to Michigan in 1953.            T THIS YEAR’S SISTERHOOD DONOR EVENT, REBECCA ROSEN will
 The event is being co-chaired by Murray
 Sittsamer and Michael Feldman. We hope you          Around You. Rebecca is considered an “astonishing talent” among psychic
 can attend. (See more information on page 2)        mediums. For the past ten years, she has served as “a bridge between this
                – in appreciation –                  world and those who have crossed over onto the Other Side.” Her intention
 Thank you to Joey Lebovic and Neal Robin for        is to offer guidance and “open minds and hearts to the knowledge that our
 organizing the Men’s Club breakfast with            souls are eternal and our deceased loved ones are at peace and always with
 Hazzan Gross. Thanks to Brad Feldman and            us.” By reading Spirited, she says, you will learn that “you actually do not
 Mike Weil for setting up the Dancin’ with the       need her or any other psychic to resolve personal challenges that hold you
 Dads event. We appreciate help from the             back. You will learn how to tap into your own intuitive knowing, as well as
 following individuals/organizations for their       recognize and interpret spirit energy.”
 assistance with Dancin’ with the Dads: Living              Boutique shopping will run from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Rebecca Rosen
 Energy for the DJ & dancing, Paula Turner for       will speak at 11 a.m., followed by lunch.
 the photography, Emery’s Jewelers, Cinderella’s            Watch for your invitation with complete pricing information.
 Castle, Peek-a-Boutique, Leo’s Coney Island,        Sisterhood Ways & Means Vice-Presidents are Cindy Babcock and Lillian
 Bobby Blum, Don Davis and Marsha& Hal               Schostak.
 Baker. Thank you also to Bobby Blum and                                                            - Save-the-Date -
 Larry Kaplan for arranging the three visits to         “MEXICAN COOKING”                          Sisterhood - Men’s Club
 local universities.
                                                       WITH RUTH AND NORMA                               Art Walk
                   Michael betman, president                                                       ATWAYNE STATE UNIVERSITY
 upcoMing Men’s club evenTs:
                                                         TUESDAY, APRIL 13, 7 PM                       SUNDAY, MAY 16
                                                        AT THE HOME OF NORMA DORMAN             Leave Adat Shalom at 12 noon
 sunday, april 25th in the afternoon                                                             by bus and return at 3 p.m.
 Family event at the Zoo                                 MAXIMUM 20   GUESTS.
                                                                                                 $15 per person. View WSU’s
 Watch your mail for a flyer with more                   WATCH   FOR YOUR FLYER!               outdoor art collection, guided by
 information.                                                                                     Women of Wayne docents.
 sunday, april 25th, 7 p.m.
 book Discussion
 Our 2nd book discussion of the year with Rabbi
 Bergman. We will read and talk about
 “Empowered Judaism” by Rabbi Elie Kaunfer.               SISTERHOOD GIFT SHOP
                                                       Wednesdays, 4:30 - 6 p.m.                 MEZZUZOT - COOKBOOKS
                                                       Sundays, 9 a.m. - noon                   BAR & BAT MITZVAH GIFTS
                                                                                                  KIPPOT - KIDDUSH CUPS
ATTENTION SENIORS:                                                                              TALLESIM - HAVDALAH SETS
Please note that the April                                                                       DREIDELS - HOSTESS GIFTS
Seniors Luncheon & Program
has been canceled. Watch for                             For information or an appointment,                     A LOO
                                                                                                             AT OU     K
                                                         call Debbie Supowit, 248-489-7017              GREA        R
information on the next event                                                                                T SEL
                                                         or Evva Hepner, 248-798-7673.                                   N
for seniors on Thursday, May 27.

                            Education & Youth
YOUTH SCOOP            FROM JODI                                                                BURSting
    Jodi Gross, Associate Director, Education & Youth
Back by popular demand, J-Serve
2010 will bring together teens from
all denominations within the Detroit
Jewish community for the sole
purpose of Tikkun Olam. J-Serve is
part of an annual day of service for
youth throughout the world.
For many months, I have had the pleasure of working with
other professionals in our community to plan J-Serve. I am
excited that 8th to 12th graders from Adat Shalom, ATID:
Alliance for Teens in Detroit, Motor City USY and the Teen
Volunteer Corps are represented on the teen planning
committee and many more will participate on April 25.
This year, we are also organizing worthwhile projects for
6th and 7th graders.
Teens will volunteer for projects at organizations
throughout Metro Detroit, such as JARC, the National
Council for Jewish Women, Jewish Family Service, the
JCC and the Downtown Synagogue. J-Serve is supported                                                    Our Religious School students
by generous grants from the Stephen H. Schulman                                                        made 75 Passover cards to send
Millennium Fund and The Panim Institute of BBYO. ALL                                                   to U.S. service men and women
TEENS ARE WELCOME TO VOLUNTEER AND GIVE BACK                                                              serving all over the world.

       APRIL YOUTH CALENDAR:                                From the Beth Achim Religious School…
 I 6th grade Rosh Hodesh:                         I HOPE THAT YOU are having a great Pesach! I wish I could have been there to
   It’s a Girl Thing!                                            see your children’s faces as they used their Bedikat Chametz kits,
                                                                 their afikomen bags, their Elijah cups and their Miriam’s cups. It is
 SUNDAY, APRIL 25                                                an invaluable opportunity for children to add themselves to the
 I J-serve (Jewish Teen Service Day),                            Pesach story. Please remember to send your students back to school
   11:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.                                        with their Purim Points Challenge filled out. There are prizes for all
   Pre-registration required by                   children and special prizes for whose who complete at least 18 steps.
   Sunday, April 18,
   at www.jserve.org                              RELIGIOUS SCHOOL RESUMES ON APRIL 12, and we have a lot of very meaningful
                                                  experiences before the school year ends. Our fifth graders will be creating a
 Family Day at the Zoo with                       Tzedakah cabinet, where money as well as items will be collected for the different
 Makor and Shoresh youth                          needs of our community. They will do this with local artist Marla Schram-Wolfe
 groups and the Men’s Club.                       and funding from Federation’s Artist in the Schools initiative. The students will
 For more details,                                then take their rolling cabinet to all of our school events, explain it and ask our
 contact Jodi Gross.                              guests to support their efforts. Sharing this cabinet with our school will continue
                                                  to be the responsibility of future fifth grade classes as a major theme of our fifth
                                                  grade is “community.”
                                                  ON APRIL 17 WE WILL HAVE BUBBE ZAYDE SHABBAT! I hope that all of you will join me
             COLLEGE AND                          and my granddaughters that morning. On Sunday, April 18th, our fourth graders
       YOUNG ADULT OUTREACH:                      will be going to Shalom Street to experience their new exhibit, The Gates of
    Special thanks to the parent                  Jerusalem. Any fourth grade parents who are available are invited to join us there.
 volunteers on the College and Young              On Wednesday April 21, at 5:30, we will do a follow up family education piece with
 Adult Outreach Committee for                     the fourth graders and parents.
 assembling the Pesach packages. We               OUR BAR-BAT MITZVAH CONNECTIONS PROGRAM continues in April with four
 hope the students and young adults               opportunities. On April 10, families with a Bar-Bat Mitzvah between September
 enjoy a “taste” from home.                       2010 and September 2011 are invited to join us on Shabbat for a blessing on the
    Mazal Tov to all of our students              bimah and to receive a copy of the Etz Chayim Chumash that they will use in
 graduating from college. We want to              preparation for their becoming Bar-Bat Mitzvah. On April 18, B’nai Mitzvah
 stay in touch with you. When you                 families are invited to join us in volunteering at Yad Ezra at 10 a.m. On April 25
 know where you are going or what you             at 10 a.m. Rabbi Bergman will share his Living Jewishly session for families with
 are doing after college in the fall              a Bar-Bat Mitzvah between now and next April (2011).
 please email Jodi Gross at                          Finally on April 28, our 6th and 7th graders will have      CONTINUED ON PAGE 8
 jgross@adatshalom.org.                       6
                             Education & Youth
                                     what does Jfe mean at
                                                                 eARly ChilDhOOD CenteR
                                     Adat Shalom? In very
                                     simple terms it means

y           EDUCATION                                                  suMMeR caMp
                                     ‘Jewish           Family
   4                                 Education.’        More
                                     personally to me and
                                     Adat Shalom, it means
that we recognize that no person stands alone. You may be                   - 2 years to kindergarten bound -
an individual but you are part of something bigger: a family,       2-Morning programs            3-Morning programs
a neighborhood, a community and this synagogue.                                                   with supervised lunch
     Long before there was a Federation funded program to               3-Full-Day programs or 5-Full-Day programs
put Family Educators into Jewish organizations, Adat
Shalom was creating and implementing Jewish Family                                 session i: June 21-July 9
Education opportunities without having a name for it.                             Specialty weeks: Me, Myself & i - focusing on
Rabbi Bergman expresses his dedication to Jewish Family                           the child as an individual, increasing self
Education, “The world does not make it easy today to raise                        identity and self awareness, while easing
a family. There are so many pressures. At Adat Shalom, we                         transitions into the summer routine. abra
know that our synagogue is a better place when we help                            Kadabra, The science of Magic - a look at
families find happiness and joy. I am thrilled that our                           the science of magic and answer the great
program does that.”                                                               question of how? american celebration - the
     So what does JFE really mean? It means that I                                colors red, white and blue, along with the
recognize you and each member of your family as an                                beauty of the United States, and the festivities
individual with different levels of knowledge and different                       associated with the 4th of July.
areas of interest. When I write curriculum for your child, I
am keeping you in mind. Please be involved and pay                                 session ii: July 12-July 30
attention. I promise that every time I invite you to a JFE       Specialty weeks: Mother nature, Mother
program I have something for you as the parent, whether it       earth - creating experiences of nature that a
is a learning opportunity or an experience. There may be         child understands. i’ll never grow up, but
times that you feel as though something is “above your           when i do... - exploring professions and
child’s head.” Talk to me about it. This is most probably        careers. The children can dream and set the
intentional. If your children knew all of the answers or         foundation for future aspirations. X Week -
could complete each task without assistance, it may not be       featuring a week of exploration and extremes. The children will
appropriate as a Jewish Family Education experience.             experience exciting “extras.”
     There are so many Jewish experiences to be had at the
Synagogue. Because there are so many more hours spent at                                  session iii: august 2-august 20
home than at Adat Shalom it is my goal to provide you with                           Specialty weeks: lions, Tigers, and
tools, knowledge and excitement in order to support your                             bears, oh my! - The children will go on
Judaism at home. For me, it is always a pleasure to                                  safari when the animals come to Adat
celebrate, play and learn with you.                                                  Shalom;     Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!              -
                B’Shalom, Debi Banooni, Jewish family educator                       experiencing       different    types     of
                                                                                     transportation; “i’m so excited” - The
             UPCOMing fAMily eVentS                                                  campers will sing, display, and experience
                                                                                     ruach, spirit. We will leave excited for the
         family education programs are endowed in memory
                                                                 new school year to begin.
            of Oscar Cook and in honor of Jeanette Cook
ClOSeD fOR PeSACh – APRil 1-11. there will be no eCC nor                    specialty Week august 23- august 27
Religious School classes during the Pesach break.                                     Martial arts camp
PJ’s, PiZZA & StORieS - Tuesday, April 27. Preschoolers            also: summer parent Toddler and Just For Me classes
                                                                      summer at adat shalom camp
through first graders and their families are invited to say            is a magical, exciting place.
goodnight among friends, crafts and food. We begin at 6                 applications are now being
p.m. with pizza for $3 per person, Chai’s ($18) the limit.            accepted for summer and fall.
Guest reader: ECC teacher Rachel Levine.                                   please call bea in the
SyneRgy ShABBAt – April 16-17. SYNergy Shabbat is an                    ecc office for applications.
opportunity to celebrate Shabbat in traditional or
alternative ways. If you are looking for no-nonsense praying,
family service, music, old and new friends, look no further.
Come to Adat Shalom, and let your mood guide you. Guest
speaker is University of Tennessee Basketball Coach Bruce
Pearl. Children will be entertained by Yo-Master Zeemo.
There is no cost for this program except for dinner, which
requires reservations. Childcare is provided.
for more information or to reserve your place, contact Debi
at 248-626-2153 or dbanooni@adatshalom.org.                 7
1–   Dolly Mandell          5–   Arie Moskovitz          8–  William Rudy             16– Janette Antman           21– Jeffrey Merzin
2–   Carol Greenfield            Gordon Shlom            10– Judith Elson                 Andrea Gordon                Rosalie Rosen
     Mary Jo Wolfe               Brad Walters            11– Herbert Kaufman          17– Judi Fox                 23– Clifford Dovitz
3–   Cheryl Bloom           6–   Noah Babcock            12– Ryan Columbus                Jerome Glassman              Geri Goldstone
     Ed Miller                   Belle Epstein           13– Mirle Perlstein          18– Gayle Granat             24– Stanley Levine
     Brenda Pensler              Joel Gershenson             Sandy Vieder                 Jeffrey Katz             25– Larry Kritzer
     Avery Shapiro               Evelyn Starman              Neal Zalenko                 Mark Pensler             27– Jack Belen
     Robert Shapiro         7–   Michelle Gornbein       14– Helen Bernstein          20– Manny Litvin             28– Shelley Gershune
     Julie Teicher          8–   Traci Feldman               Rose Morgan              21– Jane Anchill             29– Steven Kowalsky
4–   Steve Hoberman              Harriet Gelfond         15– Leonard Poger                Renee Rochlin            30– Albert Rubinlicht
                                                                                                                       Donald Rudick
APRIL ANNIVERSARIES                                                    Each month we list birthdays & anniversaries of those congregants who
4– Judith & Leonard Poger         7– Doreen & Alan Finer               have requested that we print the dates of their “special occasions.” If
5– Sandy & Joe Glazer            13– Marla Parker & Bradley Goldberg   you would like to be listed in this column, please notify Nancy Wilhelm
   Robin & Kevin Keller          22– Traci & Dustin Feldman            in the Synagogue office, or email nwilhelm@adatshalom.org.

                                    Mazal Tov!                                         RELIGIOUS SCHOOL
               Marriage of Amanda Benkoff, daughter of Adrea & David                   CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8
               Benkoff, and Matthew Salter, son of Janice & Michael Salter
                                                                                       the opportunity to hear the story of Renee
Birth of Alexis Caitlyn Rosenbaum, daughter of Stephanie &                             Lichtman, a child survivor of the Holocaust, and
Jared Rosenbaum, granddaughter of Cheryl & James Bloom,                                learn about a program in which they can
Judy & Mark Goldsmith and Lisa & Richard Rosenbaum, great                              participate to twin with a child who perished in
granddaughter of Francis Fisher, Maxine Jackson, Carol &                               the Holocaust and was not able to have a Bar or
Murray Bloom, Shirley & Joe Broder, and Linda & Ken                                    Bat mitzvah. Parents are invited to join us at
Lenchner.                                                                              5:30 p.m. for that discussion.

We look forward to announcing your good news. Please email Judy Marx                       – Elissa Berg, Director, Education and Youth
at jmarx@adatshalom.org, or call her at 248-851-5100.

RABBI YOSKOWITZ                                                ADAT SHALOM ISRAEL SCHOLARSHIPS
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3                                   dat Shalom Synagogue is offering college students two scholarship
Rabbinical Assembly Leadership Mission to               opportunities for study in Israel.
Israel. The project to honor the fallen Prime           The Jay Yoskowitz k’’z Israel Scholarship Fund will provide a scholarship of
Minister was the assembling of a book of             $1500 for a semester of study at a recognized Israeli university or at the
tributes        to      Yitzhak       Rabin’s        Conservative Yeshiva.
accomplishments. This six-month project                 The Harry & Sarah Laker k’’z Memorial Scholarship will grant a $2500
and won a Solomon Schechter Award.                   Scholarship for a year’s study at a recognized Israeli university.
     These images speak of my strong link               Applications for both scholarships for the 2010-2011 school year are now
to Israel, a link I try to transmit from             available. To apply for either scholarship, please call Sheila Lederman at Adat
generation to generation. One way of                 Shalom, 248-851-5100. Applications will be due by May 11.
transmiting this love of Israel is by
associating my brother Jay k''z with an Adat
Shalom Israel Scholarship which is given
                                                               SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENT WRITES FROM ISRAEL
annually to an Adat Shalom college or post-          Below are excerpts from a recent email from Sam Zerin, winner of our 2009-2010
college member for study and/or service in           Jay Yoskowitz k '' z Scholarship:
Israel. Sam Zerin, the second recipient of           Just a few days after I discovered the Conservative synagogue, I met one of the
the Jay Yoskowitz k '' z Israel Scholarship          administrators of the Conservative Yeshiva after shacharit; he immediately gave me
Award, recently sent an email report of his          his business card and invited me to visit the yeshiva...I began learning Hebrew at
Israel study experiences to Adat Shalom.             the Yeshiva in the beginning of January. I learn Gemorrah in the mornings, Hebrew
(See excerpts of Sam’s recent email.)                in the afternoons, and a couple of once-per-week seminars. On my own, I study
    The Jay Yoskowitz k '' z Scholarship             Parshat Hashavua, Hebrew, Yiddish, and Russian, in addition to my research on
Award Committee is now ready to receive              Yiddish music. I’ve quickly become very involved in the social, spiritual, and
applications for the 2010-2011 year. If you          academic life of the yeshiva: teaching a beginner’s Yiddish class, leyning both on
are eligible to apply, now is the time to do         Shabbat and on Purim, participating in a Purim shpiel committee, doing Birkat
so.                                                  Kohanim every morning, celebrating Shabbat together with other students, and
    My friends, happy Israel Independence            more...I am very grateful for this opportunity to grow in Israel for these past five
Day!                                                 months – and there are still four more left until my return to the States in June,
                                                     which promise to be full of wonderful surprises, adventures and experiences.
       Minyan Musings                                         SYNERGY SHABBAT                                April 16 & 17

                                                         FRIDAY EVENING SHABBAT EXPERIENCE
                                                             5:30 p.m. – Shabbat Shaboom
 congregants to participate at services.
     First, during the summer, we recruit members
 to read Haftarah on most weeks. If you are
 interested in reading Haftarah on an open week
 this summer or fall, please let me know.
     Second, on Shavuot, our adult members chant
 the Megillat Ruth. If you are interested in learning

                                                             (dinner served following Shabbat Shaboom)
                                                             6:00 p.m. – Teen Service
                                                             with a greeting from Coach Bruce Pearl
                                                             6:00 p.m. – Shabbat Rocks Service
                                                             Casual Shabbat Buffet following the service
                                                         q   6:45 p.m. – Child care opens
 the trop and chanting part of this year’s reading,
 please let me know.                                         q   8:00 p.m. – Children’s Entertainment –
     Third, we have postponed this year’s Adult                                  “Yo-Master Zeemo”
 Torah Program to the summer, with plans to begin
 in June. If you are interested in taking this class,    q   8:15 p.m. –       AN EVENING WITH COACH BRUCE PEARL
 please ask Caren Harwood, my administrative             q   9:30 p.m. – Young Adult Group Afterglow
 assistant, to add you to the prospective class
 roster, so that you will receive all announcements.          SYNERGY SHABBAT DINNER – $48 per household or $20/adult;
     Finally, we are planning a program, after                 $10/child 3-12; no charge under 3. Please respond by April 9.
 Passover, to train members to serve as synagogue

                                                         SHABBAT MORNING
 representatives at shiva minyan services which are
 overseen by the synagogue. Rabbi Bergman and I
 will be presenting this program. We are looking for
                                                         q   8:30 a.m. – Talmud Study with Rabbi Bergman
 about a dozen people, who are familiar with the
 afternoon and evening service, who can be                                  The Tikkun of Rabbi Nachman:
 available on a regular schedule to cover these                       Repairing the world by repairing ourselves
                                                              9:00 a.m. – Traditional Service

 services.    If you are interested in participating,    q
 please give your name to Caren Harwood.
                                                         q    10:00 a.m. – Presentation by
                                                              Community Educator Ruth Bergman

  TORAH STUDY            WITH
                                 RABBI SHERE

  an informal, interactive session

                                                                      Elisha and the Power of Prophesy
                                                              10:30 a.m. – Drop-off Youth Services
                                                              10:45 a.m. – Bubbie-Zayde Shabbat
                                                                                 “Bring your grandchild to Shul day”

                                                              Expanded Kiddush following Services
  for all interested adults
                                                             This Synergy Shabbat is planned in conjunction with the

   5th annual
                              HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO OUR YOUNG ADULT GROUP
                   pril marks the one-year anniversary of the             success! Seventy-four of us have attended at least one event,
       Walk        Adat Shalom Young Adult Group!                         which doesn’t include our participation in synagogue or
  to celebrate     Last April we had our official kick-off brunch at       community happenings. Seventeen people have been involved
     israel’s  the home of Ruth and Rabbi Aaron Bergman. We               in planning events. Young Adult Group members serve on the
independence created a mission statement and set a                        Membership, Ritual, Social Action, and Synergy Shabbat
               programming goal. The Young Adult Group’s                  committees at the Synagogue. We have had unique events
               mission is to foster a connected community of              with Ruth & Rabbi Aaron Bergman, Rabbi Rachel & Dan
               young adults ages 21-35. Through volunteer,                Shere, and Lauren & Hazzan Dan Gross.
     May 2     social, educational and philanthropic activities               I personally thank the synagogue clergy and staff for their
      1 p.m.   exclusively for our group, as well as with the             support, and I thank everyone in the Young Adult Group for
                                                                          helping to make our group as dynamic, exciting, and fun as it
from Temple greater synagogue community, we will establish
               ourselves as the next generation of Adat Shalom            has become.
 shir shalom by connecting with our Judaism while cultivating                       Year Two begins with our annual brunch at the
               friendships. The programming goal was at least              Bergmans next month. I look forward to seeing everyone at
     T         one event per month.
                   One year later, we have achieved tremendous
                                                                          this month’s Young Adult Group Synergy Shabbat.
                                                                                                                       Amanda Warner
                                                                                                       Young Adult Group Chairperson
We record with sincere appreciation the
                                                   TributesALEX GRAHAM                              HILLEL ISAAC MAISEL MEMORIAL
following generous contributions designed to          TRAVEL & EDUCATION FUND                        HOUSING THE HOMELESS FUND
maintain the programs of Adat Shalom:          IN MEMORY OF:                                   IN MEMORY OF:
                                               Marvin Davidson                                 Sheree Falkauff, Seymour Shapiro, Jack
        CONGREGATIONAL FUND                       by Elissa & Rabbi Jason Miller                  Theodore by Anne & Ted Talon
IN MEMORY OF:                                  Samuel Diskin by Alice Klegon                   Maurice Grossman by Annise, David
Hirsch Goldberg by Stephanie & Jim Zack        Norman Schakne by Susie & Bill Graham              & Sara Goodman
Marvin H. Davidson by The Magy family          Rabbi Efry Spectre by Claudia & Ken Been;       Helen Radin by Gloria, Ryan & Jaclyn Wolok
Paul Davidson by Marilynn & Steven                Susie & Bill Graham; Elissa & Rabbi          Sidney Moss by Fran & Phil Wolok
   Robinson: Linda Schafer                        Jason Miller                                 Yahrzeits of:
Rodney Faudem by Lisa & Michael Betman         Yahrzeits of:                                      Hillel Maisel, Hillel Isaac Maisel, Hezkia
Beatrice Feingold by Dr. & Mrs. Glenn Rosin       Jerry Gudes                                     M. Elias, Bath Shevah Elias
Sidney Moses by The Magy Family                     by Elissa & Rabbi Jason Miller                  by Rachel & Harry Maisel
Selma Kramer by Cheryl & Dan Guyer                Max Vernon by Marion Shlom                      Larry Lieberman by Rochelle, Joel,
Rabbi Efry Spectre by Sheri, Michael, Lisa,       Alex Graham by Claudia & Ken Been;                Miriam, Anne & Michael Lieberman
   Sara, Jason & Maria Biederman; Nancy &           Merle, Ron, Andy, Heather, Sarah              Joseph Starkman
   William Handelman; Yetta Davidson; Judy          Schwartz                                        by Sylvia & Henry Starkman
   & Martin Miller; Marilyn Schakne               Rose Krentzin by Claudia & Ken Been             Fannie Stol by Emil & Shoshana Wolok
Ethel Trimas by Margaret & Joel Shere             Libby Shlom, Susan Shlom Krieger             IN HONOR OF:
Yahrzeits of:                                       by Marion Shlom                            Many thanks to Michael Gellis
   Samuel Dunsky by Deanna Weisman             IN HONOR OF:                                       by Rachel & Harry Maisel
   Max Lesnick by Sylvia & Abe Pearlman        Recent marriage of Debra & Jeff Devries         Special birthday of Mollie Nucian
   Benjamin Miller; Ella Miller                   by Susie & Bill Graham                          by Emil & Shoshana Wolok
     by Florence Miller and Joanne Miller
   Abraham Ross by Gertrude Ross
                                               B’nai Mitzvah of Pearl & Hershel Dorman
                                                  by Elissa & Rabbi Jason Miller
   Charles Ross, Abraham Schlussel                                                                        MORRY NEUVIRTH
                                               Babynaming of Alexis Migliore
     by Adele & Alan Levenson                                                                          BAR & BAT MITZVAH FUND
                                                  by Susie & Bill Graham
   Zelig Roth, Herman Roth                                                                     IN MEMORY OF:
                                               Stewart Shear by Rabbi Jason Miller
     by Ethel Goldenberg                                                                       Rodney Faudem by Rhonda, David, Dylan &
                                               Julie & Marty Wiener’s 25th anniversary
   Ann Siegal by Bluma & Leonard Siegal                                                           Brooke Mostyn; Annette Neuvirth
                                                  by Susie & Bill Graham
IN HONOR OF:                                                                                   Donald Marrich, Helen Radin
Aliyah by Carol Singer                                            öõ                              by Annette Neuvirth
Rabbi Bergman’s kindness during Annie’s                   GERRY D. KELLER                      Sidney Moses by Robin & Howard Terebelo
   Bat Mitzvah by The Slabotsky Family                  MEMORIAL CHOIR FUND                    Yahrzeit of Mayer Rotblatt
Rabbi Bergman’s thoughtfulness by Barbara      IN HONOR OF:                                       by The Rotblatt family
   & Steve Tronstein; Karen & Joel Kahn        Engagement of your children                     IN HONOR OF:
Aliyah by Hilde Wilzig                            by Beryl & Mickey Levin                      B’nai Mitzvah of Pearl & Hershel
Bea Kriechman’s special birthday by Masha      Continued good health for Adele Staller            Dorman by Stacy & Jeffrey Brodsky;
   & Joseph Baras; Elizabeth & Zelzislaw          by Sandy & Jim Hack                             Annette Neuvirth
   Skorupa; Henny Spector; Marilyn Stone                          öõ                           Special birthday of Bea Kriechman
Birthday of Rabbi Rachel Shere and half           HENRY C. & ROSE BENSON KEYWELL                  by Sarah & David Waldshan
   birthday of Eitan Shere by Marilynn &              & ESTELLE K. KAHN FUND                                      öõ
   Steven Robinson; Linda Schafer              IN MEMORY OF:                                            NURSERY SCHOOL FUND
Rabbi Shere’s kindness & support               Isadore Kahn, Minnie Zwig                       IN MEMORY OF:
   by The Slabotsky Family                        by Shirley & Kopel Kahn                      Paul Davidson by Adele & Gerald Kalman
                   öõ                          Paul Pensler by Kopel Kahn                         and family; Phyllis Kohn
          DR. FRED BENDEROFF                                      öõ                           Rodney Faudem
        MEMORIAL HEALING FUND                           ROBERT KORNWISE FUND                      by The Early Childhood Center Staff
IN MEMORY OF:                                  IN HONOR OF:                                    David Newman by Dora, Gina and Rena
Vivian Ross by Ann Benderoff                   March B’nai Mitzvah:                                 EVAN TYLER OTIS BOOK MOBILE FUND
   by Rochelle & Chuck Markle                     Elmer Peysakhov, Brian Dickstein                        OF THE NURSERY SCHOOL
                   öõ                               by Maureen & Sandy Kornwise
                                               March Bat Mitzvah of Libby Greenberg
                                                                                               IN MEMORY OF:
                                                                                               Rodney Faudem by Debbie & Mark
   CHARLOTTE & PHILLIP EDELHEIT FUND                by Maureen & Sandy Kornwise                   Bernstein; Julie & Ernie Backalar; Joyce
SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:                            Birthday of Maureen Kornwise                       Bagley; Marsha & Hal Baker; Iris
Jeanette Gross                                    by Elaine & Mel Raznick;                        Czajkowski & Dean Fine; Barbara & Paul
  by Janis Holcman and Laurie Weinberger          Gail Raminick-Zisholz                           Goodman; Evva & Michael Hepner;
                   öõ                                             öõ                              Marlene & Gary Krochmal; Ruth Letvin,
          DR. MANUEL FELDMAN                        ALEX KUSHNER MEMORIAL FUND                    Sharon & Ken Chupack; Barbara Simons
     BETH ACHIM RELIGIOUS SCHOOL               IN MEMORY OF:                                      & Steve Hall; Loida & David Moses;
            MEMORIAL FUND                      Ellis Siefer, Rabbi Efry Spectre, Fay Stewart      Andrea Rogoff; Stuart Rogoff; Laurie, Jeff
IN MEMORY OF:                                     by Ruby & Richard Kushner                       & Ilyssa Tackel; Shelly Tarockoff; Kathy &
Rodney Faudem by Tobi & Larry Fox;             SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:                                Bruce Tobin; Judy Weisman; Cheryl &
   Shelly & Gene Perlman                       Rabbi Elliot Pachter                               Stuart Wertheimer
Robert Silverman by Shelly & Gene Perlman         by Ruby & Richard Kushner                    SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:

                   öõ                                             öõ                           Larry Warren by Judy Weisman

                                    Tributes                                                    In Memoriam
       RONNIE POSEN YOUTH FUND                 Peter Helman by Evelyn Starman; Cindy
                                                                                            We send heartfelt condolences to the
                                                  Starman; Carole & Ronnie DeRoven;
                                                  Shelley & Ronny Onsrud                    families of:
Yahrzeit of Shirley Platt by Marlene Platt
                    öõ                         Rabbi Spectre by Evelyn Starman; Cindy
                                                  Starman; Carole & Ronnie DeRoven          HERBERT APPLEBAUM
              STEVEN POSEN                     IN HONOR OF:                                 husband of Natalie Applebaum, father of
          YOUTH VOLUNTEER FUND                 Special birthday of Bea Kriechman by         David and Steven Applebaum and Cheryl
IN MEMORY OF:                                     Evelyn Starman; Cindy Starman; Carole     Bobo (Brayford), brother of Jean Pate,
Yahrzeit of Morris Singer by Ruth Singer          & Ronnie DeRoven                          brother-in-law of Meredith & Howard
                    öõ                                           öõ                         Goldberg
            PRAYER BOOK FUND                              JERRY TEPMAN
IN MEMORY OF:                                          MEMORIAL ALIYAH FUND                 MONA ELKIN
Yahrzeits of Benjamin, Tybel, Hinda & Mindel   SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:
                                                                                            mother of Carol (Jeffrey) Maisels
   Waldshan by Sarah & David Waldshan          Ralph Woronoff
IN HONOR OF:                                     by Pauline & Werner Seiferheld             ROBERT ESTON
                                                                                            husband of Sylvia Eston, father of Marcia
Special birthday of Bea Kriechman
   by Sylvia Handler and family                                  öõ                         (Michael) Lester and Amy (Michael Roth)
                    öõ                                  CANTOR LARRY VIEDER
                                                          MEMORIAL FUND
                                                                                            Eston and the grandfather of Sophie and
   MAURICE RAZNICK MEMORIAL FUND                                                            Molly Lester and Phil and Sammy Roth
IN MEMORY OF:                                  IN MEMORY OF:
Sheree Faulkauff, Peter Helman, Carl           Helen Mayer by Zona & Richard Ribiat         BARBARA ROCHLIN
                                               Rabbi Efry Spectre
Schram, Rabbi Efry Spectre, Ben Wettenstein,                                                daughter of Morris (Renee) Rochlin, sister
Barbara Winokur, Miles Zeman                      by Sarah & David Waldshan
                                               Yahrzeit of Dora Pearlman
                                                                                            of Joan and Richard Rochlin, Elyn (Larry)
   by Elaine & Mel Raznick                                                                  Charlupski, and Michael (Karen) and
IN HONOR OF:                                      by Sylvia & Abe Pearlman
Birthday of Buddy Sollish                                        öõ                         Robert Egren

                                                                                            WILLIAM KOHN
   by Elaine & Mel Raznick                         BREAKFAST & SEUDAH SHELISHIT
SPEEDY RECOVERY TO:                            February
Bonnie Borman by Madelon & Lou Seligman                                                     husband of Karen Kohn, father of Shira
                                               In memory of Victor Shiffman                 (Michael Levy) Kohn and Kinneret and
Rabbi Elliot Pachter
                                                  by Julie & Doug Shiffman                  Asher Kohn, son of Frances Kohn, brother
   by Gerrie & Buddy Sollish
                                               In memory of Samuel Liberson
                    öõ                            by Bill Liberson
                                                                                            of Linda Levy, Ann (David) Marks and
                                                                                            Mitchell (Karl Lott) Kohn
             MEMORIAL FUND                     March
IN MEMORY OF:                                  In memory of Harry Krause and Celia              ADAT SHALOM DONATES
David L. Poushter by Joyce, Jeffrey, Emily
                                                                                                  HERTZ CHUMASHIM
                                                  Babcock by Cindy & Howard Babcock
   & Elliot Weingarten                         In memory of the end of shloshim
Robert Shapiro by Beth, Jeff & Hayley

                                                  for Harold Dubin by Charlotte Dubin           dat Shalom recently donated a number
   Rapaport; Amy, Rob, Megan, Ethan &          In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of Elmer
   Elina Rosender; Christine, Adam, Lily          Peysakhov by Ilona Abramova & Eldar
                                                                                                   Hertz Chumashim, which we no
   & Mia Rosender                                 Peysakhov                                 longer use, to two synagogues which were
IN HONOR OF:                                   In memory of Sarah Switken and Louis         very grateful to receive them.
Birth of Karen & Bill Rosender’s new              Pollak by Doreen & Sandy Turbow              The first group of seven chumashim (the
   granddaughter, Mia Elle by Bonnie           In honor of the Bar Mitzvah of               Torah and Commentaries) were shipped to
   & Alan Shapiro                                 Brian Dickstein by Amy Robbins            the Etz Hayyim Synagogue in Hania,
                    öõ                            Dickstein & George Dickstein              Crete, where many books were recently
        SISTERHOOD BRAILLE FUND                In memory of Irving Weintraub                destroyed in two arson fires. According to
IN MEMORY OF:                                     by Burton Weintraub                       David Webber, a Canadian in Crete, the
Gilbert Levy, Sally Chestnut, Milton           In memory of Elaine Finkelstein and
                                                                                            Jews there “continue to pray in a burned
Nathanson, Robert Silverman                       Norton Miller by Sandy & Jeffrey Miller
                                               In honor of the Bat Mitzvah of Libby         and gutted sacred structure one has
   by Roslyn Katzman
                                                  Greenberg by Robin & Lawrence             known to be blessed, beautiful and
Paul Davidson by Roslyn Katzman;
   Doris & Dick Gold                              Greenberg                                 gracious.”
                                                                                               Twenty-four additional Adat Shalom
Hannah Steiner Jacobs
   by Sheila & Ron Schechter                                                                chumashim are now in use at the Isaac
Rabbi Efry Spectre by Sheila & Ron                                                          Agree Downtown Synagogue, which holds
                                                    We try our very best to be as
   Schechter; Roslyn Katzman                                                                weekly, lay-led, Shabbat services. J-Serve
                                               accurate as possible, but occasionally
                    öõ                         we do make an error. Please note that
                                                                                            teens, under the direction of Jodi Gross,
         SISTERHOOD TORAH FUND                                                              our Associate Director of Education &
                                               in the March issue of The VOICE, we
IN MEMORY OF:                                                                               Youth, have worked hard to spruce up the
                                               incorrectly printed on page 2 the
Miriam Bramson, Beatrice Raitt, Charlotte                                                   Downtown Synagogue.
                                               names of Helene & Merton Robbins as
   Kutcha by Helen Bayles                                                                      Adat Shalom has replaced the Hertz
                                               Helene & Merton Dickstein. Helene &
                    öõ                         Merton Robbins and Arvene &
                                                                                            Chumash with the Etz Hayim Chumash,
                                                                                            which you find in the sanctuary pews.
    STARMAN FAMILY MEMORIAL FUND               Kenneth      Dickstein     are    the
                                                                                               Adat Shalom member Jerry Cook made
IN MEMORY OF:                                  grandparents of our March 13 Bar
Mollie Rose Cohen by Evelyn Starman; Cindy
                                                                                            the arrangements for both of these
                                               Mitzvah, Brian Dickstein.
   Starman, Carole & Ronnie DeRoven                                                         donations.
                                                                                                                                                PERIODICALS POSTAGE PAID AT FARMINGTON, MICHIGAN
       Winning smiles from Purim 2010

                                                                                  CANDLE LIGHTING                   SHABBAT ENDS
                                                                                   Friday:                          Saturday:
                                                                                   Apr    2.     .   7:42   p.m.    Apr   3. .        8:42   p.m.
                                                                                          9.     .   7:50   p.m.         10 . .       8:50   p.m.
                                                                                        16 .     .   7:58   p.m.         17 . .       8:58   p.m.
                                                                                        23 .     .   8:05   p.m.         24 . .       9:05   p.m.
                                                                                        30 .     .   8:13   p.m.

                                                                                 Adat Shalom accepts
                                                                                  CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS FOR TRIBUTES,
                                                                                    SYNAGOGUE DUES, NURSERY AND
                                                                                       RELIGIOUS SCHOOL TUITION,
                                                                                     and MEMORIAL PARK PAYMENTS.

                                                                                            ADAT SHALOM SYNAGOGUE
           Everyone’s a Winner!                                                           29901 Middlebelt Road
                                                                                     Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334

                                                                                      OFFICE (Tel No.) 248-851-5100
          azal tov to our Purim Party Plus prize winners and to everyone   (Fax No.) 248-851-3190 (email) info@adatshalom.org
          who helped to make our Purim festivities so successful. Our
                                                                           Aaron Bergman, Rabbi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      248-254-3072*
          Clergy, Staff, and Education & Youth team coordinated one        Rachel Shere, Rabbi . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   248-318-3162*
great Mega-Megillah Morning, complete with Megillah Mania and a fun-       Herbert Yoskowitz, Rabbi . . . . . . . . . . . . . .      248-538-9970*
packed carnival.                                                           Daniel Gross, Hazzan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    248-987-2388*
                                                                           Alan Yost, Executive Director . . . . . . . . . . .       248-661-3976*
    The Early Childhood Education Department treated our youngest          Elissa Berg, Education & Youth Director . .               248-626-2153
revelers to a “magical” Purim morning.                                     Jodi Gross, Asst. Dir. Educ. & Youth . . . . .            248-626-2153
    Our teen readers were terrific in our Traditional Megillah Readings.   Julie Eisman, Dir., Early Childhood Center                248-851-5105
                                                                           Judy Marx, Communications Director . . . .                248-851-8008*
    The Sisterhood hosted a beautiful Purim Outreach Luncheon for          Lisa Betman, Communications Assoc. Dir. .                 248-851-5100
members of our community who otherwise may not have had the                Debi Banooni, Jewish Family Educator . . .                248-626-2153
opportunity to celebrate this joyous holiday.                              Barry Lippitt, Ritual Director . . . . . . . . . . .      248-851-5100
                                                                           Carma Gargaro, Controller . . . . . . . . . . . . .       248-851-5100
    Purim Party Plus, chaired by Norma Dorman, Shannon Dickstein
                                                                           Jeffrey Supowit, President . . . . . . . . . . . .    .   248-489-7017*
and Mark Teicher was a “dazzling disco” financial and social success.      Norma Dorman, Sisterhood President . . . .            .   248-932-6895*
Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket, thereby helping Adat         Michael Betman, Men’s Club President. . .             .   248-932-1267*
Shalom in these tough economic times.                                      Robert Dunsky, Memorial Park Chairman                 .   248-851-5100
                                                                           A & J Kosher Catering . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 248-626-5702

      All of our Purim pictures are online! go to:
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