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Can I get money from the doctor?

I'm 16 and was circumcised at birth and hate it. I'm wondering can I get some mOney of the bastard? (Australia)

Asked by Thomas at Aug 15,2011 16:47

No dear this kinda you cant get any offer from anything.

Answer from Jessi at Aug 15,2011 16:50

Many men have sued and won, so it is an option. -Connor

Answer from Connor at Aug 15,2011 17:06

That's stupid, your parents did it. Sue them

Answer from Brandon at Aug 15,2011 17:16

Could only have done it with your parents permission. As you were a child, they are entitled to make that decision. tough.

Answer from Tarkarri at Aug 15,2011 17:32

Yes, you can. The rules change according to your jurisdiction, but often when you obtain the age of consent (typically 16-18) you have a short time period (statute
of limitations) to sue for wrongs in your childhood. Contact for more information on this.

Answer from Dan Bollinger at Aug 15,2011 19:16

Best answer

There was one Australian case in 1997 of a man who successfully sued the person who gave him a circumcision. I believe they got $10,000. That said, in that
case the man who performed the circumcision was not medically qualified, was drunk, and performed the procedure with a broken beer bottle on a river bank.
The doctor who performed yours probably got consent from your parents, which covers his arse legally. You could look into suing your parents, but it takes a
certain class of person to sue their own parents. While you have every right to be angry, you're probably not going to get much redress from the legal system.
Much better to accept what's happened, and figure out how you're going to proceed from here to feel better about yourself. You could look into non-surgical
foreskin restoration.

Answer from tobyink at Aug 15,2011 19:53

Only if you overpaid him. Oh it was free right? Then no. Aside from wrong forum, have you been investigating uncircumcised penises and like the way they look

Answer from april at Aug 15,2011 21:35

Suck it up. It's not the doctor's fault, your parents made that decision. It is not common practice in Australia to do circumcisions any more, in fact when I had my
son 25 years ago another of the new mothers had great difficulty finding someone who would do it, it was really frowned upon. Eight years ago my friend had her
first son circumcised and she had to go find a doctor to do it as none at the hospital where she had him would do it. Your parents have gone out of the way to ask
for this to be done so don't go blaming the doctor.

Answer from Meg at Aug 16,2011 04:53

if u want u could restore your foreskin i m. i live in australia to and have been retoring for a long time now. there r site that can help u out if u want to. if u want to know more u can email me if u want

Answer from andy at Aug 17,2011 08:04

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