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Le Mans Spotters guide and event timetable by Michael Sorensen – Pages 56 - 64                                                         pg. 2
Entries: 17

Description: LMP1 is the cream of the field; these machines are the fastest and most expensive
pieces of kit. It is home to the main fight between the two rivalled manufacturers, Audi and Peugeot
running diesel powered prototypes. There is a lot of variety this year which makes it one of the best
entries since well, last year. It’s extremely competitive for both fuel type classes and should be
firmly in the public eye all week.

Unfortunately Audi, Peugeot and Oreca are really the only entries that have a legitimate chance of
victory. The petrol runners have been far off the pace since the diesel arrival and still are this year.
Highcroft’s performance at Sebring is a sign that the rules are becoming fairer towards petrols, but
don’t expect any big surprises this year at least.

The return of Pescarolo (thanks OAK) is a notable increase to the class and they should be expected
to be up the front and well supported by their loyal fan base. It is also the proving ground for Aston
Martin racing and their new AMR-One. So with these factors as well as a return for Rebellion and the
arrival of Quifel ASM this class is full of potential and should provide two enthralling races.

Most likely to be: An intense battle between the three Audi’s and four Peugeots with the extremely
small possibility of Pescarolo and Rebellion getting in the mix if the leaders hit trouble during the

2010 winner: 9, Audi Sport R15 Plus, Timo Bernhard, Mike Rockenfeller, Romain Dumas                                                                        pg. 3
Audi Sport Team Joest & North America

Car: Audi R18, Numbers: 1,2,3, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: German


1    Timo Bernhard       Romain Dumas         Mike Rockenfeller
2    Marcel Fässler      André Lotterer       Benoît Tréluyer
3    Tom Kristensen      Rinaldo Capello      Allan McNish

Class victories: 9 (2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010 (LMP1)) 2010 result: 7-3rd
8-2nd 9-1st

Description: Audi have been a dominant force for many years now and always come into the race
with a chance to win. Since the arrival of Peugeot in 2007 they have had the slower car and have
been considered underdogs. As the results show though, never count them out. Their focus on
reliability over speed and their ability to push Peugeot till they crumble has paid off on many
occasions over the years, it’s winning shorter races that has been their only downfall.

Their driver line-up is a stellar as ever and includes the likes of: Tom Kristensen, Allan McNish, Mike
Rockenfeller and Romain Dumas who always push their machinery to the limits and make few errors
along the way. Their other drivers are no slouches either. Lotterer, Fassler and Treluyer are arguably
the weaker squad; however they are an incredible backup team. They played shotgun well last year
and almost won so don’t assume that they are not capable of a decent result. The driving talent is
there, however the car may not be. It certainly has the speed, but the world won’t have seen much
of the R18 by June. You can be sure though that no matter how the race pans out they will always be
in it, running a cunning strategy that will give them a chance to pounce on Sunday afternoon.

Most likely to be: Sitting behind the Peugeots pushing them to their limits waiting for another
Peugeot barbecue on Sunday so they can’t take another win to add to their legacy.

Rating: 5/5                                                                     pg. 4
Peugeot Sport Total & Team Peugeot Total

Car: Peugeot 908, Numbers: 7,8,9, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: French


7    Anthony Davidson           Alexander Wurz          Marc Gene
8    Stéphane Sarrazin          Franc Montagny          Nicolas Minassian
9    Sébastien Bourdais         Pedro Lamy              Simon Pagenaud

Class victories: 3(1992, 1993, 2009 (LMP1)) 2010 Result: 1-DNF 2-DNF 3-DNF

Description: Peugeot’s return to sports car racing has had sadly more downs than ups. They may
have won the LMS, ILMC, Sebring and Petit Le Mans since 2007 but have only recorded one victory
at Le Mans, which is disappointing for a team that has chosen to focus mainly on the big race. The
908 is a proven car in terms of speed and should easily qualify on pole once again this time around,
but finishing the race intact with a win is something that they need to work on. Peugeot generally go
all out for pole and fly off into the distance in the first half of the race, then find that they have
pushed too hard and as a result have hit reliability problems. If they don’t get fazed by Audi’s
notorious pressure and play a safe and steady race, then they can win. Since they can’t gamble on
Audi’s 2009 performance happening again. Last year’s disaster will still be fresh in their minds
though, so their attitude and approach to the race may have changed.

Their drivers are no slouches who will give Peugeot Sport a good chance of victory. They include:
Anthony Davidson, Pedro Lamy and Alex Wurz once again who have proven themselves in recent
years. Sarrazin is notable in his outright pace and will surely be giving it all he has for a first win. Let’s
just hope that if they win, it’s free from controversy.

Most likely to be: Running firmly at the front, praying that mechanical woes don’t affect them once
more, in an attempt to regain credibility from their currently scarred program.

Rating: 5/5                                                                           pg. 5
Hope Racing

Car: Oreca 01 SwissHytech, Number: 5, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: Swiss,


   Steve Zacchia      Jan Lammers      Casper Elgaard

Class Victories: 0 2010 Result: Did not compete

Description: Le Mans is a brave and bold test for a team in its first year of competition outside of the
simple spec class that is Formula Le Mans.

The passion and pride will be there but the hybrid technology may not be. The lack of testing may
show in their performance, hybrid and green cars have not had it easy at La Sarthe over the years. A
waste of the 56th garage? Maybe, but if they prepare well enough, maybe they can compete with the
best of the LMP2’s during the race and come at least close to finishing.

The driver line-up is however a real strong point for the team, Steve Zacchia can be quick on
occasions, but don’t expect any fireworks. However, Lammers is a really extremely experienced
driver and is exactly what the team need to develop the car, Lammers has raced at so many Le mans
in so many different cars that what he can bring to a team in terms of knowledge is unique. Elgaard
is also a very good driver who won LMP2 with Team Essex back in 2009, he has consistency and
speed and if the car lasts long enough for him to get a drive, who knows what he can produce. A
finish would be a real achievement for a team with this sort of set up.

Most likely to be: Working on the car most of the race, wondering why they decided to compete at
such a large scale event at this early stage.

Rating: 1/5                                                                      pg. 6
Team Oreca Matmut

Car: Peugeot 908 HDI FAP, Number: 10, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: French,


   Nicolas Lapierre       Loïc Duval     Olivier Panis

Class victories: 2(1991 (LMP1), 1998 (GT2)) 2010 Result: 6-4th (LMP1) 7-DNF

Description: Team Oreca are back again with last year’s Peugeot. This time they should carry tons
more confidence after their massive Sebring victory earlier this year. This may be a Peugeot B team
effort but don’t be fooled. They will be mixing with the other diesels during the race with a strong
possibility of a podium finish. However, they will only be allowed to win if all else fails at the main
Peugeot camp.

The car is very quick, but as we saw last year, it has its issues. If it will happen again is hard to
predict. Assuming they finish, a completely dry run will be a challenge.

Their line up of Nicolas Lapierre, Loic Duval and with Olivier Panis joining the mix means it’s an
exciting mix of speed and experience. All three, know the team and the car well by now, so they
should return a quicker and wiser team over all.

Most likely to be: Following the leading Peugeots and riding shotgun, while desperately trying to
avoid a retirement like last year. A podium spot is well within their reach if the mechanical woes pass
them by.

Rating: 5/5                                                                           pg. 7
Rebellion Racing

Car: Lola B10/60 Toyota (With revised aero package), Numbers: 12, 13, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: Swiss,


12    Nicolas Prost       Neel Jani                     Jeroen Bleekemolen
13    Andrea Belicchi     Jean-Christophe Boullion      Guy Smith

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: 12-DNF 13-DNF

Description: Another year, another step foward for Rebellion Racing. This year they come with the
new but unproven Toyota P1 engine that should complement their Lola chassis nicely. A solid outing
at Sebring shows that they have the package to succeed and their eagerness to do well as a tribute
to the late Hugh Hayden will hopefully make them favoured contenders for the unofficial petrol class

They didn’t finish with either car last year. However, the new engine and chassis may be the key to a
well deserved finish.

Both cars boast speedy drivers like Neel Jani, Nicolas Prost and Jeroen Bleekemolen who will do the
team justice on track in qualifying and during the race. However, Andrea Belicchi has made some
cruicial errors in the past which hopefully won’t cost Rebellion dearly. Don’t expect a podium just
yet, but at least one strong finish should be in order.

Most likely to be: Running with the cream of the petrol class while snapping at the heels of the

Rating: 3/5                                                                    pg. 8
Oak Racing

Car: Pescarolo 01 Judd, Numbers: 15, 24, Tyre: Dunlop

Nationality: French,


15    Guillaume Moreau         Pierre Ragues       Tiago Monteiro

24    Richard Hein             Jacques Nicolet     Jean-François Yvon

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: 24 - 4th, 35-2nd (LMP2)

Description: This year Oak racing enter Le Mans with a two car LMP1 effort and a ton of fans. After
saving Pescarolo Team from fading into nothing, they announced that they would use 2 LMP1
Pescarolos and 2 LMP2 Pescarolos. This decision not only shows their seriousness to the sport and
Henri Pescarolo’s designs, but it also makes them the largest team on the grid! Don’t be fooled
though, they will not be a contender for an overall win in LMP1 because of the type of fuel they are
using. Don’t get me wrong, they should be up with the best of LMP1’s petrol runners but may be let
down in the strategy department.

The driver line up is solid at best, but be prepared for possible surprises from Guilliaume Moreau
and Jacques Nicolet. However, Mattieu Lahaye, does make costly mistakes occasionally which may
let down the team and Richard Hein is nothing to write home about either.

They should finish, perhaps quite well, but don’t expect them to take LMP1 by storm. Especially as
the amount of setbacks that they have had this year are piling up.

Most likely to be: Pushing for bragging rights against Pescarolo Team and trying everything to bring
their pair of LMP1 cars home and dry.

Rating: 3/5                                                                    pg. 9
Pescarolo Team

Car: Pescarolo 01 Judd, Number: 16, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: French


    Emmanuel Collard        Christophe Tinseau      Julien Jousse

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: Did not compete

Description: The heritage of Henri Pescarolo and his team Pescarolo Team radiates from La Sarthe.
The disaster of last year left many fans upset and willing to band together to bring back the team
that they loved. Oak racing then gave one of the kindest gestures in professional sport history, by
buying the team and giving it back to Henri free of debt! A fantastic win at Paul Ricard shows not
only competitiveness but a great desire to fit straight back into the sport and win. The test day
showed them to be the fastest non diesel car, which is very promising early on but it’s not wise to
read too much into that.

Old favourites return by the names of Christophe Tinseau and Emanuelle Collard who are extremely
fast and very good in hard situations. The introduction of Julien Jousse is a great addition to the
squad but a lack of experience may show as the race drags on.

Most likely to be: Setting the pace for the petrol entries and trying to keep out of trouble in order to
pick up the pieces from any diesel dramas that happen during the race. Ultimately they are racing
for 8th but this won’t stop them from pushing as hard as possible in the competitive race for petrol

Rating: 4/5                                                                      pg. 10
Kronos Racing

Car: Lola Aston Martin DBR 1-2, Number: 22, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: Belgian


   Vanina Ickx      Bas Leinders     Maxime Martin

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: Did not compete

Description: This all Belgian team are the definition of a last minute entry, it is so last minute that
they got delivery of their Aston Martin just before the Test Day and had to learn the car on the job.
The un expected return of this car should be a go down very well with the British fans who have
grown to love this car that is considered a treat to watch circulate. A successful rally team at heart,
Kronos Racing know how to drive on dirt, but I don’t think that experience will help them too much
in their first crack at endurance racing. They can certainly keep and car running and have shown rally
fans that they can persevere and overcome problems which is a valuable trait. However this is one of
the hardest places to start a sports car dynasty.

Let’s hope though that the Aston which sounds like a beast runs like one. It’s certainly reliable and
the one of the quicker petrol cars, but I feel it is not a car that you can just jump straight into and
come out on pace.

The three drivers they have are the real saving grace though for this new team. Ickx has driven at the
24 hours for a few years now and has impressed many people. Her experience with the DBR 1-2 last
season should be valuable and coupled with her above average pace could surprise many. Leinders
and Martin are also great drivers, their experience with Marc VDS in the FIA GT1 series has been
successful and has proved how quick they are. I expect both of them to adapt quickly and come out
guns blazing in qualifying and the race.

Most likely to be: putting times that are towards the back of the LMP1 field because of their lack of
experience with the car, however things may pick up as the week passes. Expect Leinders to be very
quick, so if he starts the race, expect a competitive showing from the gutsy Belgian.

Rating: 2/5                                                                       pg. 11
Quifel ASM

Car: Zytek 09SC, Number: 20, Tyre: Dunlop

Nationality: Portuguese,


   Miguel Amaral       Olivier Pla    Warren Hughes

Class Victories: 0 2010 Result: 7th (LMP2)

Description: Quifel ASM can now be considered veterans of prototype racing, with a Le Mans Series
LMP2 title under their belt from 2009. They have now decided to move up to LMP1 for 2011. The
09SC is an upgraded LMP2 chassis, but don’t be fooled. It will be a quick car and should suit the La
Sarthe circuit very nicely. Reliability may be an issue for them though since the team haven’t had
much luck in recent years and don’t seem to have the mechanical expertise needed to overcome
some of the problems they have encountered. I don’t expect them to be the best petrol entry, but
they shouldn’t be far off.

Olivier Pla and Miguel Amaral are confirmed drivers for this year’s race once again. Both know the
car very well but Miguel can be a letdown sometimes when he needs to be consistent during longer
stints. Pla on the other hand is always quick and doesn’t make many mistakes. The addition of
Warren Hughes is a fantastic for the team; he has lots of experience and should get to grips with the
Zytek very quickly.

Most likely to be: Trying to stay in the petrol car battle, but not pushing so hard that they risk any
dreaded mechanical issues that have cost them good results in recent years.

Rating: 3/5                                                                       pg. 12
Aston Martin Racing

Car: Aston Martin AMR-ONE, Numbers: 007, 009, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: British


007        Stefan Mücke    Darren Turner      Christian Klien

009     Harold Primat     Adrián Fernández       Andy Meyrick

Class victories: 1 (1959 (LMP1)) 2010 Result: 007-5th 009-DNF (LMP1)

Description: Aston Martin Racing are once again flying the British flag in LMP1, but this year comes
with new challenges. After two attacks at the race with the successful Lola built DBR1-2 Aston
Martin in 2009 and 2010, they decided to build an entirely new car to go with this year’s new
regulations. Unfortunately, this new machine hasn’t started its life as planned. Not only was the
launch delayed and their Sebring and Spa entries cancelled. They haven’t done much testing either
and since the first wheel turned it has been less than impressive.

At Paul Ricard they were far off the pace over a single lap, and the race was plagued with issues. The
Le Mans test day fared no better, with the 009 engine expiring followed by an early full team
withdrawal due to lack of resources. There is still time to fix it’s early troubles so don’t count them
out just yet, but at the moment it doesn’t look good for any sort of competitiveness. Without
reliability or speed, it’s hard to see AMR making it past hour 6 of the race with either of their cars.
Perhaps its one year too early?

The line up includes their core stars like Darren Turner, Harold Primat and Stefan Mucke, who will
get the most out of the equipment they are given, but in this case, they are only as good as the car.

Most likely to be: Using Le Mans as a long test session, working on the cars in the garage fighting an
armada of teething troubles while their chances of being classified slowly fade away.

Rating: 2/5                                                                     pg. 13
Entries: 11

Description: LMP2 is the secondary prototype category that runs with slightly slower prototypes that
provides a cheaper alternative to the LMP1’s super high costs. It is also a class that is more winnable
because it doesn’t have a particular dominant team(s) or manufacturers like LMP1 does. This year’s
entry is a relatively competitive one, but may suffer from the usual race of attrition status that LMP2
has been known for. Only 11 entries this year mean it isn’t a particularly large class, but there are
not any teams that really shouldn’t be there. It’s not a mediocre line up by any means but it’s just
not what last years was because of a lack of experienced teams.

However, the race should be close and hard to predict as ever in LMP2 because there are so many
new cars and teams entered. They variety of chassis and engines only add to the excitement and
unpredictability. You can be sure though that the likes of Team Oreca, Strakka Racing, Oak Racing
and Greaves motorsport will be leading the way.

Most likely to be: A hard fought battle all the way to the end that is sure to appeal to the majority of
spectators as an alternative to the Audi-Peugeot LMP1 war. Who knows it could provide the best
action of the race.

2010 winner: 42, Strakka Racing, HPD ARX-O1d, Nick Leventis, Johnny Kane, Danny Watts                                                                      pg. 14
Signatech Nissan

Car: Oreca 03 Nissan, Number: 26, Tyre: Dunlop

Nationality: French


   Soheil Ayari    Franck Mailleux     Lucas Ordoñez

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: 008-DNF

Description: Formally known as Signature Plus, running the LMP1 Aston Martin last year. Signatech
do have some experience in prototype racing, this year sees a change of class from LMP1 to LMP2.
They are running one of three LMP2 Oreca 03s, which automatically gives them a fighting chance in
this hard to win category. They were first in LMP2 at the Le Mans Test day which tells us the speed is
there but it’s hard to say if the Nissan engine will hold up for the full race, since they had problems a
plenty at Sebring this year in a depleted LMP2 class.

Signatech did plan to run two cars at Le Mans this year but sadly have pulled their second car out,
which is a shame. It would have been nice to have seen how they could handle a two car effort. The
team will work hard and should be on pace with the rest of the field, it’s getting to the end which
may be a problem.

The driver line up is above average providing Sohiel Ayari doesn’t make any critical errors and Frank
Mallieux stays consistent. It’s interesting to note though that Lucas Ordonez (Playstation GT
academy winner) will be the third driver. His pace has been very impressive for someone with so
little experience, and his drive at the Dubai 24 hours should provide some needed experience that
will help him during the latter part of the race. This is definitely a driver to keep an eye on!

Most likely to be: Completive throughout, but cautious, Ordonez will be the key to their success or
failure ultimately, assuming the car can do its bit.

Rating: 3/5                                                                       pg. 15
Level 5 Motorsports

Car: Lola B08-80-HPD, Number: 33, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: American


    Scott Tucker     Christophe Bouchut       João Barbosa

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: Did not compete

Description: It’s an exciting prospect that a team like Level 5 has come up through the LMPC rank in
the ALMS to an LMP2 outfit and invested a lot of time and money into the sports car scene. Level 5
have a pair of 2011 spec Lola’s but have decided to only bring the coupe to this year’s race. It’s their
first experience of Le Mans this year, so the learning curve for the team as a whole is definitely
there. The new Lola for this year certainly seemed competitive at Sebring and took the class win, but
the competition was nowhere near as tough as it will be at the 24 hours. This may surprise Level 5,
but it is hard not to expect a higher level of opponents at an event as prestigious as this.

Since Sebring we have only seen them run just the coupe at Long Beach, but sadly with no
competition, therefore it’s hard to really see what this team can do at a long distance event like Le
Mans. They should aim high, especially with the ultra reliable HPD engine on board. However the
team’s lack of Le Mans experience along with a low amount of 24 Hour race experience may prevent
them from entering the top two steps of the podium. It’s not impossible for them to win LMP2
though because they have the package to do it, but only if they avoid trouble.

The drivers have a lot of experience of Le Mans between them though, so the pace from Joao
Barbosa and Christophe Bouchout will keep them in the fight.

Most likely to be: Enjoying the atmosphere, working hard and staying positive, hoping to cross the
line on Sunday. If all goes to plan, a podium might possibly be on the cards.

Rating: 3/5                                                                      pg. 16
Oak Racing

Car: Oak Pescarolo 01 Judd-BMW, Numbers: 35, 49, Tyre: Dunlop

Nationality: French


35    Frédéric Da Rocha         Patrice Lafargue       Andrea Barlesi
49    Shinji Nakano             Nicolas de Crem        Jan Charouz

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: 24-4th 35-2nd (LMP2)

Description: Oak Racing, as before mentioned is the largest team on the grid. And they have two
LMP2 cars to add to the mix in LMP2. They will definitely be competitive in this year’s race, it’s just
how competitive. It would be easy to say that the Pescarolo chassis will give them a good chance to
win the class, but the BMW engine is not proven over long distances. Another downfall is that
running four cars may be a challenge for a team like this, who don’t have any manufacture backing.
Although, Oak are one of the better LMP2 teams this year and aiming for a podium is a realistic
target. They will be trying to improve on last year’s great third place.

However, the driver line up is at a far lower standard than their LMP1 outfit in the 35 entry but the
49 has a surprisingly good line-up . This is understandable for a team without a budget like an Audi
or Peugeot. At the same time though it could cost them their only chance if being on the podium at
this year’s race if the inexperience of their drivers really shows. Frederic Da Rocha can certainly
provide pace in the 35 car, but other than that, newcomers to the series Lafarge and Barlesi can only
improve as the weekend progresses. The 49 car has a very good line up, Nicolas de Crem who is
driving full time for Boutsen energy in 2011. His experience is also little but he performed well at
Paul Ricard. Nakano and Charouz don’t need much introduction because both have experience and
speed, especially Charouz who drove for Aston Martin in 2009.

Most likely to be: Racing with LMP2 finest, but fading away slightly when lack of experience gets to
the drivers at the hardest parts of the race.

Rating: 3/5                                                                      pg. 17

Car: HPD ARX-01d, Number: 36, Tyre: Dunlop

Nationality: British


    Mike Newton         Thomas Erdos        Ben Collins

Class Victories: 2 (2005, 2006, (LMP2)) 2010 Result: 3rd (LMP2)

Description: Last year’s LMP2 Le Mans series champions are back in 2011 with an entirely new
chassis. It’s out with Lola and in with Acura’s finest. The ARX-01d is a proven chassis that even won a
race overall at the Hungaroring last year in the hands of Strakka Racing. RML are also still using the
impressive HPD engine which should give them a strong chance in this year’s field in terms of
reliability. However, this year’s performance balancing fiasco has set back the HPD engine massively.
Both RML and Strakka Racing are desperately appealing for change, but as it is at the moment the
HPD is far slower than much of the competition.

Yes the engine is reliable, but as things stand, that’s all it has to offer. In fact footage from Paul
Ricard earlier this year clearly shows them struggling to drive past GTE cars down the straight.
Something that is unacceptable for LMP2 teams.

RML’s driver line up consists of the usual Mike Newton and Tommy Erdos, who both are extremely
fast and know La Sarthe like the back of their hands. Ben Collins joins the squad for this year’s race;
it should be interesting to see what he can add to the team, after his fantastic stints at Le mans on
previous occasions. However they may find themselves missing Andy Wallace if sheer experience is
what is needed to go that extra bit further.

Most likely to be: Using the best possible strategy in order to stay in the running. A reliable run to
the finish should give them a good result, because unless things change the outright speed won’t be
something to write home about.

Rating: 4/5                                                                          pg. 18
PeCom Racing

Car: Lola B11/40 Judd, Number: 39, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: Argentinean


   Luís Pérez Companc        Matías Russo      Pierre Kaffer

Class Victories: 0 2010 Result: Did not compete

Description: It’s hard to predict what PeCom Racing can achieve in their first Le Mans with a
prototype, the multiple FIA Gt2 champions have decided to take up an ambitious LMP2 challenge
using a brand new Lola B11/40. Using this B11/40 in conjunction with a Judd engine should give
them the good blend of speed and reliability in order to succeed in LMP2 this year. But this year’s
Lola hasn’t competed in enough races in order to obtain any elite status as a chassis.

We saw a solid outing at Paul Ricard and a great fourth in the second of the Le Mans test sessions.
The team has been known for exceptional organisation over the years and this year should be no

Their line up of drivers is easily one of the better trios. Russo and Kaffer and always solid at Le Mans
and have come away with decent results in the past. Companc also has good experience of sports
car racing, but may not have as much time in the car as the other two, because of his occasional
inconsistency. Don’t get me wrong though, he is still extremely quick and is always improving.

Most likely to be: Racing at the front end of the LMP2 category with as good a chance as anyone to
at least pick up a podium spot.

Rating: 5/5                                                                       pg. 19
Race Performance

Car: Oreca 03 Judd-BMW, Number: 40, Tyre: Dunlop

Nationality: Swiss


   Michel Frey       Ralph Meichtry      Marc Rostan

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: 6th (LMP2)

Description: Race Performance put together a valiant effort in the aged Radical SR9 last year at Le
Mans and in the Le Mans Series, this year they have clearly stepped up after dipping their toe in the
water. The combination of the Oreca 03 and BMW is a fantastic choice for a team whose goals will
surely be just a solid finish. This is not the limit of this year’s effort by any means though. In a class
like LMP2 were reliability can be just as important as speed, if they can keep out of trouble you
never know, they could spring a surprise.

The driver line up may be just solid at best but there is no reason why Frey can’t put in some fast
stints and Meichtry spend his time in the car building on his experience in a competitive prototype.
Don’t count them out for a decent finish.

Most likely to be: far from taking the class by storm, but not a disappointment either. You can’t
expect too much from such a new team, but they won’t settle for a poor performance. Keep an eye
on Race Performance because it’s hard to know what to expect from them when the chips are down
and the clock is ticking.

Rating: 3/5                                                                         pg. 20
Greaves Motorsport

Car: Zytek Z11 SN-Nissan, Number: 41, Tyre: Dunlop

Nationality: British


   Karim Ojjeh         Olivier Lombard    Tom Kimber-Smith

Class victories: 0 2010: Did not compete

Description: Formally known as Team Bruichladdich Bruneau, Greaves Motorsport has started with a
bang this season. The new Nissan engine seems to have worked wonders for them and they can
almost be considered as favourites for this year’s LMP2 battle because of its sheer speed. A
dominant class victory and a third place overall at Paul Ricard this year along with extremely
impressive third at the Le Mans test day shows how much of a challenge they will be to beat.

The Zytek chassis, are always good choice for a category like LMP2 and have won the Le Man series
LMP2 class with Quifel ASM only two years ago. The Nissan engine as I said isn’t proven yet, but this
combination if it runs without problems it could be a real force to be reckoned with.

Greaves have a very nice driver line up to add to their package this year once again. The experience
of Kimber-Smith mixed with Karim Oijeh’s outright speed should definitely be an asset to the team.
Lombard should be an interesting driver to watch this year; he is quick but lacks prototype

Most likely to be: Up the front and battling for victory, providing the Nissan engine is as reliable as it
is fast.

Rating: 4/5                                                                        pg. 21
Strakka Racing

Car: HPD ARX-01d, Number: 42, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: British


   Nick Leventis       Danny Watts      Jonny Kane

Class victories: 1 (2010, (LMP2)) 2010 Result: 1st (LMP2)

Description: Last year’s LMP2 winners are back with the same proven package that lead them to a
dominant victory at La Sarthe last year. The all British team comes back with as much passion as
before, but a greater challenge. The HPD performance balancing issue has lead to some discussion
because they have been far off the pace since, which I believe isn’t fair for a team that works as hard
as they do. As Radio Le Mans’ John Hindhaugh says “You wouldn’t remove players from Manchester
United’s squad just because they are winning”. A good strategy gave them a solid finish a Paul
Ricard, but if they engine wasn’t so restricted, they could have been on the top step.

The driver line up is the same group of consistently good drivers who will squeeze every ounce out
of the car. Expect a fantastic qualifying effort from Danny Watts and a good opening stint from
Kane. The only small downfall is Leventis, as good as he is getting, he can make the odd mistake and
isn’t quite as quick as Kane or Watts. Saying that though, he has improved so much in the last year or
so, that you have to be very picky to fault him now.

Most likely to be: running in the middle of the pack hoping that reliability will gain them track
position as the clock winds down on Sunday. The new air restrictor rules for the HPD’s should
provide extra speed but it’s hard to tell how much difference it will make at Le Mans itself.

Rating: 4/5                                                                      pg. 22
Extrême Limite AM Paris

Car: Norma M200P-Judd BMW, Number: 44, Tyre: Dunlop

Nationality: French


   Fabien Rosier      Phillipe Haezebrouck      Jean-Rene De Fournoux

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: Did not compete

Description: Extrême Limite’s recent entry to the Le Mans grid was given after Signatech’s 2 nd car
was withdrawn. To be honest, it doesn’t bring much to the class having them on the list and many
fans will argue that Kronos and their DBR1-2 should have been put on instead. Having said that, it’s
not the worst possible team to ever gain entry to Le Mans. (JLOC owns that title).

The Norma chassis isn’t a great one, and reminds me of the fragile Dallara from a few years ago in
many respects. The Judd-BMW engine could be their saving grace though as it is a pretty respectable
package. Extrême Limite may be the definition of grid filler to many, but their effort cannot be
faulted. Just don’t expect a finish or any sort of competitiveness because that quite frankly could be
too much to ask of them. Never say never though!

The drivers for this year’s race don’t really bring much to the table either. Rosier and Haezebrouck
are completely new drivers who are near impossible to judge. However De Fournoux is a respectable
driver who has had success in the old LMP 675 class in the early noughties and GT2 most recently in
2005 and 2006. He will undoubtedly be the best of the trio by far and will surely have the most car
time to give them any sort of fighting chance. Providing they can make the car last long enough for
him to get a drive.

Most likely to be: running at the back of the field, but gaining experience all the time. Don’t be
surprised if they are an early drop out. Maybe next year?

Rating: 1/5                                                                      pg. 23
Team Oreca Matmut

Car: Oreca 03 Nissan, Number: 48, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: French


    Alexandre Prémat       David Hallyday     Dominik Kraihamer

Class victories: 2 (1991 (LMP1), 1998 (GT1)) 2010 Result: 6-4th (LMP1) 7-DNF

Description: Team Oreca don’t have much to prove coming into this year’s LMP2 race. They should
be seen as favourites. No one knows the Oreca 03 better than them for obvious reasons, and the
Nissan engine should be quick. The Le Mans test went to plan, so they should be on their way to at
least a podium at this year’s race. Anyone running an Oreca 03 chassis should be feared anyway, but
if it’s run by Oreca it should be easily considered as the goliath of the class.

The team are always organised, they know the circuit well and most importantly, they know how to
win at Le Mans. This mixed in with their package and great line up of drivers makes them the best
LMP2 team on paper.

The trio that Oreca have for their LMP2 car is easily enough for a victory in the class. Prémat drove
for Audi Sport at Le Mans only a couple of years ago so enough said about him. While Hallyday may
be an amateur and Kraihamer is relatively new to sports cars they can both hold their own against
tough opponents. The rest of the team will surely have their work cut out when matched against

Most likely to be: setting the LMP2 pace and leading themselves to a good result. You never know
we may see Team Oreca win two separate classes or at least a double class podium.

Rating: 5/5                                                                    pg. 24
Entries: 18

Description: Each year sees the formally GT2 field get more competitive and include a wider variety.
This year see’s two separate classes using GT2 cars to replace the dying GT1 class.

The GTE Pro field could be the best ever GT race seen at Le Mans, with entries from Porsche, Ferrari,
Aston Martin, Lotus, Corvette and BMW. It was only a few years ago that the GT2 class was
populated by a ton of Porsches and a few Ferraris. Now we have close competition from a variety of

However, this may not be the ultra close ALMS style of GT race because there will be the haves and
have not’s. There will however be at least 6 cars gunning for victory which is a truly mouth watering

Most likely to be: A battle between Corvette and BMW with a hint of Ferrari and Porsche. Jetalliance
will be using this as a test for their pair of Evora’s while the Aston Martin teams will be trying to keep
pace with the rest of the field. Hopefully Ferrari won’t miss Risi too much though because they may
have been their only chance of victory.

2010 winner: 50, Larbe Competition (GT1 class) Saleen S7R, Roland Berville, Julien Canal, Gabriele
Gardel                                                                       pg. 25
AF Corse

Car: Ferrari 458 Italia GTC, Numbers: 51, 71, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: Italian


51     Giancarlo Fisichella    Gianmaria Bruni       Toni Vilander
71     Robert Kauffman         Michael Waltrip       Rui Águas

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: 95-4th 96-Did not start (GT2)

Description: Af Corse really know their onions when it comes to GT racing. They come this year with
the new 458 Italia GTC which has not completed any 24 hour races, but you can be sure that it will
be ok. The 458’s may not have had the outright speed in the ALMS opening rounds but in Europe
they were dominant at Ricard. Af Corse had a great run at La Sarthe last year and this year has
opened with a bang too. Overall, it’s hard to see the 51 car at any point of the race being outside the
top five. They really are that good!

The driver line up is very strong. Fisichella has converted to GT racing very well and his drive at Paul
Ricard earlier this year is an example. Bruni has won Le Mans in GT2 and knows the circuit so well
that it’s scary. Vilander may be the third driver, but he is no slouch either. The second car is a
considerable downgrade but can pack a punch. Aguas is not greatly experienced but far from a
liability, while Kauffman is surely the best of the three even though he is classes as a gentleman
driver. Waltrip will be interesting to watch, since he isn’t used to turning right that often meaning it’s
hard to predict how he will perform.

Most likely to be: Running up front with the 51 car showing that they are Ferrari’s biggest chance,
while using the 71 as a guinea pig and a backup if anything goes wrong.

Rating: 5/5                                                                       pg. 26
BMW Motorsport

Car: BMW E92 GT2, Numbers: 55, 56, Tyre: Dunlop

Nationality: German


 55        Augusto Farfus   Jörg Müller     Dirk Werner
56     Andy Priaulx         Dirk Müller     Joey Hand

Class victories: 1 (1999 (LMP1)) 2010 Result: 78-9th 79-DNF (GT2)

Description: BMW Motorsport are back, but this time it’s with a better set up overall. The car has
been thoroughly tested. Not only by Charlie Lamm’s team, but also with the Alms GT class winning
Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing. This team really are dangerous.

They have won the 24 hours of the Nurburgring last year as well as achieving a phenomenal 1-2 at
the Sebring 12 hours this year which shows their competitiveness. The car is now proven and can go
distances without too much trouble. That partnered with BMW’s near perfect organisation and work
mentality makes them one of the favourites in GTE Pro this year.

It’s hard to choose between the two line ups when deciding which one is the winning combination
because both cars are filled by outstanding drivers. I would say that the 56 is stronger if it had to
choose because of Priaulx has supreme race craft and has adapted to endurance racing extremely
well, while Joey Hand knows the car inside out. Dirk Muller is also a great peddler and is great when
he is under pressure. The 55 car combines the outright speed from Jorg Muller and Dirk Werner,
both of which have a telling race CV. However I feel that Farfus may be a let down. Don’t get me
wrong, he is quick, but does make mistakes and takes too many risks. Sometimes it’s like he forgets
he is driving in an endurance event and not a 22 Minute sprint race which he is more familiar with.

Most likely to be: Up front battling Corvette, AF Corse and anyone else who is in the running for a
win. Everything is in place for BMW’s long awaited return to the top step of the La Sarthe podium.

Rating: 5/5                                                                    pg. 27
Luxury Racing

Car: Ferrari 458 Italia GTC, Numbers: 58, 59, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: French


58     Anthony Beltoise       Francois Jakubowski      Jean-Denis Délétraz
59     Stéphane Ortelli      Frédéric Makowiecki        Jaime Melo
Class victories: 0 2010 result: Did not compete

Description: Luxury racing are a new team to add to this year’s GT field. They are also a new team
altogether. However, this shouldn’t be an issue. They have come into the ILMC and Le Mans with a
new 458 Italia. This out of the box is a great package to have. It may not be proven yet, but all signs
point to victories and consistent point scoring. At Sebring Luxury Racing had a very solid outing,
which in their first race is a real achievement. They seemed to have good organisation and strategy
throughout, which is a great sign this early in a program. However, their inexperience at La Sarthe
may be an issue. They need to give it at least a year before they can think about podiums.

One of the main positives about Luxury Racing though, is their fantastic group of drivers, especially
in the 59 car. Ortelli is an extremely rapid driver who knows Le Mans well and doesn’t make many
mistakes. Makowiecki has been very impressive in the FIA GT1 championship with Hexis racing, I
expect him to be very consistent during the race. While Deletraz has been an asset to all the teams
he has driven for, and has won the 24 Hours of Spa. Anthony Beltoise and Jakubowski are good
drivers but I can’t see them being able to beat the 59 car, at least on pace alone. This team really
could surprise everyone, especially if GTE Pro becomes a race of attrition.

Most likely to be: sitting back while their drivers push the cars to their limits, in an attempt to finish
strong and learn a lot while doing it. Watch out for a top five finish if they stay out of trouble!

Rating: 3/5                                                                         pg. 28
Lotus Jetalliance Racing

Car: Lotus Evora GTE, Numbers: 64, 65, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: Austrian


64    Oskar Slingerland      Martin Rich           John Hartshorne

65    Jonathan Hirschi       Johnny Mowlem         James Rossiter

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: Did not compete

Description: When it comes to GT racing, Jetalliance are no rookies. They have competed in many
races across the FIA and ACO board since their birth in 2006. However, this year could be their
biggest challenge yet. The new Louts Evora GTE has been developed by Jetalliance, but the Evora has
a lot to prove. Since its public debut at the Le Mans test this year it hasn’t exactly flown out of the
gate. This is to be expected though, as with any new car speed and reliability are areas that need to
be immediately addressed. The pace was far off the competition at the test, but they learnt a lot and
came to Spa with a better looking outfit. Yes the car may have had its issues during the weekend,
but a valiant effort all round by the team got the 64 car to the finish.

The driver line up is particularly good for a team who need experience to help develop a new car.
The 65 stands out as the best trio, Mowlem has a lot of La Sarthe experience and knows how to pace
himself, while Rossiter and Hirschi are good drivers all round. The 64 does have Hartshorne, who has
lots of experience and Rich who knows the team well. However Slingerland, hasn’t ever had much
success in his career, but if thats down to who he has driven for remains to be seen.

Most likely to be: Using Le Mans as a test session, keeping it running will be their aim so that they
can gather as much data about the car as they can to plan for an attack next season.

Rating: 1/5                                                                      pg. 29
JMW Motorsport

Car: Ferrari 458 Italia GTC, Number: 66, Tyre: Dunlop

Nationality: British


   Rob Bell      Tim Sugden      Xavier Maassen

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: 4th (GT2)

Description: JMW Motorsport have been a force in GT2 racing for quite a few years now, but this
year their program has a slightly more serious feeling to it. The purchase of a brand new 458 Italia
speaks for itself in terms of desire to win. The results they have had this year also show signs of
improvement from last year, overall they seem to have adapted to the 458 Italia far better than
some teams racing in both Europe and the States. A convincing win at Paul Ricard earlier this year
shows real potential. They will take that data and experience to Le Mans with a chance of a podium
on Sunday afternoon. However they are not without their faults. Their Spa campaign was close to a
disaster and their qualifying pace could be improved before Le Mans in order to cement their

Their driver line up for the 24 Hours is truly impressive for a team with a far from unlimited budget.
Rob Bell is always quick and consistent at La Sarthe and should help develop the car for a Le Mans
attack as the week goes on. Sugden is also an asset to JMW for this year’s run at the title; he has a
lot of experience driving Ferrari’s and can adapt quickly to new machinery. Massen as a third driver
is also fantastic for the team to have. His GT experience in invaluable and his speed during night
stints is always impressive. Overall they have a real chance at a great result in what is a challenging
GTE Pro class.

Most likely to be: battling with the big boys at AF Corse, Corvette and BMW hoping to pick up a
podium if they can keep their impressive speed throughout the race and stay out of trouble.

Rating: 4/5                                                                      pg. 30
Corvette Racing

Car: Chevrolet Corvette C6R GT2, Numbers: 73, 74, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: American


73    Olivier Beretta     Tommy Milner         Antonio García
74    Oliver Gavin        Jan Magnussen        Richard Westbrook

Class victories: 6 (2001, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2009 (GTS/GT1)) 2010 result: 63 DNF, 64 DNF

Description: It’s hard to say anything about Corvette Racing and the whole Pratt & Miller
organisation that hasn’t already been said. The results do most of the talking. They’re fast, they’re
reliable, they’re organised and most importantly, they know how to win. This year they come with
an evolution of last year’s GT2 debut assault. This year’s edition seems to be quicker and drives
much smoother than last year’s version which could be vital at La Sarthe this year. Whether it can be
competitive over 24 hours remains to be seen after last year’s fiasco. You can be sure though that
Corvette will be feared by all the other GTE PRO teams and will be battling for an outright victory.

Their driver line up is slightly tweaked this year, which introduces Westbrook and Milner, both of
whom are proven winners and are extremely fast. Milner is an up and coming talent who’s
enthusiasm alone is bigger than most of the grid put together. While his team mates in the 73
Beretta and Garcia will give the Bad Boys a large chance of victory. On the other hand we have
Magnussen who has won and lost with Corvette and is super quick over long distances. Oliver Gavin
always puts in so much effort to get the car home. Westbrook, who most may know from driving in
the ALMS for Vici Racing and for Prospeed in the FIA GT in recent years, is a master in any GT
equipment he is given and adapts quickly to weather changes and alternative strategies. This truly is
the all star cast of the GTE PRO class!

Most likely to be: Running up the front, trying to overlook last year’s disaster, while just keeping an
eye on both car’s performance to make sure that it goes all the way.

Rating: 5/5                                                                      pg. 31
Prospeed Competition

Car: Porsche 911 GT3 RSR, Number: 75, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: Belgian


   Marc Goossens        Marco Holzer        Jaap van Lagen

Class victories: 0 2010 result: 7th (GT2)

Description: Prospeed are a team that have a certain air of unpredictability about them when
thinking about this year’s Le Mans. The GT3 RSR only has a slight aero upgrade this year and is more
of an evolution rather than a revolution. The RSR is a winning car, last year it won GT2 in a race of
attrition, which tells us that the car is reliable. However, the car is getting on a bit, which may be the
reason that it doesn’t take the class by storm like it used to. Prospeed made it to the end last year,
but they didn’t impress me anywhere near as much as I expected. The multiple FIA GT race winners
haven’t made the complete transition into the LMS and Le Mans, but they are not so far off that it is
a worry.

The drivers Holzer and Goosens are a pair of drivers that have a lot of experience and know the RSR
very well. Holzer in my opinion is the better of the pair, he may not have as much experience but in
this case his aggressive driving style suits the Porsche more. I wouldn’t have any doubts about
Goosens though. He really is a solid driver who has made his name in endurance racing in recent
years. The third driver is yet to be named, but I can’t see it being an Enge or Bruni.

Most likely to be: Running a solid race from start to finish and chasing a top five finish after midday
on Sunday. If they can stay out of trouble and set the car up well, don’t count them out.

Rating: 3/5                                                                        pg. 32
IMSA Performance Matmut

Car: Porsche 911 GT3 RSR, Number: 76, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: French


    Raymond Narac         Patrick Pilet    Nicolas Armindo

Class victories: 1 (2007 (GT2)) 2010 Result: 5th (GT2)

Description: Formed from a group of Larbe Competition engineers, IMSA Performance know what it
takes to run well at any event longer than 3 hours. They may be the class of the Porsches on many
occasions each year, at Le Mans though they just can’t seem to seal the deal. Whether it is bad luck
or poor strategy, something is stopping them from achieving what they are capable of. They are
always in the running, but this year with an aged 911, they will have to hope that everyone in front
of them hits trouble to even sniff a podium finish.

The three drivers for this year’s campaign are as strong as ever. Narac is always a reliable driver who
doesn’t ever take a risk too far, while Pilet is a good closing driver and should be very good value in
the later stages of the race. Armindo is a draftee who has valuable GT1 experience. However his 24
hours race column on his racing CV is bare. This may be a problem for a team with aspirations as
high as IMSA Performance.

Most likely to be: running just outside the top five in an attempt to shock the endurance world if GTE
turns into a survival of the fittest rather than a flat out sprint to the end. If it is a sprint, they know
they won’t be able to keep up with the competition.

Rating: 3/5                                                                        pg. 33
Team Felbermayr Proton

Car: Porsche 911 GT3 RSR, Numbers: 77, 88, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: German


77     Marc Lieb        Richard Lietz            Wolf Henzler
88     Nick Tandy       Abdulaziz Al-Faisal      Bryce Miller

Class victories: 1 (2010 (GT2)) 2010 Result: 1st (GT2)

Description: Team Felbermayr Proton have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years and showed
to world what they were capable of last year when they took a surprise GT2 win. The team is running
two 2011 spec 911’s which should have reliability. However, like the other 911 teams, the outright
speed just isn’t there anymore. Something to note is that Felbermayr Proton generally get heavily
backed by the Porsche factory mechanics and drivers each year which makes them favourable above
the rest of the teams with GT3 RSR’s. Don’t expect a win, but as we have seen, anything can happen.

Their driver selection is once again the pride of Porsche, (In the 77 car) Lieb, Lietz and Henzler are an
almost faultless group of drivers who always deliver the goods when they are given the equipment
to do so. In particular, watch out for Henzler from that trio. He is the reason that teams like Team
Falken Tyre in the states have developed so well. In the 88 we only have Nick Tandy, who has shown
to be a very quick driver in Formula Ford and British F3. However this is his first trip to La Sarthe, and
his first real stamina test. Expect some cautious but steady lap times, especially early on because it’s
such a challenge for rookies.

Most likely to be: using the 88 as a driver development car while giving it all they have with the 77 to
secure a solid finish, and perhaps a surprise result if the leading cars have teething trouble.

Rating: 4/5                                                                        pg. 34
Jota Sport

Car: Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT2, Number: 79, Tyre: Dunlop

Nationality: British


   Sam Hancock         Simon Dolan     Chris Buncombe

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: Did not compete

Description: Jota sport and Simon Dolan have decided that 2011 is the year that they make their
debut at Le Mans. They are a welcome addition to the grid which should be popular amongst the
British fans. They are running a V8 Vantage GT2 for the time being with a place in the queue for an
AMR-One for the end of the year. The Vantage has come on in recent years but it still isn’t a
contender for an outright win, it is a quicker car than before but just can’t compete over a single lap
with the other packages in GTE. A podium would also be a lot to ask, especially as the reliability of
the car is questionable. Drayson Racing didn’t have much luck at La Sarthe in 2009 and neither did
JMW last year. Perhaps this is a turning point, perhaps not. They are a committed team with a strong
line up of drivers though so maybe, just maybe, they can find that final piece to the Vantage’s puzzle.

The trio of Dolan, Buncombe and Hancock is a really decent line-up. Dolan who is the gentleman
driver can surprise on occasions and always improves and adapts quickly. Buncombe and Hancock
are AMR factory drivers who really can push a car to its limits. Both really impressed at the wheel of
the DBR1-2 last year for AMR and should do the same with the Vantage.

Most likely to be: Towards the tail end of the PRO class with the intention of getting the car to the
finish rather than gunning for a particularly strong finish. If the car can go the distance then who
knows what they can achieve with this package?

Rating: 2/5                                                                      pg. 35
Flying Lizard Motorsports

Car: Porsche 911 GT3 RSR, Number: 80, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: American


   Jörg Bergmeister       Patrick Long      Lucas Luhr

Class victories 0 2010 result: DNF

Description: Flying Lizard Motorsports have been fielding GT2 Porsches since 2006 and have made
reasonably good impressions at La Sarthe. They seem to field a lower standard of drivers most years
when making the trip to Le Mans and this shows with their below average results. However this year
they have a great set of drivers and are running two GTE cars which shows their serious to this year’s
event. It’s a shame that the Porsche overall may not do them justice. The Porsche may have a new
aero package but this wont springboard them to the front by any means. However, a decent strategy
coupled with the experience of their impeccable set of drivers could see them with their best finish

The three drivers are almost faultless by GTE standards. Luhr has great experience in Audi’s while
Bergmeister and Long seem to have been driving Porsches since time began. None of them make
many crucial errors and are all blindingly quick.

Most likely to be: Running just outside the top five in GTE fighting to be the best Porsche in the PRO
class. If all goes to plan up front, they are likely to be sniffing a podium, but if it pans out like last
year then who knows?

Rating: 4/5                                                                        pg. 36
Hankook Team Farnbacher

Car: Ferrari 458 Italia GTC, Number: 89, Tyre: Hankook

Nationality: German


   Dominik Farnbacher        Allan Simonsen      Leh Keen

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: 2nd (GT2)

Description: Hankook Team Farnbacher showed last year what happens if you have a reliable run to
the finish. In 2010 they were far from favourites for many people because of the inconsistency of the
Hankook tyres. They are improving race by race and are definitely a more competitive tyre this year.
The team itself can’t be marked down for effort. They usually are resilient and have shown in the
past that they can recover from disastrous situations. The new 458 Italia should be one of the cars to
beat this year assuming it can run for 24 hours, so don’t for a second count Team Farnbacher out of
the running for a podium or a class victory.

The three drivers for them this year are very well received by all. Farnbacher himself is a very serious
racer who can really come up with the goods most of the time. Simonsen who has experience in
many forms of GT categories is always an asset to a team like this. He knows La Sarthe well and
should be able to compete with the best of the GTE category. Leh Keen on the other hand is an
almost unproven driver who has had a very quiet career so far. His appearances in the Rolex Grand
Am series have been solid and his occasional ALMS stints have shown potential, but Le Mans is a
different story. He may need time to learn the course and the new Ferrari, so don’t expect him to be
quite on pace with the other two in the car.

Most likely to be: Well up front, trying hard to prove that Hankook tyres really are improving while
making a case for a podium spot on Sunday afternoon.

Rating: 4/5                                                                      pg. 37
Entries: 10

Along with the new GTE PRO class comes the GT2 replacement, known as GTE AM. This is the slower
category of GT cars fielded with GT2/GT1 cars that are at least 1 year old, which means the 430
Armada is still present at Le Mans, although far smaller.

The main difference between the classes is the driver selection process. In GTE PRO, teams are not
restricted on who they enter, while in GTE AM only one platinum or gold driver can be entered. In
English this means you can only have one Tom Kristensen or Darren Turner standard driver per
entry. The other two have to be gentlemen drivers or amateurs who have little or no experience.

This year’s inaugural entry is solid and full of variation, which makes it unpredictable due to the
sheer amount of new talent and different cars.

There are obvious favourites though; many of the ten entries are fielded by experienced teams who
seem to be using the class as a driver development program. CRS, Af Corse, Larbe and Team Proton
all have entries in this class and you can be almost certain that the win will come from one of these

It should be an interesting battle though, and very tight up front which makes this class not only
notable, but vital. Some of these young pilots could be drivers of the future, so don’t stray your eyes
too far off this class since there should be surprises around every corner.

2010 winner: 77, Team Felbermayr Proton (GT2 class) Porsche 911 GT3 RSR, Marc Lieb, Wolf
Henzler, Richard Lietz.                                                                      pg. 38
Larbre Competition
                                                                  Cars: Corvette ZR1 GT2, Porsche 911
                                                                  GT3 RSR

                                                                  Numbers: 50, 70,

                                                                  Tyre: Michelin

                                                                  Nationality: French


50    Patrick Bornhauser       Julien Canal     Gabriele Gardel
70    Christophe Bourret       Pascal Gibon      Jean-Philippe Belloc

Class victories: 3 (1993 (GT), 1994 (GTS), 2010 (GT1)) 2010 result: 1 st (GT1)

Description: Last year’s GT1 winners have decided to down grade to the slower of the GT classes this
year but have expanded to running 2 cars. However this is a challenge because they have decided to
run one Corvette and one Porsche. This is an interesting choice and both cars have a chance to win
the class so you can’t knock them for adding variation to the field. Their lovely looking yellow
Corvette is the obvious favourite from their effort; the car should be quicker and hopefully just as
reliable. However the Porsche is a worthy B team effort. The Porsche should fare better against the
AM cars because they are older and therefore not quite as quick.

The two driver trio’s are relatively good for the AM class. Canal and Gardel are obvious stars of their
six drivers and have shown that they are capable of winning. In the other car Belloc is the best of the
three since he has had the most Le Mans experience and have finished as high as 7th in 1997. Then
we have the three rookies that Larbe have fielded. Bornhauser is aged but have good experience
with PSI Experiance in the FIA GT and Bourret is also a newer FIA GT driver. Gibbon has driven for
IMSA performance recently and has shown potential.

Most likely to be: the class of the AM field with the Corvette and a mid pack effort with the Porsche.
If they can get both cars to the finish then they should finish well. The Corvette certainly has the
potential to win the class.

Rating: 4/5                                                                     pg. 39
Krohn Racing

Car: Ferrari F430 GTC, Number: 57, Tyre: Dunlop

Nationality: American


    Tracy Krohn      Nic Jönsson    Michele Rugolo
Class victories: 0 2010 Result: DNF

Description: Krohn Racing is the closest we will get to a Risi backed entry. They have been competing
at La Sarthe since 2007 and have mostly impressed everyone considering they are a team that
generally only competes at Sebring and Le Mans each year. This year however they have decided to
enter themselves for a full ILMC season under the AM category which marks their biggest
commitment yet to professional GT racing. They won at Sebring but had a disastrous outing at Spa.
However that was more down to bad luck than outright performance. The F430 is still a very
competitive GT car, this was shown when AF Corse lead a lot of the Sebring 12 Hours this year in the
Pro class, up against its predecessor and the variety of new GTE cars, so this entry should be one of
the favourites for this year’s AM class.

The set of drivers are pretty solid too. Tracy himself has shown that he has talent when behind the
wheel and more importantly, he has been driving the 430 for years now, so has valuable experience.
Jonsson has also driven at La Sarthe for quite a few years now with White Lightning and Krohn and
has delivered for those teams. Rugolo is a relatively inexperienced driver but has driven at Le Mans
before in a Dome, but apart from that he has only driven in the odd FIA GT, ALMS or GT Open race.

Most likely to be: A very well run group who will keep the car from getting into trouble while
producing very quick laps throughout, especially when Tracy is in the car.

Rating: 5/5                                                                     pg. 40
Gulf AMR Middle East

Car: Aston Martin V8 Vantage GT2, Number: 60, Tyre: Dunlop

Nationality: Emirati


   Fabien Giroix       Roald Goethe       Michael Wainright

Class victories: 0 2010 result: Did not compete

Description: Anyone who followed the Le Mans Series closely last year may have noticed a
Lamborghini who joined the series just for the Silverstone round under the banner of Gulf Team
First. This is the same team. They had a great result at Silverstone last year but don’t be fooled!
Since then it has been pretty disastrous for Gulf AMR Middle East. They didn’t make the start at
Sebring, were off the pace in the test and had to overcome a lot of issues at Spa. This could be down
to the car, or just lack of preparation, only time will tell. The V8 Vantage has certainly got more
potential to run with the rest of the field, but the reliability has been such an issue and therefore
limits its chances down the stretch.

The driver line up is not much to shout about either apart from team owner Fabien Giroix. He has
plenty of experience and is far more advanced in terms of outright ability than his other drivers.
Expect him to be in the car the most and setting the best times of the three. Wainright is a new
driver but has taken part in many valuable events like the Dubai 24 hours. It’s hard to tell what he
will be like but he has shown potential. Goethe has competed in the LMS and the Asian Le Mans
Series recently and this has given him experience. However his lack of 24 hours experience may
really show him up, but let’s hope he can adapt quickly.

Most likely to be: in and out of the garage like a yo-yo until they finally give in and retire. I could be
wrong and I hope I am, but if they can’t even finish a 1000km race without multiple problems then
their chances of finishing the 24 hours are truly slim.

Rating: 1/5                                                                         pg. 41
AF Corse

Car: Ferrari F430 GTE, Number: 61, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: Italian


   Piergiuseppe Perazzini      Marco Cioci     Seán Paul Breslin

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: 95-4th 96-Did not start (GT2)

Description: This entry from AF Corse is a very unpredictable one. Mostly because their result will be
down to how serious their approach is to the AM class. I have no evidence to suggest that they will
use this as no more than a grid filler to test drivers and they must be careful not to underestimate
some of the other teams in the class. It would be too easy to assume that they will win the class
because they have shown that the F430 still has pace at Sebring and because the team itself is
extremely well run. However I have my doubts that they will dominate this year’s race. It’s hard to
pin point exactly what it is that doesn’t seem right about this entry but if anything I think that I am
most worried about how balanced the team’s focus is on each car. This is not to say that they don’t
have a chance, because they do, I just don’t think they will take an easy win.

The driver line-up is very impressive though, Breslin is definitely the class of the team and should
provide their best laps during the race. His multiple wins at other large 24 hour races like Dubai
prove that he has talent. Perazzini has certainly got pace and has raced an awful lot recently in
many GT series. Then we have Cioci, who has appeared in just about every GT category on the planet
recently, and has even got experience with Racing Box in their Lola from last year. A really
impeccable standard of drivers that has obviously exploited some loop holes in the ACO ranking

Most likely to be: Running for a win, and keeping the pressure on for the whole race. They have a lot
of potential, but the drivers don’t have much experience at La Sarthe; is this only downside?

Rating: 5/5                                                                     pg. 42
CRS Racing

Car: Ferrari F430 GTE, Number: 82, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: British


   Pierre Ehret        Shaun Lynn     Roger Willis

Class victories: 0 2010 Result: Did not compete

Description: CRS have been a household name in GT racing for years now. They have had success in
the FIA GT series but made the step over to the LMS when the FIA cancelled their GT2 series plans
last year. I must say that last year was solid at best for them, but this year should see better fortunes
in the AM class because the competition isn’t so fierce. They had a disappointing outing at Paul
Ricard finishing a lap down and their Spa showing was even worse. However they will hopefully get
their act together at La Sarthe and use their experience from the Spa 24 Hours to finish with a
deserved result. I do worry about their seriousness for Le Mans and the future of their LMS program
because of their heavy involvement with McLaren’s GT3 development. We have seen that their
preparation for races has got worse since their racing program has been scaled down. However 24
hours is a long time, and the AM class is most likely to suffer the most from multiple incidents and
mistakes because of the inexperienced drivers and teams.

The driver line-up isn’t bad, but it’s not the class of the field either. Ehert should be quick but I
suspect that Lynn and Willis will struggle if the car isn’t set up well. They don’t have much
experience overall at La Sarthe, or as team mates, but don’t write them off completely.

Most likely to be: Trying to keep up with the class’s finest but ultimately failing to get the most out
of their package. Surely a podium is out of the question, but anything can happen.

Rating: 3/5                                                                         pg. 43
Proton Competition

Car: Porsche 911 GT3 RSR, Number: 88, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: German


   Horst Felbermayr, Jr.      Horst Felbermayr, Sr.       Christian Ried

Class victories: 1 (2010 (GT2)) 2010 Result: 1 st (GT2)

Description: Last year’s GT2 winners are back, and I believe that this entry in the AM class is a real
contender for the outright win. They are full of experience and they have already shown that they
can beat most of the competition after their very convincing class win at Spa. They have superior
strategies, deep car knowledge and the dedication to win. There isn’t much you can fault with the
Proton team. They have shown that the aged GT3 RSR has life, reliability and speed. Watch out
because Felbermayer and the crew are very serious about winning and have nothing more to prove.

The driver line-up is not the best in the class, but the two Felbermayrs have so much experience in
the Porsche that they don’t need any adjustments. Ried, the third driver is not a typical third driver
as he has the most talent of the three; he has been racing in the LMS and FIA GT for ages now and
although he may not have won many races, he is always consistent and a contender.

Most likely to be: Running for class victory and showing the competition the textbook way run at Le
Mans. They have been racing for years at La Sarthe and have always been contenders, this year is no
exception. This entry is their best chance of winning a class at Le Mans.

Rating: 5/5                                                                     pg. 44
Robertson Racing

Car: Doran Ford GT-R Mk. VII, Number: 68, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: American


    David Robertson       Andrea Robertson        Boris Said

Class victories: 0 2010 result: Did not compete

Description: After last year’s three car Ford GT showing with Matech and Marc VDS racing in the GT1
class, this year could be seen as a let down by some. This however is not the case. The GT1s that ran
last year were not ready for Le Mans, partly because they were new and also because they were
running with the FIA spec configurations that were not designed for long races. So even with only
one GT on the grid, there is far more potential. Robertson Racing have been developing this car for a
good few years now and seem far more prepared for this year than the last minute efforts from the
GT1 squads in 2010. The car is reliable but not quite as quick as the other vehicles in the ultra-
competitive ALMS GT class. This car should fare much better though in this AM class. The other
teams are not as well funded and won’t include the experienced driver line-ups that the ALMS has,
therefore they have a chance of a solid finish.

The driver line-up when compared to the other teams seems really competitive. I am really looking
forward to seeing what David Robertson can do at La Sarthe and Said should be one to keep an eye
on. The only let down is Andrea; she has shown pace in the ALMS but often suffers from a severe
drop off in performance on the tail end of stints. The team have recognised this recently, so don’t
expect a triple stint through the night.

Most likely to be: Not too far behind the experienced outfits of Larbe and AF Corse, but not too far
ahead of the stragglers. Expect a solid finish, but not a magnificent one because the car just doesn’t
have the pace to stand up to the well oiled machines from Porsche and Ferrari.

Rating: 3/5                                                                     pg. 45
Flying Lizard Motorsports

Car: Porsche 911 GT3 RSR, Number: 81, Tyre: Michelin

Nationality: American


    Seth Neiman       Darren Law       Spencer Pumpelly

Class victories: 0 2010 result: DNF

Description: I am genuinely excited at seeing what the Flying Lizards can do in the AM class this year.
The car should be a better package against the older field of entries in AM and the team’s
experience at La Sarthe suggests that this could be the year. If a team like this can still ring the neck
out of the 911 GT3 RSR by the time they reach Le Mans, they should be right on pace with the other
teams. In fact, if they can go the distance I would expect at least a podium. Their bad luck streak at
Le Mans has got to end sometime and with two cars this year comes double the chance of a good
result. I just expect that if they do come away with the silverware then it will be from this entry.

The driver line up is arguably the best in the class. Neiman and Law have both been driving for Flying
Lizards for a long time now and know the car extremely well. Pumpelly is the newbie of the trio but
he doesn’t exactly lack experience. He has been racing in Grand Am for some time which includes a
24 hour race. So he knows the endurance ropes better than most in his position this year.

Most likely to be: Running up front and battling for the win, they will be disappointed if they return
to the states with nothing, and so will I. There should be no reason why they can’t be competitive,
unless the car lets them down, which if kept out of trouble is unlikely.

Rating: 5/5                                                                       pg. 46
JMB Motorsport

Car: Ferrari F430 GTE, Number: 83, Tyre: Dunlop

Nationality: Monegasque


   Manuel Rodrigues        Jean-Marc Menahem         Nicolas Marroc

Class victories: 0 2010 result:

Description: JMB have always been a background team when competing in ACO sanctioned series.
They haven’t won much over the year but they always get the most out of their package. They have
been limited by budget in previous years and 2011 is no different. Looking at the lack of sponsors
and mediocre driving talent is evidence of this. JMB are not grid fillers though, they have been
competitive in the past in classes that are harder to win than this. I just don’t think they are podium
material this year. They tend to run to the finish at Le Mans, but have never come away with
stunning results. They can provide an upset to the race but it’s unlikely because this class has its
strong haves and weak have not’s. They will work hard and should qualify quite respectably, just
don’t expect this horse to be too dark.

Marroc is a young driver who is fresh from Formula 3, his experience is therefore shallow so he will
have to properly learn the track before focusing on speed. This could be a setback, but you never
know. Rodrigues isn’t a bad driver but isn’t exactly a demon. Additionaly, I can’t see Menahem
being a noticed driver during the race. Unless god forbids he get’s imbedded into a wall somewhere.
In fact, all three drivers will be very quiet during the race, but that’s what makes JMB what they are,
a quiet team that are deserving of an entry because on Sunday afternoon they may have climbed up
the order since they rarely get into trouble.

Most likely to be: Running behind the best, while pacing the worst. They will most likely finish last of
the classified AM cars because the teams that they are stronger than are likely to retire by the half
way mark. Expect a finish, but not much else.

Rating: 2/5                                                                      pg. 47
Whatever happened to...?
As with any sport, Le Mans evolves. Each year we see small changes, but when the final entry list is
revealed each year there are always some absent teams.

So what’s happened to the team’s from last year’s Le Mans 24 Hours that have disappeared from
this year’s list of participants?


Drayson Racing – Popular team Drayson Racing decided to
change their direction in motorsport at the tail end of last year
and became an entry for the inaugural season of the EV Cup
(Electric Vehicle) starting later this year.

Kolles – Dr Colin Kolles decided to focus his plans on improving
the HRT racing team for their F1 Campaign this year and for the
future sadly at the expense of his Sports car team.

Beechdean Mansell Motorsport – Nigel Mansell’s Team sadly
folded at the end of last year after their support from Beechdean
was ended and his own funds were not enough to keep the team

Michael Lewis/Autocon – It’s not clear what Autocon’s plans are
for this year, but they haven’t made a showing at either of the
ALMS rounds. You can be sure that this is due to lack of funding,
however there are rumours that they will return later this year
with a new updated Lola. Fingers crossed!


Highcroft Racing – Sadly Highcroft have had to pull out of their Le
Mans campaign because their partnership with HPD has been
terminated. They are trying to sort something out for next year
with a new engine and chassis supplier, let’s just hope they will
be just as competitive.

Gerald Welter – Gerald Welter has been very quiet since the end
of last year’s LMS and this may be because of lack of funds. It’s a
real shame that this small team local to Le Mans has to once
again miss the event that Gerald works so hard for.                                                                    pg. 48
Racing Box SRL – Racing box have decided to focus fully on their
motocross side to their team and have sold both of their Lola’s to
other teams.

Pegasus Racing – Pegasus Racing are still running but have
decided to spend 2011 running in the FLM class in the Le Mans
series as a cost cutting measure.

KSM Motorsport – Last year the two owners of the team split up
but Kai Kruse still carried on later into the year with the new Judd
engine to compliment the adapted Lola chassis they were
running. However there is no news so far this year about what
their plans are. Hopefully they can get the funds to return racing
later this year and make a Le Mans comeback in 2012.


Marc VDS Racing – Marc VDS are not running in an ACO
sanctioned series this year, but are still racing their Ford GT’s in
the FIA GT1 championship and the new Blancpain Endurance
Seres. Don’t count them out for a return in the coming years

Matech Competition – The passing of Martin Bartek, (team
principal) has sadly left the team bankrupt. The other teams
(Belgian Racing and Marc VDS) are now finding it hard to get
parts for their GT’s, however there may be hope if someone else
steps in and saves the team and continues the development of
future Ford motorsport plans.

Luc Alphand Adventures – The team has decided to end all their
motorsport plans due to lack of funding and the insurance for the
fire that destroyed most of their assets still hasn’t come through
yet. Last year was a clue that things were not good when they
had to use the DKR Corvettes at Le Mans. Maybe in the near
future we will see them back running Corvette’s in Europe again.

Team JLOC – Team “sit in the garage”, have been silent since last
year’s effort and haven’t shown up in any sort of Lamborghini in
any series so far this year. Perhaps a GTE Gallardo is in
question?                                               pg. 49
Young Driver AMR – Young Driver have been racing successfully
in the GT1 world championship again this year, and even dipped
their toe in GTE PRO at Paul Ricard and the Le Mans test in a
competitive V8 Vantage. They are still on the reserve list, but
they need a further two cars to drop out before they can think
about being on the grid.


BMS Scuderia Italia – Last year’s dream podium still lives on but
this year they haven’t made an entry in the LMS or even Le
Mans itself. In fact they haven’t even entered into any series
since their amazing victory in Spa 24 hours last year (Most likely
because of insignificant funds.)

Spyker Squadron – Spyker have decided to take a gap year and
finish developing their new GT car in the hope to compete with
it next year.

Risi Competitione – the double GT2 class winners have
decided just to field an ALMS campaign is order to keep the
costs down and develop the 458 before they make a Le Mans
challenge. Expect them back for next year.

Jaguar RSR – This year sees RSR fielding two Jags in the ALMS
in order to develop the Jag for their next attack at Le Mans.
Expect them back in a year or two.                                             pg. 50
2011 Results So Far
Here are the winners of all the LMS/ALMS/ILMC rounds from this year’s season so far:

Sebring 12 hrs, ALMS/ILMC, March 19th:

1st LMP1: Team Oreca Matmut, 4, Peugeot 908

1st LMP2: Level 5 Motorsports, 55, Lola B11/40

1st GT: BMW Motorsport, 56, BMW M3 GT

1st GTE AM: Krohn Racing, 57, Ferrari F430 GTE

Paul Ricard 1000KM, LMS, April 3rd:

1st LMP1: Pescarolo Team, 16, Pescarolo 01

1st LMP2: Greaves Motorsport, 41, Zytek Z11SN

1st GTE PRO: JMW Motorsport, 66, Ferrari 458

1st GTE AM: AF Corse, 61, Ferrari F430

Long Beach Grand Prix, ALMS, April 16th:

1st LMP1: Team Cytosport, 6, Lola Aston Martin
DBR 1-2

1st LMP2: Level 5 Motorsport, 33, Lola B11/40

1st GT: BMW Team RLL, 56, BMW M3 GT

Spa Francorchamps 1000KM, ILMC/LMS, 7th May:

1st LMP1: Peugeot Sport Total, 7, Peugeot 908

1st LMP2: TDS Racing, 46, Oreca 03

1st GTE PRO: AF Corse, 41, Ferrari 458 GTC

1st GTE AM: IMSA Performance Matmut, 47,
Porsche 911 GT3 RSR                                                               pg. 51
Le Mans 2010 in pictures:    pg. 52
About The Author
Name: Stephen Kilbey

Age: 16

Dream job: Race team livery designer/Le Mans commentator/Motorsport journalist

Interests: Motorsport, Ice Hockey, American Football, Basketball, Baseball, listening to podcasts
particularly Radio Le Mans, Films, Video Games.

Favourite film: Back to the Future

Favourite Le Mans Teams: Pescarolo Team, Corvette Racing, Audi Sport, Aston Martin Racing,
Oak Racing, Strakka Racing, Flying Lizard Motorsport, BMW Motorsport.

Favourite driver: Tom Kristensen

Le Mans trips: 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, (2011). (Not 2010 because of Exams )

Favourite Le Mans year: 2008. No comment.

Favourite Le Mans car: Audi R10, (It was my first winner so I have no choice )

Why create the guide?: After finding out that we are going to take a close friend who has never been
before I decided to use my knowledge to educate him. (Gavlaaaaaaaar!)

My favourite part of the Le Mans weekend: Waking up at 6:00am on Sunday morning, lying in bed
listening to the cars making sure I can still hear the Corvettes running.

Email:                                                                    pg. 53
This guide is dedicated to two special people.

Jan Roberts - 1956-2011

                   A very loving person who made everyone around her
                   feel cheerful. Le Mans along with all my trips to
                   Newcastle will not be the same without you. You are,
                   and always will be greatly missed by many. Jan
                   attended every Le Mans from 1991-2010.

Martin Bartek - 1967-2011

                   Aside from being such a gentleman to everyone
                   around him, his passion and love for the sport was
                   truly unique. His constant drive to succeed gained him
                   much respect from his team members and his
                   competitors. His drive to bring the Ford GT back to Le
                   Mans last year with his Matech team was a truly
                   memorable and valiant one. A great man and a great
team.                                          pg. 54
With Thanks To:
Michael Sorensen – For agreeing to include his great spotters guide and event timetable as an add-
on for my guide.

Craig McAteer – For offering to upload my guide to his site.

Paul Slinger – For giving me feedback and helping me find errors and mistakes that I have been able
iron out in this second edition.

Gavin B – For giving me the inspiration to create this guide.

Thanks for reading my Le Mans 2011
guide and I hope you all enjoy this
year’s race!                                                                  pg. 55
Le Mans 2011 Timetable:
Sunday 5th June 2011
14:30 – 19.00           Scrutineering (Place Centrale des Jacobins)

Monday 6th June 2011
09:30 - 17:30        Scrutineering (Place Centrale des Jacobins)

Tuesday 7th June 2011
17:00 – 18:00         Drivers’ Autograph Session
22:00 – 00:00         Showing of the film “Le Mans” (Pit Straight)

Wednesday 8th June 2011
16:00 – 20:00         24 Heures du Mans - Practice
20:30 – 21:30         Ferrari Challenge Trofeo - Practice
22:00 – 24:00         24 Heures du Mans - Qualifying

Thursday 9th June 2011
16:00-17:00:           Le Mans Legends - Qualifying
17:30 – 18:30          Ferrari Challenge Trofeo - Qualifying
19:00 – 21:00          24 Heures du Mans - Qualifying
21:15 – 21:35          Demonstration: “Le Mans towards the future”
22:00 – 24:00          24 Heures du Mans - Qualifying

21:00 – 00.00           Concert: “Raphaël” and “Sarah Bessie” (Dunlop Bridge)

Friday 10th June 2011
10:00 – 20:00           Pit Walk
18:00 – 20:00           Drivers' parade (City centre)

21:00 – 00:00           Concert: “Julian Peretta” en “Mia Wallas” (Dunlop Bridge)

Saturday 11th June 2011
09:00 - 09:45         24 Heures du Mans - Warm-Up
10:05 – 10:50         Le Mans Legends – Race
11:15 – 12:00         Ferrari Challenge Trofeo – Race
12:10 – 12:30         Demonstration: “Le Mans towards the future”
14:22                 Beginning of starting procedure 24 Heures du Mans
15:00                 Start of the 79th race of the 24 Heures du Mans

21:00 – 00:00           Concert: “Razorlight” and “Concrete Knives” (Dunlop Bridge)

Sunday 12th June 2011
15:00                 Finish of the 79th of the 24 Heures du Mans

(Subject to change)                                                              pg. 56
                             24 HEURES DU MANS   11-12 JUIN 2011

        Audi Sport Team Joest                Mike ROCKENFELLER
   1                                         Romain DUMAS
        Audi R18 TDI
                                             Timo BERNHARD
        Audi Sport Team Joest                André LOTTERER
   2                                         Benoit TRÉLUYER
        Audi R18 TDI
                                             Marcel FÄSSLER
        Audi Sport North America             Allan McNISH
   3                                         Dindo CAPELLO
        Audi R18 TDI                         Tom KRISTENSEN

        Hope Racing                          Casper ELGAARD
   5                                        Jan LAMMERS
        Oreca Swiss Tech Hybrid
                                             Steve ZACCHIA
        Team Peugeot Total                   Alexander WURZ
   7                                         Anthony DAVIDSON
        Peugeot 908                          Marc GENÉ

        Team Peugeot Total                   Franck MONTAGNY
   8                                         Nicolas MINASSIAN
        Peugeot 908                          Stéphane SARRAZIN

        Team Peugeot Total                   Pedro LAMY
   9                                         Sébastien BOURDAIS
        Peugeot 908                          Simon PAGENAUD
            Team ORECA Matmut          Loïc DUVAL
   10                                  Nicolas LAPIERRE
            Peugeot 908 HDI FAP        Olivier PANIS

            Rebellion Racing           Jeroen BLEEKEMOLEN
   12                                  Neel JANI
            Lola B10/60 Toyota         Nicolas PROST

                                       Andrea BELICCHI
            Rebellion Racing
   13                                  Guy SMITH
            Lola B10/60 Toyota
                                       Jean-Christophe BOUILLON
            Oak Racing                 Guillaume MOREAU
   15                                  Pierre RAGUES
            Oak Pescarolo Judd         Tiago MONTEIRO

            Pescarolo Team             Christophe TINSEAU
   16                                  Emmanuel COLLARD
            Pescarolo 01/Judd          Julien JOUSSE

            Quifel - ASM Team          Miguel AMARAL
   20                                  Olivier PLA
            Zytek 09S Zytek
                                       Warren HUGHES
            Kronos Racing              Bas LEINDERS
   22                                  Maxime MARTIN
            Lola Aston Martin B09/60   Vanina ICKX

            Oak Racing                 Jacques NICOLET
   24                                  Jean-François YVON
            Oak Pescarolo Judd         Richard HEIN                           pg. 58
            Aston Martin Racing      Christian KLIEN
  007                                Darren TURNER
            Aston Martin AMR-One     Stefan MUCKE

            Aston Martin Racing      Adrián FERNÁNDEZ
            Aston Martin AMR-One     Andy MEYRICK
                                     Harold PRIMAT

            Signatech                Franck MAILLEUX
   26                                Lucas ORDOÑEZ
            Oreca 03 Nissan
                                     Soheil AYARI
            Level 5 Motorsport       Christophe BOUCHUT
   33                                João BARBOSA
            Lola - HPD               Scott TUCKER

            Oak Racing               Andrea BARLESI
   35                                Frédéric DA ROCHA
            Oak Pescarolo Judd BMW   Patrice LAFARGUE

            RML                       Ben COLLINS (Sacked   )
   36                                 Mike NEWTON
            HPD ARX-01D              Thomas ERDOS

            PECOM Racing             Luis PÉREZ-COMPANC
   39                                Matias RUSSO
            Lola B11/40 Judd BMW
                                     Pierre KAFFER                          pg. 59
            Race Performance          Marc ROSTAN
   40                                 Michel FREY
            Oreca 03 Judd HK
                                      Ralph MEICHTRY
                                      Karim OJJEH
            Greaves Motorsport
   41                                 Olivier LOMBARD
            Zytek 07S Zytek
                                      Tom KIMBER-SMITH
            Strakka Racing            Danny WATTS
   42                                 Johnny KANE
            HPD ARX-01D
                                      Nick LEVENTIS
            Extrême Limite AM Paris    Fabien ROSIER
   44                                  Jean-René de FOURNOUX
            Norma M200P               Philippe HAEZBROUCK
            Team Oreca Matmut         Alexandre PRÉMAT
   48                                 David HALLYDAY
            Oreca 03 NISMO            Dominik KRAIHAMER
            Oak Racing                Jan CHAROUZ
            Oak Pescarolo Judd BMW    Nicolas DE CREM
                                      Shinji NAKANO

            AF Corse                  Giancarlo FISICHELLA
   51                                 Gianmaria BRUNI
            Ferrari F458 Italia       Toni VILANDER

            BMW Motorsport            Augustus FARFUS
   55                                 Dirk WERNER
            BMW M3 GT                 Jörg MÜLLER                            pg. 60
            BMW Motorsport               Andy PRIAULX
   56                                    Dirk MÜLLER
            BMW M3 GT                   Joey HAND

            Luxury Racing               Anthony BELTOISE
   58                                   François JAKUBOWSKI
            Ferrari F458 Italia         Jean-Denis DELATRAZ

                                         Frédéric MAKOWIECKI
            Luxury Racing               Jaime MELO
            Ferrari F458 Italia         Stéphane ORTELLI

            Lotus Jetalliance           James ROSSITER
   65                                   Johnny MOWLEM
            Lotus Evora                 Jonathan HIRSCHI

            JMW Motorsport              Robert BELL
   66                                   Tim SUGDEN
            Ferrari F458 Italia         Xavier MAASSEN

            AF Corse                    Michael WALTRIP
   71                                   Robert KAUFFMAN
                                        Rui AGUAS
            Ferrari F458 Italia
                                         Antonio GARCIA
            Corvette Racing
   73                                   Olivier BERETTA
            Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1
                                         Tommy MILNER
                                        Jan MAGNUSSEN
            Corvette Racing
            Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1   Oliver GAVIN
                                        Richard WESTBROOK                              pg. 61
            ProSpeed Competition        Jaap Van LAGEN
            Porsche 997 GT3 RSR         Marc GOOSSENS
                                        Marco HOLZER
            IMSA Performance Matmut     Nicolas ARMINDO
   76                                   Patrick PILET
            Porsche 997 GT3 RSR
                                        Raymond NARAC
            Team Felbermayr Proton      Marc LIEB
   77                                   Richard LIETZ
            Porsche 997 GT3 RSR
                                        Wolf HENZLER
            JOTA Sport AMR              Chris BUNCOMBE
   79                                   Sam HANCOCK
            Aston Martin Vantage        Simon DOLAN

            Flying Lizard Motorsports   Jörg BERGMEISTER
   80                                   Lucas LUHR
            Porsche 997 GT3 RSR
                                        Patrick LONG
                                        Abdulaziz AL FAISAL
            Team Felbermayr Proton
            Porsche 997 GT3 RSR         Bryce MILLER
                                        Nick TANDY
                                        Allan SIMONSEN
            Hankook-Team Farnbacher
            Ferrari F458 Italia         Dominik FARNBACHER
                                        Leh KEEN

            Larbre Competition          Gabriel GARDEL
   50                                   Julien CANAL
                                        Patrick BORNHAUSER
            Corvette C6 ZR1                             pg. 62
            Krohn Racing           Michele RUGOLO
   57                              Niclas JÖNSSON
                                   Tracy KROHN
            Ferrari F430

            Gulf AMR Middle East   Fabien GIROUX
   60                              Michael WAINWRIGHT
            Aston Martin Vantage   Roald GOETHE

            AF Corse               Marco CIOCI
   61                              Pierguiseppe PERAZZINI
            Ferrari F430           Sean Paul BRESLIN

            CRS Racing             Pierre EHRET
   62                              Roger WILLS
                                   Shaun LYNN
            Ferrari F430

                                   Christian RIED
            Proton Competition     Horst FELBERMAYER Jnr.
            Porsche 997 GT3 RSR    Horst FELBERMAYER Snr.

            Lotus Jetalliance      John HARTSHORNE
   64                              Martin RICH
            Lotus Evora            Oskar SLINGERLAND

            Robertson Racing       Andrea ROBERTSON
   68                              David MURRAY
            Doran Ford GT
                                   David ROBERTSON
            Larbre Competition     Christophe BOURRET
   70                              Jean-Philippe BELLOC
            Porsche 997 GT3 RSR
                                   Pascal GIBON                          pg. 63
            Flying Lizard Motorsports   Darren LAW
   81                                   Seth NEIMAN
            Porsche 997 GT3 RSR
                                        Spencer PUMPELLY
            JMB Racing                  Jean Marc MENAHEM
   83                                   Nicolas MARROC
            Ferrari 430 GT2
                                        Manu RODRIGUES                           pg. 64