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Am I allergic to penicillin?

I am currently taking penicillin for strep throat and I have had diarrhea (no blood) recently. I have searched around and I can't tell if this is a normal side affect
from taking antibiotics/penicillin or if this is a sign of an allergic reaction. I am fine otherwise so I am thinking it is a side affect but I don't want to take chances.

Asked by Brian at Aug 16,2011 19:40

Best answer

Yeah, sometimes antibiotics can cause diarrhea. Nothing to worry about.

Answer from Mary Kontrarry at Aug 16,2011 19:42

call the doc who prescribed the med. tell them. it,s possible you have issues. don,t wait. it can harm you.

Answer from David at Aug 16,2011 19:42

There are a number of ways to tell if you're allergic to a medication, Most common signs of reactions are rashes, or irritation to the skin. Hives is a big reaction to
such drugs. If you do encounter any of these reactions, you should stop taking the medication, and take Benadryl to counter-act the reaction. Then consult with
the prescribing physician or NPRN asap.

Answer from Mason is LEGIT. at Aug 16,2011 19:48

hives and itching would be noticable if you were would your htroat swelling shut.heartburn diarreah and upset stomach are common.nothing to worry

Answer from amanitas muscaria at Aug 16,2011 20:29

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