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am i allergic to band-aids?

I put a band aid on and it stayed on for about a week and now its bumpy and itches!

Asked by abby1563895 at Aug 13,2011 04:09

you must be insane, 1 week, bandaids are only to be left one for 1 day and then changed to a new one and your cut should normally no longer need a bandaid in
1-3 days,

Answer from Marlon Compton at Aug 13,2011 04:10

To be honest I don't think your supposed to leave band aids on for a week. Your supposed to change them. Lolz

Answer from spazzzzzzy at Aug 13,2011 04:10

Best answer

You might have a latex allergy but you should change your band-aid every day.

Answer from RuRu at Aug 13,2011 04:13

Yes depending on the brand some can cause allergies. and you should change them quicker than a week. I have gone to the hospital for blood tests and end up
with a type of rash on my arm from where they took the blood. I have learned to ask for paper tape.

Answer from READER 1 at Aug 13,2011 04:45

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