1988 by pengxiuhui


									Halloween Letters :

Hi (name),

My name is Peter the Pumpkin and a few days ago a lovely family bought me from the
vegetable section in the store in (town where child lives) and took me back home.

When they got home they took me into their kitchen and the little girl and boy cut me these
pretty eye and mouth holes….aren’t they nice?

Now I am sat outside on top of their wall in a little row of other pumpkin faces all ready for
Halloween. We all have a bright candle inside, and we are so happy that we are smiling at all
the nice children who walk by.

(Maybe you could ask (grown up child knows) to help you make a pumpkin face just like
mine! Remember not to try on your own though. Knives are very sharp and you could get

All of the children are wearing different sorts of incredible costumes and we are having such
fun watching them all!

I have seen some dressed up as ghosts with sheets on, who were running up and down
making ever such realistic ‘Hoodoo’ sounds that I was quite scared.

Others are dressed as little black bats with dust bin bag wings that flap when they move their
arms, so that I almost think that they could fly up into the air!

Others look like witches with great long cloaks and pointed hats made from cardboard, while
others are scary vampires with white faces and plastic fangs, and some are even dressed up
like big round orange pumpkins, just like me! Isn’t that funny?

Will you and (friend 1) and (friend 2) be Trick or Treating this year?
Do remember to ask (name of parent / grown up) to go with you if you do, as even if you
dress up as a scary witch you will still be a very small one and could get lost!

What will you dress up as do you think?

I know that you like the colour (favorite colour). Maybe you can make a nice (favorite
colour) bag to hold all of the candy that people will give you.

Yummy! Seeing all that tasty candy is really making my mouth water. I must be careful not to
put my candle out.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth really well after eating all of those sweets and chocolates!

Well, I must go now as my other pumpkin friends and I are making up special Halloween
songs which we are singing to everyone who walks past.

Maybe you will hear us when you come outside!

Happy Halloween,

Peter the Pumpkin
St Patrick’s Letters :

Hi (name),

My name is Larry the Leprechaun and I live behind a rickety old shed at the bottom of a
garden in the lovely town of (town where child lives).

It is a very nice home because it is very very quiet and the only visitors I get are the baby
rabbits who sometimes come to nibble on the grass next to my secret hiding place.

I quite like having them for company as they are very gentle and their noses are cold and wet
when they give me a little nuzzle to say ‘hello’ in the mornings.

I have such fun when I ride up on their backs and they gallop around the garden. Although I
do have to hold onto their soft fur very tightly, as once when we were racing through the
vegetable patch I nearly fell into the cabbages!

Are rabbits your favorite animals too? Or do you like (child’s favourite animal) like my
friend Fairy Frankie?

At the moment I am packing for a trip away as it is coming up to a very special day for us
leprechauns, St Patrick’s Day, and I always like to travel back to my homeland to see my
other leprechaun friends and celebrate with them.

We have such fun!

I have combed my long red beard especially for the occasion, and am polishing my favorite
black shoes with the big shiny buckle on them too.
I am packing my favorite green travelling suit and cloak, and a special warm hat to keep my
ears warm at night. Green is my favorite color, as it is for all of us leprechauns. What is your
favorite color, (child’s name)?

Are you going to spend your (number) St Patrick’s Day with special friends and relatives?
Will you see (friend 1) and (friend 2)?

Maybe you will spy me whilst I am setting out on my journey, and if you do I will have to
stand very still and grant you a special wish with my leprechaun magic! That is what happens
when you see one of us you know.

Remember not to look away though, because if you do I will be gone in the wink of an eye
and I am very good at vanishing because I am really very shy!

Well, I have many miles to travel and so I really must be going now.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Larry the Leprechaun
Valentine’s Day Letters :

Hi (name),

My name is Charlie the Cherub and I live in a squishy cloud high up in the sky which is like a
huge ball of fluffy cotton wool.

My cloud is a really good place to sit and watch everyone coming and going as you can see
for miles and miles, and all the people look like tiny ants.

This time of the year is very special for me, and also very busy, as it is nearly Valentine’s
Day. Do you know what Valentine’s Day is, (child’s name)?
It is when everyone in the whole world, even us cherubs, remember how much we love our
friends and family and so we make or buy cards with big red hearts or flowers on them.

Red is my favorite color. What is your favorite color? Is it (child’s favorite color) like my
friend Sid the Seagull who comes to visit me in my cloud?

Anyway, the cards often have nice poems inside like ‘Roses are red and violets are blue,
sugar is sweet and so are you’.

They are to remind the person that we are sending the cards to how much we care about
them. Isn’t that nice?

The reason Valentine’s Day is so busy for us cherubs is that we are the ones who deliver all
of the Valentine’s cards.

We also have to fly around the world (for we have wings you know!) to poke the people who
have forgotten to tell their loved ones they care about them.

We have magic golden arrows and a lovely golden bow we use to poke them, and then they
remember the people they care about and give them a big hug.

It is a very important job, isn’t it?

Will you be sending any cards to your friends or family?
What about (friend 1) and (friend 2)?

Well, (child’s name), the reason I am sending you this letter is that I have a special
message from (your name) who wanted to tell you how much they love you on this your
(number) Valentine’s Day.

Isn’t that nice?

Well, I must go as I have lots and lots of cards to deliver.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Charlie the Cherub
Easter Letters :

Hi (name),

My name is Chirpy the Easter Chick and I am very little because I have only just crept out of
my nice warm egg shell.

I am sat in my nest chirping away with all of my brothers and sisters who have all just come
out of their shells too.
We are really quite noisy!

There are lots of other baby animals in the woods and fields around our nest in (town where
child lives) because it is now spring time, and that is the time for new things to appear!

It is also a very special time of year because it is nearly the Easter Festival, which is a lovely
time to celebrate all the new green shoots coming out of the ground, and all the baby animals
that are so cute.

My mummy bird has been telling me and my brothers and sisters all about this lovely time of

She says that a lot of people like to buy each other eggs just like the one I came out of, but
made out of chocolate so that they are a special treat for all of the children to eat.

Sometimes the chocolate Easter eggs are not even shaped like eggs, sometimes they are
shaped like bunny rabbits or even like little Easter chicks like us.
Isn’t that funny, (child’s name)?

Have you got anyone Easter eggs on this your (number) Easter?

Maybe you could ask (adult child knows) to help you make rice crispy cakes covered in
chocolate so that they look like tiny little nests, and then you can put some little chocolate
Easter eggs inside and give them to your family and friends.

You could give one to (relative1) and maybe (friend 1) and (friend 2) too.
Wouldn’t that be fun?

Well, I have to go to sleep now because I am so tired from my very first day with all of my
brothers and sisters.

Happy Easter!

Chirpy the Easter Chick
Christmas Letters :

Hi (name),

My name is Rudolph the Reindeer and I live at the North Pole with lots of my reindeer
friends, the elves and of course Santa and Mrs Claus.

We are having a very busy time at the moment because we have lots of presents to wrap in
shiny paper and pack into the big red sack which fits into the back of Santa’s sleigh. Here,
everybody’s favourite color is red because that is the colour of Christmas. What is your
favourite colour?

We must finish all of our work in time for the night before Christmas, when we have to deliver
the presents to all of the children around the world….like you, (child’s name).
Otherwise wouldn’t everybody be disappointed? That really would not do.

Have you written a letter to Santa this year to let him know what you would like for your
Christmas present? Remember that he only visits the good girls and boys on Christmas Eve.
I am sure that you have been very good, (child’s name).
Ooh, look, I have just found your letter on the top of the ‘good children’ pile…isn’t that nice?
That should mean that you will get the (name of present) that you want so much!

I do enjoy the night of Christmas Eve as Prancer, Dancer, the other reindeers and I soar
above the rooftops with the sound of Santa’s merry chuckle ringing in our ears…it really is
lovely. We fly over the highest mountains and the widest oceans in the world and see all
sorts of strange lands, which are all so different from the North Pole!

We do have some very dramatic moments as we fly over the earth, and have lots of funny
stories to tell about all of the things that we see. Last year we nearly flew into the top of the
Eiffel tower in Paris because it was so foggy. Luckily Santa saw it at the last minute and
managed to do a loop the loop so we just missed it. Ooh, it did give me a fright though.
Have you heard of the Eiffel Tower, (child’s name)?

Then, two years ago we were stood on the roof of a house in India as Santa went down the
chimney to leave presents for the family who lived there, when all of the spicy food smells
went up Blitzen’s nose and he did a big sneeze and nearly fell off! Luckily he wasn’t properly
hurt but only scraped his hoof, and Mrs Claus made it heal quickly with her magic balms
when we got back home again.

Aren’t we lucky to have Mrs Claus to make us feel better? Does (adult child knows) put
magic balm on to your cuts and scrapes if you fall over when you are playing too?

Well, I must go to my stable and have a good snooze because it will be a very busy day

Merry Christmas!

Rudolph the Reindeer
Graduation from Kindergarten Letters :

Hi (name),

My name is Nellie the Elephant and I live in a very hot dry place called Africa with my
mummy and daddy.

I spend my time moving very slowly because it is too hot to be fast, and I like to search for
my favorite places, big mud pools, to bathe in.

All of us elephants absolutely love to sit in the squishy mud, because it is very good for
cooling you down even in the scorching afternoon sun and we don’t have nice cool
kindergarten classrooms like you do in (town where child lives).

When my family and I get really hot and thirsty we plod through the desert to the nearest
water hole. This is a place where all of the animals, the lions, the giraffes, the elephants and
the hippos go to drink their fill and even to have a nice swim and a wash. I bet you didn’t
know that even big elephants love to swim…and we are really quite good at it!

Do you like to swim (child’s name)?

Look at the big bubbles I can blow out of my trunk when I am playing in the water hole. Isn’t it
fun? I have heard that little boys and girls in the town of (town where child lives) can blow
bubbles too. But I don’t think that you have trunks like we do.

Why don’t you ask (adult child knows) to help you make a bubble mixture out of washing up
liquid and water, and then they can show you how to bend a piece of wire into a loop which
you can dip into the mixture and blow bubbles with?
See if you can blow bubbles as big as mine.

Maybe (adult child knows) will help you to paint a picture of all of us animals at the water
hole which you can give to your kindergarten teacher (name of teacher) as a ‘Thank you’
card for when you leave.

My mummy and daddy and I think that you are very grown up as you shall be graduating
from kindergarten soon, and going to the big children’s school.

Imagine all of the stories you will learn to write and the pictures you will paint while you are
there. I am sure that you will become very clever with all of that study.

Maybe (adult child knows) will help you to write a story about me and everything that I get
up to here in the hot desert. I would really like that.

Well, (child’s name), I must be going now as it is time for my afternoon nap and my mummy
is going to tell me a bedtime story.

Happy Graduation!

Nellie the Elephant

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