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Where can I store my lady products?

You know, pads, tampons, panty liners, or menstrual cups (if you use them), where in my house can I keep them? Like what kind of container and where to put it.
I share a bathroom with my mom and brother, if that helps. Help is appreciated! Thanks! Xxxx

Asked by Dana Bonner at Aug 11,2011 23:06

you can keep it in one of those bags that hold bathroom appliances or a regular bag or something or maybe even keep it in your room if you want. hope this helps
and good luck! :D

Answer from Sandra Calovic at Aug 11,2011 23:13

Well in my house its just me, my dad, and my brother. I keep my pads and tampons and things underneath the sink (1 bathroom house). I also used to keep my
lady things in a little bag before I just used the space under the sink.

Answer from Kenzie at Aug 11,2011 23:13

Best answer

Get a non-see through box with a top, then neatly organize your pads,tampons,and panty liners anyway you want them. Then put the box in a empty space under
a sink, cupboard, or your room in your closet.( if you have one)

Answer from at Aug 11,2011 23:28

I have a rubbermaid tub with a lid that I keep under my bathroom sink. I have friends who keep them in a basket, in one of those plastic box things with the pull
out drawers, or just in the box they came in under the sink. I personally like having mine in a lidded container because my sink will leak occasionally and I don't
want my tampons ruined. I did this when i shared a bathroom with my brother and I'm sure he probably looked in it once and never looked again lol! I also keep a
stash of tampons in the inside pocket of my purse and some in my underwear drawer as well, so I have them spread across the house lol. I know some girls will
keep them in their room, but really, it just seems like it woul dbe easier for you to keep them in the bathroom because you'd likely forget to bring one in with you or
somethign like that.

Answer from Alex at Aug 12,2011 05:33

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