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When do a girls boobs stop growing?

I'm almost 15. My boobs aren't the size I'd like them to be really. but I'm not overly that bothered. And I know it's not totally affected by it. but all the females in my
family seem to have quite large boobs compared to me. Have mine stopped growing? Or will they continue to grow?

Asked by Natures Broken Promise at Aug 15,2011 22:18

you still have time to grow. dont worry :)

Answer from Jamie Desiree at Aug 15,2011 22:23

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Breasts will grow at their own pace, as you gain weight your breasts will grow, and as your hormones develop so will your breasts. I doubt yours have stopped
because I am 17 almost 18 and mine are still growing.

Answer from jenjentheelfqueen at Aug 15,2011 22:24

They never stop growing. It depends on your weight sometimes, too. That's why bigger girls never have flat chests. I'm not saying you're skinny or anything,
because I weigh 130 and I only have barely a B. But yeah, your breasts will never stay the same size for a long period of time.

Answer from strawberrykiss at Aug 15,2011 22:25

Don't worry they will continue to grow. But once I started rubbing baby oil on my boobs and they seem to have gotten bigger, so Idk if you wanna try that.

Answer from Miki Dii at Aug 15,2011 22:25

They will continue to grow, so dont worry about it :D Since youve noticed that all the females in your family have large boobs, then you probably will too. Lol(:
Youre still growing but you just dont notice it! Hope I helped! :D

Answer from nicoleex33 at Aug 15,2011 22:28

You've still got a bit of growing to do yet, you aren't quite finished. & in fact, your boobs can grow at any time, if you gain weight, or react to a certain
contraceptive. I think i was around 34C when i was 14/15, by the time i left school and all through my 20s i was 34DD. Then after i had kids i had the
contraceptive implant fitted when i was 30 and my boobs boosted to 34F. I thought i'd always be 34DD but i obviously reacted to the implant, and my boobs have
remained at that size even though i had the implant removed nearly a year ago. So you see, your boobs can grow at any time, but at 14/15 puberty is still taking
place and your body is not yet finished maturing.

Answer from it's me at Aug 16,2011 10:13

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