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					R: Reading / Announcement

S: Script for listening material

A: Sample Ans

L: Listening soundfile

Q3 LBP Content

1.   (R, S, L) Bus Service Elimination

2.   (R, S, L) History Seminars Should Be Shorter

3.   (R, S, L) Campus Dining Club Announced

4.   (R, S, L) Tuition Increase

5.   (R, S, L) Student Health Center Cancellation

6.   (R, S, L) Adding Evening Classes

7.   (R, S, L) New Alternative of Orientation

8.   (R, S, L) Art Gallery Closed

9.   (R, S, L) New Internet Question Website

10. (R, S, L) Off-Campus Apartments

11. (R, S, L) New Art Building

12. (R, S, L) Election Postponed

13. (R, S, L) New Policies of the Computer Lab

14. (R, S, L) Proposed Improvement to the School Health Center

15. (R, S, L) Library Renovation

16. (R, S, L) New Parking Policy

17. (R, S, L) Restrictions on Sport Activities

18. (R, S, L) Dormitory Decoration

19. (R, S, L) Library On-Line Service

20. (R, S, L) Expansion of College Broadcasting

21. (R, S, L) No Parking for Freshman

22. (R, S, L) New Course Credit Policy

23. (R, S, L) Student Center Renovation
24. (R, S, L) University Reduces Number of Family Housing Units

25. (R, S, L) New Cell Phone Policy

26. (R, S, L) News Article – Professor Ratings Survey

Q3 待編真題

(R, S, A) Western Minnesota State University Changes in Parking Regulations

(R, S, A) Monroe University Plagiarism Policy

(R, S) International Internship Program

(R, S) Auditorium Sound System 0721

(R, S) Off Campus Housing 0705

(R, S) Undergraduate Opportunity 20070303

(R, S) New Bus Route 20070901

(R, S) Library Hours 20071008

(R, S) Freshman Orientation 0817

(R, S) University Officials Consider Closing Student Health Center 0915

(R, S) Tutoring Center 0715

(R, S) Metro University Application Deadline Extension for B. Ed. Program

(R, S, A) A New Method to Calculate Credit

(R, S, A) Reconstruction of the Edison Building

(S) Humanities Department Advisor’s Signatures Needed to Register

() Student-teacher Program

() New Computer System

() Student’s Letter about University Mandatory Community Volunteering Job

() Student Workers in Computer Center

() Student’s Letter to Suggest Intro to Computer

() School Launches Community Service Program

() Election Results Delayed

() Recycling System Cancellation

() Library Renovation
() Undergrad Allowed to Take Graduate Classes

(R, S) Foreign Language Requirement

(S, L) Smoking on Campus Illegal

(S, L) Students Not Allowed to Park in Staff Parking Lots

(S, L) Student Union Café Starts to Charge. No More Study Group There.

(S, L) New Auditing Rules

(S, L) Film Studies Syllabus Requirement

(R, S, L) Plagirism

(S, L) Announcement About Males to Female Dorms
From: 口語特訓

Metro University is planning to launch a new on-line graduate degree program. Read the announcement
about the program from the president of Metro University. You will have 45 seconds to read the
announcement. Begin reading now.

                                  Online Graduate Degree Program
 Today, Metro University is launching a unique on-line graduate degree program designed to help
 educators harness the great potential of the Internet and other new technologies. Metro University's
 Master of Educational Technology is the State's first ever distance education degree in educational
 technology to be offered fully on-line. We are proud to say it is also the first on-line distance
 education degree, worldwide, to be offered in both English and Spanish. Metro University credits the
 intensive work in partnership with well-renowned universities in Mexico for the ability to offer this
Now listen to two students as they discuss the announcement.

Student A
     Have you heard of the new on-line graduate degree program?

Student B
     Yes, I have. But I don't get the reason they are going to launch bilingual programs instead of
     English-only programs.

Student A
     Maybe it is to attract more people from Spanish-speaking countries. As you know, there are
     students in a lot of countries such as Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Paraguay interested in this

Student B
     But this is about educational technology. How can the educators communicate with each other, if
     some speak Spanish and others speak English?

Student A
     Well, I heard that students could take the program in either English or Spanish or a combination.
     There will be opportunities for them to share their ideas and experiences with others in different

Student B
     That is exactly what I am talking about. Sharing information and ideas is an important part of the
     program for students who aspire to be educators. Therefore, there should be some kind of
     uniformity in the language that students use. I think English should be the official language for
     students taking this course, no matter where they are from, whether it is from the States or Mexico
     or any of the other countries.

The woman expresses her opinion of a new on-line graduate degree program announced by the president.
State her opinion and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion.
From: OG

The university is planning to eliminate its bus service. Read the announcement about the plan. You will
have 45 seconds to read the announcement. Begin reading now.

                                     Bus Service Elimination Planned

 The university has decided to discontinue its free bus service for students. The reason given for this
 decision is that few students ride the buses and the buses are expensive to operate. Currently, the
 buses run from the center of campus past university buildings and through some of the neighborhoods
 surrounding the campus. The money saved by eliminating the bus service will be used to expand the
 overcrowded student parking lots.

Now listen to two students discussing the article.

      I don’t like the university’s plan.

   Really? I’ve ridden those buses, and sometimes there were only a few people on the bus. It did
   seem like kind of a waste.

      I see your point. But I think the problem is the route’s out-of-date. It only goes through the
      neighborhoods that’ve gotten too expensive for students to live in. It’s ridiculous that they haven’t
      already changed the route--you know, so it goes where most off-campus student live now. I bet if
      they did that, they’d get plenty of student riding those buses.

   Well, at least they’re adding more parking. It’s gotten really tough to find a space.

      That’s the other part I don’t like, actually. Cutting back the bus service and adding parking’s just
      gonna encourage more students to drive on campus. And that’ll just add to the noise around
      campus and create more traffic…and that’ll increase the need for more parking spaces…

   Yeah, I guess I can see your point. Maybe it would be better if more students used the buses
   instead of driving.

      Right. And the university should make it easier to do that, not harder.
From: 20071210 TPO
Now read a letter that a student has written to the university newspaper. You have 50 sec to read the
letter. Begin reading now.

                                  History Seminars Should Be Shorter
 Currently, all of the seminar classes in the history department are three hours long. I would like to
 propose that history seminars be shortened to two hours. I make this proposal for two reasons. First,
 most students just cannot concentrate for three hours straight. I myself have taken these three-hour
 seminars and found them tiring and sometimes boring. Also, when a seminar lasts that long, people
 stop concentrating and stop learning, so the third hour of a three-hour seminar is a waste of
 everyone's time. Two-hour seminars would be much more efficient.

Now listen to two students discussing the letter.
   I totally disagree with Tim’s proposal.
   Well, look. Tim is my friend, but he’s not your typical student. He stays up late partying every
   night, week nights, too.
      If he parties every night, no wonder he can’t pay attention.
   Yes. And most students aren’t like that. They come to class prepared and rested, and they can
      So you are saying the problem is really Tim.
   Yes. He was in one of my classes last year, and whenever I looked at him, he was actually
      I guess if he’s sleeping, he can’t really know what’s happening, what other people in class are
   And you wanna know what does happen in that last hour of seminar? In a lot of seminars that I’ve
   been in, that’s when things get interesting.
   Yes, that’s usually when students get really involved in a discussion and start exchanging
   important ideas. And if the history department actually did what Tim suggests, well, if they did that,
   what would happen is that you’d lose what might be the most worthwhile part of a seminar.
The woman expresses her opinion about the proposal that her friend Tim made in his letter to the
newspaper. State her opinion about his proposal and explain the reasons she gives for her opinion.
From: 20080308 TPO
The university has announced a new policy regarding dining services. Read an article about it in the
student newspaper. You have 50 sec to read the article. Begin reading now.

                                    Campus Dining Club Announced
 Starting this year, the university dining hall will be transformed into The Campus Dining Club for
 one week at the end of each semester. During the last week of each semester, the dining hall will
 feature special meals prepared by the university’s culinary arts students. The school feels that this
 will give students who are studying cooking and food preparation valuable experience that will help
 them later, when they pursue careers. The university has announced that it will charge a small
 additional fee for these dinners in order to pay for the special gourmet food ingredients that will be
   Did you see that article?
      Yeah, and it sounds like a great idea. It’s really good for the students in that program.
   Don’t they cook in class anyway?
      Well, yeah, they do. But my cousin was in the program a few years ago, and she said that it’s very
      different to cook for a lot of people in that kind of atmosphere than to cook for classmates.
   Why is that?
      Well, in class, you can take your time. But cooking for more people, there is more pressure. I mean,
      you are in a rush, people are waiting, and it might be easy to make mistake with all that stress.
   Then they’ll think you’re a bad chef, right?
   So, ok, it’s good practice. But what about the extra cost?
      Well, look at it this way, you’ve eaten in some of the fancy restaurants in town right?
   Yeah, there are some great places to eat around here.
      Well, these students, they’ll be making fantastic meals and it’s gonna be cheaper than going out to
      one of those restaurants.
   Much cheaper, actually.
      So, you know, it’ll be worth it. The meals would be as good as the ones in those expensive
From: TOP

City University is planning to increase tuition and fees. Read the announcement about the increase from
the president of City University. You will have 45 seconds to read the announcement. Begin reading

                                            Tuition Increase

 The university has decided to increase tuition and fees for all students by approximately 8 percent
 next semester. For the past 5 years, the tuition and fees have remained the same, but it is necessary to
 increase them now for several reasons. The university has many more students than we had five years
 ago, and we must hire additional professors to teach these students. We have also made a new
 commitment to research and technology, and will be renovating and upgrading our laboratory
 facilities to better meet our students’ needs.

Now listen to two students as they discuss the announcement.

Student A
     Oh great, now we have to come up with more money for next semester.

Student B
     Yeah, I know, but I can see why. When I first started here, classes were so much smaller than they
     are now. With this many students, it’s hard to get the personal attention you need...

Student A
     Yeah, I guess you’re right. You know, in some classes I can’t even get a seat. And I couldn’t take
     the math course I wanted to because it was already full when I signed up.

Student B
     And the other thing is, well, I am kind of worried about not being able to get a job after I graduate.

Student A
     Why? I mean you’re doing really well in your classes, aren’t you?

Student B
     I’m doing ok, but the facilities here are so limited. There are some great new experiments in
     microbiology that we can’t even do here... there isn’t enough equipment in the laboratories, and the
     equipment they have is out of date. How am I going to compete for jobs with people who have
     practical research experience? I think the extra tuition will be a good investment.

The woman expresses her opinion of the announcement made by the university president. State her
opinion and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 1

                                  Student Health Center Cancellation

 The university has decided to cancel the student health center on campus. The reason is that a new
 hospital has been opened recently in the local community. Because the new hospital is very close to
 the campus and most students can have convenient access to it, and also because the new hospital
 comes with a lot of first class medial equipment, which the student health center lacks, the student
 health center’s existence is not justified anymore. Also, the money saved by canceling the student
 health center will be used to amplify the library storage.

   I can’t believe this! They are canceling the student health center! How can they do this without
   even a hearing with the student union?

      Er... I think they have a rather good reason for doing this. They say the new community hospital is
      pretty close, isn’t it?

   Well, I see your point. But the fact is that the new hospital is at least 10-15 minutes driving
      distance away from our campus. If some students don’t have the proper transportation, or if they
      have the vehicle but get too sick to drive, it can be a real problem.

      Right! The student health center is within walking distance so the students can simply walk there.
      But the community hospital has better facilities, which is a good thing, right?

   Oh! No, I don’t like that fancy equipment, no matter how expensive it is. You know, most students
      see doctors for very minor problems like a cold, the flu, or sports injuries. Our health center
      usually provides adequate treatment for these minor health problems.

      You are quite right in saying this. But at least the opening of a new hospital won’t make it worse.
      Just look on the bright side!

   To be honest, I am not that optimistic. Can you imagine many students will drive a long distance to
   the hospital and wait for hours in line, just for very little problems like a cold? Of course not! I
      think once the student health center has been canceled, most people with minor health problems
      will just let it be instead of going to that big, fancy hospital.

The woman expresses her opinion of the school’s cancellation of the student health center. State her
opinion and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 2

                                          Adding Evening Classes

 The school computer lab has planned to add a few evening classes to its opening schedule. Usually,
 the computer lab only opens from 9am to 5pm on weekdays. Nevertheless, because of the rapid
 increase of student numbers in recent years and the limited seats of the computer lab, it has become
 progressively difficult to meet each student’s requirements. Therefore, in order to be able to serve the
 students better, the administrators have decided to add evening class in the computer lab from 6pm to
 9pm, Monday to Friday.

   Did you hear about it? They are adding new classes in the evening.

      Yes, I have read the school announcement. But I couldn’t see their points in changing the opening
      schedule of the computer lab.

   How come? I think they changed the schedule so that more students could be able to take
   advantage of the computers there.

      Well, I believe this plan is totally unnecessary. In addition to full time study in the day time, we all
      should have some personal life in the evening, right? How can they add classes at night without
      even bothering to ask for our opinions?

   Oh, yeah. I agree. I do have some swimming courses to take at night. So this change of the opening
   schedule won’t really help me that much.

      Besides, night classes mean having to pay professors extra money for working beyond the regular
      hours. However, with all that extra money, the computer lab could have easily afforded additional
      computers to meet all the students’ requirements.

   Right. That is true.

The man expresses his opinion of the university’s plan. State his opinion and explain the reasons he
gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 3

                                     New Alternative of Orientation

 The university has decided to make a change to the first-year student orientation grogram. Usually, all
 first-year students are highly recommended to take the two-day hiking trip orientation as part of the
 school tradition. However, the school authorities have made the decision of replacing the two-day
 hiking trip with a new orientation consisting of only one-day hiking or a one-day game. Either of
 them is available to first-year students, depending on each individual’s choice. By composing this
 major adjustment, the school is reasoning that freshmen students may be more willing to welcome a
 short orientation and also the new orientation is easier for students to make their individual choice.

   Look at the news! They are changing the orientation!

      Oh, good! Eventually, they put their feet on the right side.

   So, you really think the new orientation program is better, don’t you?

      Well, I mean we have all experienced that two-day hiking trip as freshmen, right? I don’t really
      like it, to be honest. You know how busy the first-year students can be when they start school.
      They have to visit the senior students, talk to the professors, get acquainted with their new
      roommates, pay their tuitions, register for the new courses and such and such. So, a two-day
      orientation program simply makes it too difficult for new students, because they have to spend the
      whole weekends on one thing. As a result, some students will simply choose to drop out the

   Aha, I get your points. The one-day orientation certainly leaves more time to first-year students, so
   that they can deal with their own business.

      Right! And the school also offers an alternative orientation for freshmen. You see that? The news
      says "a new orientation consists of only one-day hiking or one-day game", which means first-year
      students can choose either of them. This is also good for students because some students simply
      have very little interest in hiking, or maybe they don’t want to become too exhausted after the field
      trip. Then they can choose to stay on campus and have some fun. Isn’t it great?

   Right, it is certainly better.

The man expresses his opinion of the university’s plan. State his opinion and explain the reasons he
gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 4

                                             Art Gallery Closed

 The university is going to close the art gallery and redecorate it into an office building. This decision
 is based on the following rationale: firstly, the school has noticed that the art gallery is taken
 advantage of by art majors for display only occasionally. More often, it remains empty. Secondly,
 even during the period of exhibition, few students pay a visit to the gallery.

   Did you read the school newspaper? The art gallery will be closed in a few days.

      Hum, I knew the decision. You know what? I am going to write an e-mail to the Dean to complain
      about this plan.

   So, what are you complaining about? It looks they have done nothing wrong a-bout it. You know,
   not too many art majors take the advantage of the gallery and display their works there.

      Ah, that is true, obviously. But... but they see only part of the truth.

   What do you mean?

      Well, let me put it this way. The reason that many art majors don’t display their works in the
      gallery is that they take the chance of exhibiting in the galley very seriously. So they always wait
      until everything is perfect before sending their works to the exhibition.

   Aha, I didn’t know it before. Then how would you explain that only very few students come to the
   gallery even during the period of exhibition?

      We will probably have to blame the school for its poor communication. The publicity of new
      exhibitions is often late and inaccurate. There were even quite a few times that when we finally
      saw the introduction of an art display in the school newspaper, the exhibition was over already.

The man expresses his opinion of the university’s plan. State his opinion and explain the reasons he
gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 5

                                    New Internet Question Website

 The university health center has become overcrowded recently. Actually, Southern University, the
 university located in another state, faced a similar situation a few years ago. However, what they did
 was to establish an internet question website, which provided answers to simple health questions
 from students. Since many simple health programs had been solved successfully through the internet,
 students visiting the school health center soon found out that they didn’t have to wait in long lines
 like before. Thus , the fund raised up by our university to build a new health center could instead be
 used to establish an internet question website.

      Hi, Lisa. Did you hear about that student’s proposal? He wants to establish a health question
      website instead of a new health center.
   Yeah, I knew that proposal. But it doesn’t make too much sense to me.
      Oh, I didn’t expect you would be so critical towards the website thing.
   I don’t believe the question website can really reduce students’ health problems. First, you know,
   the weather here can be really, really bad in winter days. Thus, definitely more students would
   catch a cold here than in Southern University. We need a real health center, not merely a website,
   to treat colds.
      But, look at the example of Southern University. It is said that Southern University had
      successfully reduce the number of students visiting the health center by establishing a question
   Hum, that is the tricky part. They said fewer students visited the health center last winter because
   of the opening of the website, right? Actually, fewer students went to see doctors because last year
   we had an especially warm winter in the south. Of course fewer students in Southern University
   caught colds then.
      Well, it is so complicated. So, what do you suggest to deal with the health problem here?
   Aha, that is the second point I am going to cover. I believe the best solution to our health problem
   is to hire more doctors. Have you noticed that we are gaining bigger and bigger student numbers in
   recent years? However, the number of doctors working in the school health center has maintained
   the same. Therefore, many students have to wait for hours before they can receive the doctors’
The woman expresses her opinion of the student’s proposal about how to utilize the health fund. State
her opinion and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 6

                                         Off Campus Apartments

 The university has planned to build off-campus apartments in local communities. The decision is
 based on the following considerations: firstly, apartments off campus help to save limited campus
 areas and therefore leave more space for student activities. Secondly, students dwelling off campus
 usually have better chances to increase their daily communication with local communities, which is
 essential for their social experience and future job hunting.

   Look at that "smart" decision! I can’t believe they are going to make us live off campus!

      Oh, yes... I read the newspaper this morning. It seems they believe their decision is justified for
      some good reasons.

   Oh, no! You really think so? Don’t you see their reasons are so ridiculous?

      Well, er... maybe, maybe you are on a better ground to judge. So what’s your point toward this
      off-campus apartments decision?

   It is, of course, a bad idea. I am sorry I have to say that, but do you really believe that building
   apartments off campus will help to save campus spaces? You know, if students cannot live on
   campus, they will have to drive to campus instead and we will actually need more parking spaces
   for the increased cars.

      Right! Now I start to get your point. So, we actually need apartments on campus and not vice

   Of course we do. To be honest, although living in local communities helps students to increase
   their social contacts, it is still not a good idea because the students are actually going to lose the
   chance to participate in school activities. Which is more important, social contact or school
   activities? Don’t forget we are students anyway.

      Yeah. You are right. The school should consider its plan again.

The woman expresses her opinion of the university’s plan. State her opinion and explain the reasons she
gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 7

                                             New Art Building

 The university has decided to construct a new art building to help advance the office and teaching
 facilities of the arts department. This is because the school administrators are reasoning that the
 current art building was designed half a century ago and it no longer meets today’s requirement. In
 addition, since the neighboring universities all have developed their new art buildings one or two
 years ago, the school authorities believe it may also help to attract upcoming arts students as soon as
 the new construction is accomplished.

   Look! It is time!


   Oh, I mean the school is doing the right thing by building a new art building. The old one has been
   long criticised by arts professors and applied arts students for being too dark. You know, good art
   buildings must have large and bright windows.

      Well, I don’t quite get it. If it is simply too dark, why don’t you turn on the lights?

   Aha, you don’t practice drawing, do you? Look, when you are drawing a picture, it is really
   important to have plenty of natural light, because artificial light always makes it difficult to catch
   the real color.

      Now I see! I am sorry I didn’t know it before. You know I am not an artist. So the university is
      really doing a good thing this time.

   That is right! We all know that the arts professors here are really the first-rate, but the old, rundown
   art building doesn’t seem to match our reputation at all. You know that community college across
   the town? Their arts department is not as good as ours, but because they have a splendid, new art
   building, many prospective students choose to go there for this reason. So, I am pretty sure the new
   building is also helpful in attracting new students.

The woman expresses her opinion of the university’s plan. State her opinion and explain the reasons she
gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 8

                                            Election Postponed

 The university has determined to postpone the student union election. Normally, the election of he
 student union is carried out every May as part of the school tradition. However, the coming election
 of this year will be held on September instead, because the school authorities have noticed that many
 students become fully involved with their finals and graduations on May. Therefore, rearranging the
 election to September could encourage more students to vote. Furthermore, since many new students
 are expected to be coming by September, they will also be given the chance to vote for their favorite

      Oh, no! I can’t believe they are going to rearrange the election.

   The... election? Oh, you mean the election of the student union, right? I think they postponed the
      election to September because more students can vote that time.

      God, I didn’t expect that they were so naive. To put it in this way, I don’t think this new policy
      works. First, of course most students are busy with their finals and papers and everything else in
      May, but in September, the beginning of a new semester, most students are actually equally busy.
      You know, we have to select new courses, talk to professors and find new apartments. Therefore, I
      don’t think many more students will vote in September than in May.

   Well, I guess you are right. So, how about the upcoming students? They can vote in September

      You mean those first-year students? Come on! You’d better forget it. Remember when we were
      first-year students here, the NO. 1 issue was always to get familiar with the new environment. We
      had a thousand things to ask at that moment.

   Right, the first year is always the toughest. We had so much to worry about.

      There you go. So I don’t believe many first-year students can really get familiar with those election
      candidates, not to mention voting for the right one.

The man expresses his opinion towards the university’s plan. State his opinion and explain the reasons
he gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 9

                                        New Policies of the Computer Lab

 The university computer lab is currently under a new reformation. A few new policies will be added
 to its regulations to ensure the computer lab provides its best quality service to students. Firstly, not
 all students are qualified to apply for the job as a computer lab assistant, according to the new policy.
 Instead, only students who have successfully finished the introduction courses or have relevant
 working experiences can apply for this job. Secondly, no technicians will be hired as technical
 supervisors in the computer lab anymore.

      Hi , David. I will tell you some good news! They announced a new policy in the computer lab.

      Oh, yeah? Tell me what is new about it.

      So, it looks you really don’t know anything about it yet. Hum... first, they will stop hiring assistants without
      relevant working experience or proper training. This is cool. I mean I totally understand why they are
      making this change. Last semester when I tried to get my final paper printed out one hour before the
      deadline, the printer suddenly crashed. You know what, all they should have done was to resend my file to
      another printer and everything would be fine. But the student assistant didn’t know how to do the operation.
      Er... that was terrible.

      Right. I know many other students who had similar experiences there. And is that all about the new policy?

      Not really. The second change of the computer lab is that they stop hiring technicians as supervisors in the

      I don’t quite get it. What’s the point?

      You know, the computer lab is usually open from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m., five days a week. That is because all
      supervisors only work during regular hours. Since new student assistants all should have some working
      experience or training about computers, the lab doesn’t need computer supervisors anymore. Therefore, it
      may prolong its working hours. For example, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week.

      That will be nice. Good for us.

The woman expresses her opinion of the university’s plan. State her opinion and explain the reasons she gives for
holding that opinion.
From: 真經 10

                          Proposed Improvement to the School Health Center

 The school health center has become very crowded in recent years. Many students visiting the health
 center find out that they have to wait in long lines before receiving medical treatments. In addition,
 they also notice that most doctors working in the health center are already overworked. Therefore,
 some changes should be made to improve the quality of the service of the health center. Firstly, the
 number of doctors working in the health center should be increased so that more students could be
 helped at the same moment. Secondly, the health center should be open during the weekends so that
 fewer students will come to see doctors from Monday to Friday.

   Hi, Doran. Did you hear the suggestion of changing our school health center?

      Oh, yes, I did. But I won’t think too much of the suggestion. It is... too naive.

   What makes you say that? The suggestion seems fine for me.

      Well, I don’t mean to let you down. But the two improvements suggested by the student simply
      won’t work. Er... let me put it this way. First, he wants to add new doctors to the health center. But
      we all understand how small the clinic rooms are there. Additional doctors only make the crowd

   Hum, I have to say you are right.

      Second, that student also suggests that the health center should be open on the weekends. This
      suggestion can be a pure waste of medical resources since most students don’t stay on campus for
      the weekends and thus there won’t be a big demand for medical treatment. Actually, students all
      have some other business to deal with then.

   Right, that applies to me. I usually go back home on the weekends.

      You know what we should do to truly improve the health center? We need to add bigger clinic
      rooms and more staff there.

The man expresses his opinion towards the student’s suggestion. State his opinion and explain the
reasons he gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 11

                                           Library Renovation

 The library is going to make a few renovations based on the students’ feedbacks. Firstly, the old, dirty
 carpet inside the library will be replaced by wooden floors. This is because wooden floors are
 relatively easy for cleaning and maintenance compared with carpets. Secondly, a few art works and
 paintings will be added to the entrance of the library as part of the improved interior decoration.
 Thirdly, many other outdated devices will be renewed to meet the student’ requirements.

   Hum, they are doing the right thing this time.

      You mean the library renovation? Come on! That is the most stupid improvement I have ever heard
      about. Look, a few months ago, the library sent a questionnaire to many students to ask for
      feedback suggestions about the renovation. Now it seems they only pick up the least important
      advice to carry out the improvement.

   Aha, it looks like you don’t really like the renovation.

      Well, I can’t like it anyway. You know once they change the carpet into wooden floors, there will
      be so much noise in the library that you won’t be able to concentrate on reading. It is a library and
      it is supposed to be quiet, right?

   That is correct. I get your point.

      To make it worse, they waste our money by hanging paintings at the entrance. But who cares?
      Nobody pays attention to the pictures. What a waste!

   Well, it depends. Maybe I would like to stop for a while to appreciate the paintings.

      Maybe. They believe that replacing outdated equipment will meet all students’ concerns. But
      actually, that is only one of our many concerns. Remember there are always people like me who
      want more materials in the reference section.

The man expresses his opinion of the library’s plan. State his opinion and explain the reasons he gives
for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 12

                                           New Parking Policy

 The school administrators have decided to allow only students living off-campus to use the school
 parking lots. This is because many students living off-campus complain to the parking administration
 that they have to drive to school everyday but they often cannot find enough parking spaces in the
 school parking lots. Therefore students living on-campus are strongly recommended to find other
 transportation than driving private vehicles.

   I can’t believe the school is changing the parking policy again! This is the third time they have
   made changes, isn’t it?

      But this time is the worst. Don’t you see how unfair is it for us? We are not allowed to use the
      school parking lots simply because we live on campus. But, even students living in school
      dormitories have to drive sometimes. Yes, it is true that we don’t have to drive to school everyday,
      but we need to visit some other places quite often. Take me as an example: I have to drive to the
      supermarkets, nearby restaurants and movie theaters almost each week. In addition, I have a
      part-time job this semester so I have to drive to work every afternoon.

   Hmm, sounds like you do have a good reason to complain. So, what would you suggest to help
   those students who drive to school everyday?

      Well, I don’t know everything. But based on the current situation, this problem cannot be too

   Oh, yeah? What is your solution then?

      It is easy. I believe those students who cannot find parking spaces in school only have themselves
      to blame. If they drive to school a little bit earlier than they usually do, they can certainly find
      enough parking spaces.

The man expresses his opinion of the university’s plan. State his opinion and explain the reasons he
gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 13

                                    Restrictions on Sport Activities

 Southern University has come to a decision that students are no longer permitted to play soccer on the
 empty lawn in front of the school gate. Instead students can lodge an application to the administration
 department if they want to play soccer in the school court. This restricting policy is based on the
 following considerations: firstly, playing soccer in front of the school gate may seriously lower the
 impression of visitors towards Southern University, because Southern University has long established
 its reputation as a very formal and academic institution. Secondly, soccer players usually litter after a

      Well, no soccer games anymore. Many of us won’t have as much fun as before.

   Aha, I feel sorry for you boys. This new policy really sucks.

      Thanks for your understanding. The announcement stated that playing soccer games in front of the
      gate will decrease peoples’ impression of this school.

   That doesn’t make any sense. Yes, Southern University is a very formal, very academic institution.
   But it doesn’t mean students here shouldn’t have any sports activities. Actually, in any first-rate
   institution, sports must be regarded as important as academics. I am pretty sure that many visitors
   are attracted to Southern University not only because of its academic reputation, but also because
   of its famous sport spirits.

      Right! That is exactly what I was about to say. But the school also blames the soccer players for
      littering. What do you say about this?

   Ha, the trash? That is the easy part. You know why people litter after a soccer game? It is because
   the school never bothers to put dustbins around that empty place in front of the school gate. So, I
   am sure once the school notices this silly mistake and starts to put more trash bins around, it will
   be much better.

The woman expresses her opinion towards the university’s restrictions. State her opinion and explain the
reasons she gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 14

                                         Dormitory Decoration

 The housing department recently notices that the lodging rate of school dormitories has dropped 20%
 since last year. The reason that many students keep moving out is believed to be involved with the
 poor interior decoration of the dormitories. Thus, the housing department has decided to gradually
 redecorate all dormitories in two years. It is expected that after the accomplishment of this
 renovation, new lights and furniture will be installed to encourage more students to move back.

      Well. It sounds pretty cool. The school announcement says they will renovate the student
      dormitories. Good for us, right?

   I wouldn’t be that optimistic, if I were you. I don’t really think many students will like the
   renovation and move back like they expect.

      But... why? The housing on campus really... really sucks. Sorry for that word. But I think it is time
      for some redecoration to be done.

   Look, the whole process of construction will last for two years according to the announcement,
   right? It definitely produces a large amount of noise in this period. Then what happens? More
   students will be driven to move out because of the noise.

      Hmm, sounds reasonable. But after the renovation, I mean when everything is done about the
      reconstruction, don’t you think many students will choose to move back?

   Of course they won’t! Don’t forget that the renovation will last for two years. Considering the
   workers’ salary, the materials, the new furniture and everything else, the cost will be very
   expensive then. Who will pay the bill eventually? Of course the students living there. I am sure the
   school will seriously increase the dormitory fees soon after the renovation, in order to balance their
   budget. Then, because the fees are too high, many more students will move out.

The woman expresses her opinion of the university’s plan. State her opinion and explain the reasons she
gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 15

                                          Library Online Service

 The library is currently under a process of modernization. Some major academic journals and
 references will be scanned into digital files, which are accessible through the many linkages on the
 library homepage. Once the library’s e-upgrade is successfully finished, hard copies of relevant
 references and journals will no longer be available for students. Instead, registered students can log
 on their personal accounts on the library homepage and online explore the digital versions of books

   Hi, Tom. I am just back from the library. Did you read about the announcement on the notice

      Er, you mean the on-line service of the library, right? Yes, I did read about it.

   Wow, that can be a big, big change for the library. We don’t have to go to the library to loan books.

      It is, apparently, some very exciting news. You know, last time I went to the library for a reference
      book and accidentally heard someone talking about rebuilding the library.

   Rebuilding the library? For what?

      Well, that guy’s logic was rather clear: because we need more books in the library, we need more
      book shelves to hold them. And once we purchase more book shelves, we need a bigger library to
      display them.

   But a new library must cost tons of money.

      That is correct. Millions of bucks for a new library to be more exact. Now, since many books can
      be scanned into digital files, we have saved that large amount of money for a new library. In
      addition, for me an on-line library is not only cheaper, but also faster. Many students have laptops
      with them and go on-line whenever they like for free, as long as they stay on campus. In addition,
      there are some new desktops in the living-room of school dormitories. Students could easily access
      the references they need with-out any procedures and trouble.

The man expresses his opinion of the university’s plan. State his opinion and explain the reasons he
gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 16

                                   Expansion of College Broadcasting

 The university is proposing to enlarge the ranges of the school radio broadcasting. Before the
 expansion, the school broadcasting only covers campus areas and local neighborhood. However, with
 this new spreading-out strategy, areas such as nearby towns and rural villages will all be included.
 The university believes that the advantages for this expansion are obvious: Firstly, new programs
 could be added to current broadcasting, so more students would enjoy listening to the school radio.
 Secondly, since many more listeners are drawn in than before, the school station may have a bigger
 possibility of making money through casting commercial advertisement.

   Wow, this is cool! We can enjoy a much better radio service from now.

      Come on. It is simply an expansion of broadcasting. What is the big deal about it?

   Aha, you think this is only about a choice between country music and rock and roll, don’t you?
   Actually, this change of school radio brings plenty of opportunities for us.

      Really? Can you please explain your point a little bit? I don’t quite get it.

   Hmm, let me put it this way. First, the expansion of broadcasting will certainly add some new
   programs to its list, besides the regular academic ones. This is great because we can diversify our
   channels of information. I mean, maybe we can start to know some real-life audience who may
   help, when we graduate and want to find some jobs.

      Wow... interesting. Is that the best thing you can say about the expansion? I guess I have a seminar
      to catch at seven. So... er... so I may want to take off now.

   Hold on. Let me finish this. The best part about this radio reformation is that once the university
   starts to make money through commercials, they will have to spend the money on doing research
   and setting up scholarships. I knew a high school classmate who is studying in the college across
   the city. That college made a lot of money as soon as they set up the college radio station. And you
      know what, most of this money went into scholarships.

The woman expresses her opinion of the university’s plan. State her opinion and explain the reasons she
gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 17

                                          No Parking for Freshman

 Because of the increasing shortage of parking spaces on campus, the university has decided to forbid
 first-year undergraduates from parking on campus. First-year students can either take advantage of
 the parking lots in local communities or convert to public transportation. By making this decision, the
 school authorities are reasoning that the parking spaces saved therefore could be used to help other
 senior students. In addition, all first-year students are highly recommended to live on campus to
 become more familiar with the school environment.

   Did you see that school announcement? No parking for freshmen anymore.

      Oh, yes. I heard about it. It is so unfair for first-year students.

   Right. But it is good for us, isn’t it? We could have more space to park anyway.

      Well, not really, if you ask me. Look, only 85 freshmen apply for parking spaces this year. Actually,
      the shortage of parking spaces is far beyond 85. Besides, there will be further needs in the future,
      as the number of students increases.

   Yeah, I guess you are right. So what do you suggest to solve this parking problem?

      You know there is an empty place right in front of the football stadium? I believe that place should
      be cleared up and used for extra parking needs. That will be good as a long term solution.

   Right, that sounds cool.

The man expresses his opinion of the university’s plan. State his opinion and explain the reasons he
gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 18

                                        New Course Credit Policy

 Western University has decided to offer a new course credit policy to undergraduate students. Before
 the application of this policy, undergraduate students taking graduate courses can only receive credits
 for their undergraduate program. However, according to the new policy, all distinguished
 undergraduates who take graduate courses from now on can receive credits for both undergraduate
 and graduate programs. It means that if these outstanding students choose a graduate program in
 Western University, after their graduation, they don’t have to take the same courses again. This new
 policy is believed to be very helpful in encouraging top undergraduates to stay in Western University
 for their graduate study.

   Did you hear about the new policy? It looks good, right?
      Oh, no! It doesn’t look that great for me. Actually, I think they are going to mess up the whole
   Is it really that bad? What makes you say so? It has nothing to do with our graduate students,
      Well, you know, the best part of graduate education is that it always keeps seminars on a very
      small scale. I enjoy the intense discussion and drawing a lot of personal attention from professors,
      but if too many undergraduates choose to take graduate courses, I am afraid that we have to say
      "goodbye" to small classes forever.
   Aha, I get your point. It really sucks.
      To make it worse, because most undergraduate students taking graduate courses are so smart, they
      may look down upon us. In addition, er... I think this policy is harmful not only for us, but also for
      the undergraduates too.
   Really? I had thought they are going to love it. But why do you say that?
      I think it’s rather obvious. Graduate study is supposed to be a good chance for you to see different
      people, visit different places, and perhaps even live in totally different environments. Take me as
      an example, I took my undergraduate study in another state and went to Western University for my
      master’s degree. Personally, I have benefited a lot from this experience. So, I think the
      undergraduates shouldn’t be encouraged to stay in the same school for their graduate study.
The man expresses his opinion of the university’s new policy. State his opinion and explain the reasons
he gives for holding that opinion.
From: 真經 19

                                       Student Center Renovation

 The student center, which was built several decades ago, is now out-dated and needs inside-out
 renovation. The reasons are rather obvious: first, the tables in the student center cafeteria are so big
 that many students feel uncomfortable because it is difficult to get enough personal attention when
 chatting. As a matter of fact, students prefer to have the big tables divided into much smaller personal
 units. Second, because the study rooms in the center are always crowded and noisy, students find it
 hard to concentrate on their books. Therefore, many would be pleased if the renovation could also
 enlarge the study rooms and put in mo seats.

      Hum... a renovation of the Student Center? It sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?
   I am not very sure about that. Actually, to be honest, I think the whole renovation plan is a waste of
   the school’s money.
      Come on! What makes you say so?
   Look, the school’s money is always limited. There are plenty of other important things they can do
   with the fund saved from the renovation plan. For example, they can set up new scholarships for
   incoming students, expanding the library collections and such and such. But renovating the Student
   Center? Oh, that would be the least important.
      Well, sounds reasonable. But can you please explain it a little bit more? Why do you think it is less
      important to have a new Student Center?
   Did you ever read the reasons listed in that letter? Yes, I agree that the tables in the cafeteria are
   probably too big, but what’s the deal? We go to the cafeteria mostly for lunch and supper and big
   tables function just as well as small ones. Plus, if some students want to develop personal
   relationships over a dining table, there are plenty of bars and restaurants out of campus where they
   will be more than welcome.
      True. So we don’t have to spend precious school money on those stupid tables. But... how about
      the study rooms in the Student Center? Don’t we need more seats and tables there?
   The problem is... few students really go to the Student Center to study. Everybody in the study
   rooms keeps talking and laughing. The noise there is so distracting that even if more tables and
   seats are added, you still can’t focus on the reading any-way. So why bother to renovate the rooms?
   Actually, if students really want to get some homework done, they should go to the library instead.
      Got your points. I guess you are right.
The woman expresses her opinion towards the complaint letter. State her opinion and explain the reasons
she gives for holding that opinion.
From: North Star Intermediate
The university is planning to eliminate its housing program for married students. Read the article from the
university newspaper about the plan. You will have 45 seconds to read the article. Begin reading now.

                           University Reduces Number of Family Housing Units
 University officials have announced that they plan to reduce the number of housing units assigned to
 students with families. In particular, Green Apartments, which are located in the northwest corner of
 campus and are currently part of the university’s family housing program, will no longer be used for
 student housing. Housing representatives say that many of the apartments have gone uninhabited in
 recent years. They can no longer afford to maintain the buildings for the few residents currently
 living there. Officials say the buildings will be renovated and turned into offices for faculty.
Now listen to an excerpt on the same topic.
      You must be pretty upset about this new housing plan. That’s where you live, right?
   Right. I don’t know what we’re going to do.
      You don’t want to live off campus?
   Too expensive. It would be impossible to find a place in town with rent as low as we pay here. Not to
   mention that we don’t have a car, so...
      You could apply for another building on campus...?
   Maybe, but they’re usually full. And there’s a waiting list.
      That doesn’t make sense. Why are there so many sitting empty in Green then?
   It’s because of the condition of the buildings. They need new carpeting ...and paint. They’re a mess. There
   probably haven’t been any improvements made in 10 years.
      Well, it’s definitely a mess outside of the buildings-it’s muddy... no grass ever grows there.
   Exactly. But if they fixed up the buildings ...and the grounds... and maybe put in a play area for kids
   outside ...then I bet lots of married students would want to move in.
      And they’re going to have to renovate anyway....
   Right, so why not do it for married students?
      I guess some professors would be pretty unhappy though.
   I don’t see why faculty would want to be way up there in that area. It’s not near any of the class
   buildings-it’s mostly dorms around there.
The students are discussing the new housing plan. First describe the plan. Then explain why the woman agrees or
disagrees with the plan.
From: North Star High-Intermediate

The administration of Centerville University has announced a new policy. Read the following
announcement in the university newspaper about the policy. You will have 45 seconds to read the
announcement. Begin reading now.

                                         New Cell Phone Policy

 The university administration has announced a new, campus-wide policy on cell phones. The policy
 states that all students must turn off their cell phones before entering the classroom or face
 disciplinary action. The decision to implement this policy was based on an increasing number of
 complaints from both faculty and students about the disruption cell phones cause in the classroom.
 The disciplinary actions are as follows: If students’ phones ring in class, they may be asked to leave.
 Upon repeated offenses, a faculty member may penalize students by lowering their class grade.

Now listen to a conversation on the same topic.

Student 1
     I’m so glad the administration’s finally doing something about this.

Student 2
     Really? I mean, I didn’t think it was a big enough problem to warrant an official policy.

Student 1
     Are you kidding? At least once a week, I hear some kind of electronic symphony or some other
     ringing melody in the middle of a lecture. And, it’s not just that. Some people even answer their
     phones and have conversations ...in class ... unbelievable! Who can concentrate with all that noise?!
     It gets worse every semester.

Student 2
     The punishment seems pretty harsh though.

Student 1
     Oh, that’s what I like about it the most. If that part weren’t in there, people wouldn’t take it
     seriously. The problem’s serious ... and the punishment should be too. If they don’t take a firm
     stand now, it’s just going to keep getting worse.

Student 2
     Yeah, I guess you’re right. Maybe this policy is for the best.

The woman expresses her opinion of the administration’s new policy. Explain what the university plans
to do. Then explain why the woman agrees or disagrees with the policy.
From: North Star Advanced
Northern University’s professors have made a request of the university’s student association. Read the
following article in the student newspaper describing the request and the student association’s response
to it. You will have 45 seconds to read the announcement. Begin reading now.

                               News Article – Professor Ratings Survey
 The student association has rejected a request by the university’s professors to stop publishing the
 Professor Ratings Survey. This popular report, which the student association publishes each year,
 gives students the opportunity to evaluate their professors by filling out questionnaires, which the
 student association then collects. Based on these questionnaires, the professors are assigned ratings.
 The professors say that the survey is irresponsible, because the ratings are inaccurate and unfair. The
 student association says it disagrees strongly and claims that the professors want to impose

Now listen to an excerpt on the same topic.
Student A
     I don’t think the professors are being unreasonable.
Student B
     You can’t be serious! We have a right to express our opinions.
Student A
     I see what you’re getting at, but not in this case. SB: What do you mean?
Student A
     Well, students who get high grades are going to say nice things about their professors. But if they
     don’t get the grade they want, they’ll say their professors are bad teachers.
Student B
     Yeah, but...
Student A
     Look, students here ...we get to choose what classes we take, right?
Student B
Student A
     And we get to pick our professors, right? Listen, I know one professor here who’s a wonderful
     teacher. But she’s a hard grader. You have to work hard to get a good grade in her class. So last
     year, a lot of students got low grades. And guess what?
Student B
     They wrote a lot of negative comments?
Student A
     Right, and that was bad for the students too, ’cause no one signed up for her course this year.
Student B
     No one?
Student A
     Well, hardly anyone. And the students who didn’t sign up missed out on a great experience, ’cause
     like I said, she’s a really great teacher, and they could have learned a lot from her.
The student discusses his opinion of the professors’ request. Explain what the professors want and why
the student agrees or disagrees with their request.
From: Beta    Unit 4    Track 4.1

Student A
     Hey, John, Don’t let anyone see you smoking that cigarette!

Student B
     Why? Is it illegal?

Student A
     Well, it’s not allowed on campus. Didn’t you see the notice?

Student B
     No, what notice?

Student A
     There’s an announcement from the president on the main notice board. Smoking is not allowed
     anywhere on campus.

Student B
     Even outside?

Student A
     Yup. Even outside!

Student B
     But that’s not fair! I need to smoke sometimes. It helps me to stay awake and concentrate in class
     if I have a smoke first. I always smoke outside, and I don’t litter’ either. I don’t think smoking
     outside is going to hurt anyone, is it?

Student A
     Well, I think it’s a good idea to ban smoking on campus, actually. Smoking not only damages your
     health but other people’s health too. If you smoke near me, you’re affecting my right to live in a
     smoke-free environment.

Student B
     But smokers have rights too!

Student A
     Well, smoking on campus is not allowed, so I guess you’ll just have to give up smoking!

Student B
     Yeah, it looks like I’ll have to.

Track 4.1Q
The man expresses his opinion of the notice from the president of the university. State his opinion and
explain the reasons why he holds that opinion.
Track 4.6 Conversation 1
Student A
     Hi Mark. What’s up? You look worried?
Student B
     Oh, hi Judy. Well, I think my motorcycle got stolen.
Student A
     Oh no, really? That’s terrible. Where did you leave it?
Student B
     I parked it in the staff parking lot, but it’s not there now.
Student A
     Well, they probably removed it.
Student B
     Really? Why would they do that?
Student A
     Haven’t you seen the notice from campus admin?
Student B
     No. What does it say?
Student A
     Students are not allowed to park in the staff parking lot. It says they will tow vehicles that don’t
     belong to staff members.
Student B
     Oh no. That’s crazy! So where are we supposed to park?
Student A
     Well, according to the notice, on Campus Road and in the lot on Dean Street.
Student B
     But that’s miles away from the lecture halls. I’ll have to walk clear across campus to get from there
     to my lectures.
Student A
     Well, maybe walking across campus might be good for you, Mark.
Student B
     I think they should provide more parking for students nearer the lecture halls. I mean there are
     more students than staff! And so many students have cars and motorcycles nowadays.
Student A
     Well, I guess you’re right.
Track 4.6Q
The man expresses his opinion about the announcement made by the campus administration. What is his
opinion and why does he hold it?
Track 4.4     Conversation 2

Student A
     It looks like we’ll have to find a new place for our study group.

Student B
     Why do you say that?

Student A
     Well, the Student Union Cafe is going to have a minimum charge of $4 per student.

Student B
     Wow, that’s a lot.

Student A
     Yes, and we’re not allowed to bring our own food there any more.

Student B
     I wonder why they have that rule?

Student A
     I heard that some students were spending the whole day in the cafe, taking up two or three tables
     with their study groups, bringing their own lunch and not spending any money in the cafe.

Student B
     Well, I can understand the cafe’s point of view. I mean they need to make money too, right?

Student A
     Well, I guess that’s true, but I think $4 is quite a lot of money for a coffee or a drink, especially for
     poor students. And now where are we going to study?

Student B
     What about the library?

Student A
     We could go there, but the only trouble with the library is that you’re not allowed to talk or eat

Student B
     Hmm. What about the coffee shop on Franklin Street?

Student A
     That sounds good to me. Let’s ask the others what they think.

Track 4.4Q

How does the students’ conversation add to the information presented in the reading passage?
Track 4.7     Conversation 3
Student A
     Hi Sally. Are you going to Professor Clarke’s lecture on American law today?
Student B
     Hey Steve. Uh, yeah. Are you?
Student A
     Yes, I think so. He’s such a good teacher. I love listening to his lectures.
Student B
     I didn’t know that law was a required class for you?
Student A
     Well, it’s not, but I find Professor Clarke’s lectures really interesting and helpful for my social
     policy course.
Student B
     Did you register?
Student A
     No. I’ll just turn up and sit at the back as usual.
Student B
     Well, I hope he lets you in.
Student A
     Why? What do you mean?
Student B
     Haven’t you seen the notice about the new policy for auditing classes? Student A: No. What’s the
     new policy?
Student B
     You have to get permission from the professor before you attend.
Student A
     Oh really? That’s a bit much.
Student B
     No, I think it’s a good idea. Last week I couldn’t get into my American history class because there
     were so many students who hadn’t registered for the course but were just there because they
     wanted to hear the lecture. There were no seats for me, and I’m a registered history major! This
     way they can make sure the students who need the classes can actually get to hear them.
Student A
     Well, I guess you’re right. Well, I’m going to run ahead and get permission from Professor Clarke
     to audit his class. See you there.
Student B
Track 4.7Q
What is the woman’s reaction to the notice from the academic administration department?
Track 4.5     Conversation 4

Student A
     Have you seen this week’s movie, Lily?
Student B
     No, not yet.
Student A
     Oh, well, Professor Stanley is not going to be pleased with you!
Student B
Student A
     Haven’t you seen his announcement about watching the movies before you come to class?
Student B
     No, what does it say?
Student A
     It says you’re supposed to watch all the movies before you come to the class so that you can
     participate in the discussions.
Student B
     Oh, well, that’s not easy for me. I’m so busy that I don’t have time to watch every movie on the
Student A
     Yes, but I think it’s a good idea. If you’ve seen the movie before the class then you can take part in
     the discussions. Sometimes the discussions are really boring because not enough people have seen
     the movie.
Student B
     Yes, but sometimes the movies are difficult to get hold of because they only have a few copies in
     the library, and I can’t afford to rent movies from the video shop all the time.
Student A
     Well, why don’t we arrange to watch them together?
Student B
     OK, that’s a good idea. So what’s the movie for the next class?
Student A
     Interview with a Vampire, directed by Neil Jordan.
Student B
     Oh, that’s OK. I’ve already seen it. So you think I can come to the class? Student A: I guess you
Track 4.5Q
The woman expresses her opinion about the film studies syllabus requirement. What is her opinion and
why does she hold it?
From: Beta Mock Test 1         Task 3
There has been some concern at the university about plagiarism. Read the announcement from the
professor about plagiarism. You have 45 seconds to read the announcement. Begin reading now.

Now listen to two students as they discuss the announcement.
Student A
     Hi, Mary, you look worried? Are you OK?
Student B
     Well, I just saw the notice from Professor Clark about plagiarism, and I’m worried about it.
Student A
     Plagiarism? What’s that?
Student B
     You know, it’s when you take words or ideas from something you’ve read and you include them in
     your own essay, but you don’t say where you got them. The reader might think you wrote the
     sentence, when actually you borrowed it from another writer.
Student A
     Oh. But what’s so bad about that?
Student B
     Well, it’s dishonest for one thing. It’s not your idea, it’s someone else’s, and you’re stealing it if
     you don’t say where you got it.
Student A
     Oh, I see. So what’s your problem with that?
Student B
     Well, on my last geology, assignment I used a whole paragraph from my textbook, but I forgot to
     source it, you know, I forgot to mention where I got the paragraph from. I put the assignment off
     until the last minute and I had to finish it in a hurry.
Student A
     OK. Well, I’m sure if you let Professor Clark know and give him the source separately he’ll
Student B
     You think? I don’t want him to think I’m dishonest, or that I was trying to steal someone else’s
     ideas. That would be horrible.
Student A
     No, I’m sure if you explain that you forgot, he’ll understand. Just talk about it with him and be
     more careful in the future.
Student B
     OK. Thanks, Paul.
Student A
     That’s OK.
How does the information in the listening passage relate to the information in the reading passage?
From: Beta Mock Test 2        Task 3
There has been some concern at the university about male visitors to the female dorms. Read the
announcement from the campus administration department about male visitors to the female dorms. You
have 45 seconds to read the announcement. Begin reading now.

Now listen to two students as they discuss the announcement.
Student A
     Hi, Julie. Can I come to your room tonight to watch that Italian movie you were talking about? I’ll
     bring something to drink and we can chill out. What do you say?
Student B
     Well, Chris, that sounds great. I’d love to have some company, but unfortunately I don’t think it’s
     going to work.
Student A
     Why not?
Student B
     Well, they put up a notice about male visitors to the dorms no men allowed in the dorms after
Student A
     That’s terrible. Why do they have that rule?
Student B
     I’m not sure. I think some students were concerned about seeing strangers in the dormitory at all
     hours and they must’ve complained to the university. I heard that a few guys - friends of some of
     the students living here - had actually moved into the dorm without informing the university, and
     that’s obviously against the rules.
Student A
     Well, I can understand that, but what about female visitors to the dorms after seven?
Student B
     Hmm. It doesn’t say anything about that.
Student A
     Well, that’s not fair, is it? I mean, I thought there was a gender equality policy on campus.
Student B
     I guess not.
Student A
     Well, would you like to come to my room to watch the movie?
Student B
     OK, sounds good.
Student A
     You’ll have to bring the drinks then! And don’t forget the movie!
Student B
     OK, OK! See you tonight.
How does the conversation add to the information in the reading passage? Please begin speaking after
the beep.

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