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Pros and Cons: Nuva Ring, Birth Control or an IUD?

This is my first time being on any kind of contraception besides a condom. I'm not sure what to pick. My doctor says to get the IUD because I'll have trouble
remembering to take birth control pills. Yet my mom says IUDs can cause serious problems. What should I do? or Pick?

Asked by CountryStar22 at Aug 15,2011 23:41

Every woman I know who has gotten an IUD (about 4 total) has had it removed within a month due to severe pain. Every woman ANY of my friends know
(probably around 10) who has gotten and IUD has had it removed within about 3 months due to severe pain. I think doctors are really pressuring women to get
IUD's now. I have no idea why. It wasn't like that 10 years ago but my own doctor keeps pressuring me too. I did some research and the companies that make
IUDs specifically state that they are NOT recommended for women who have not had children yet. The reason is because they have to go in through your cervix
to place it and those who have not had any children (like me and you) have very tight cervixes. I looked at a lot of online chats about it and women without
children say that even having one put in was excruciating because the doctor would not give them any pain medication. I honestly have not found one woman
who has had an IUD who has anything good to say about it. Most of them contain the exact same hormones as birth control pills but instead of giving you lighter
periods like most pills they give you extremely heavy periods. I don't see why doctors are so convinced that women are morons that can't remember to take a pill
once a day. It's, frankly, quite insulting. I'd go with the pill (I am on one now) or the ring.

Answer from RoseBud at Aug 15,2011 23:47

Best answer

Well, here are some things to keep in mind: * Insertion and removal. The IUD has to be inserted, and some people report it is very painful (like very bad
cramping). Compare this to the Nuva Ring, which you (and not a doctor) puts in and takes out very simply. * Price. The IUD is more expensive at the outset, but
that's also because it can last between 5-12 years. * Typical use effectiveness. While both methods are quite effective at preventing pregnancy, the Nuva Ring
has more possibilities for human error. The IUD is between 99.4% and 99.9% effective in perfect use and the Nuva Ring is 99.7% effective in perfect use, but
when it comes to the Nuva Ring, it goes down to only 92% effective when typical use is taken into account (the same is not true of the IUD). Some people have
IUD's and love them; others had them and hated every minute of it. Unfortunately, it's hard to know how you'll react to one until you have it. Quite honestly, I
would suggest trying the Nuvaring first, since it's cheaper and if you decide it's not for you, you just stop using it, and then go about finding something better, or
trying the IUD. Hope that helps!

Answer from Gwennie B at Aug 16,2011 00:13

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