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Period problems:S.?

well ive been SO stressed out lately due to family problems & ive missed my period 2times in a row im waiting now to see if i get it. I have been getting bad period
pains.I usually start during 27th-29th. Im still a virgin and im only 13. Any other reasons? :S

Asked by Fabolous;Loso at Aug 11,2011 11:08

Best answer

You might be switching cycles, it happens alot, and ask your mom if her period is off to, because usually the daughter and the mom have the same cycle, this has
happened to me before to and im a virgin! and 13.

Answer from Kristin(: at Aug 11,2011 11:09

Stress (as well as diet, heat and some other factors) can definitely cause changes in your cycle, however missing a period 2 times in a row should raise a red
flag. Your body is still changing and it would be best to see your doctor as this might be a sign of a serious problem Good luck!

Answer from Lisa Collins at Aug 11,2011 11:13

It takes a while to regulate your period. Don't worry about it, it will take care of itself. The very worse thing you can do is worry about it. Focus on other aspects of
your life that you can have some control over.this is not one of them.

Answer from Jeanne at Aug 11,2011 11:17

No pet, the stress will do it. Don't worry about it, it will come in its own good time. If you're getting bad cramps, heat helps. Use a heating pad or a hot water bottle
wrapped in a towel. One of your belly and one on your back will help you a lot.

Answer from Orla C at Aug 11,2011 11:24

It is normal, I missed my period to. Sorry for the bad rating at my question and that I r. You, ididnt read the answer correctly :'(

Answer from Ss Cc at Aug 12,2011 02:35

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