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my tampon was leaking?

i put it in 3 hours ago and i went to the bathroom and it was leaking like crazy! so i pulled it out and it was really bloody but it didnt open up it stayed in like an
eggish shape. y didnt it opne up? and wuz it full? and ididnt think tampons ever leaked?
i used tampax sport regular

Asked by caroline fovervre at Aug 11,2011 00:26

what brand was it honey? bet it was one of those cheapy ones.

Answer from Vj Shredder at Aug 11,2011 00:27

you have AIDS

Answer from Tyler at Aug 11,2011 00:27

Best answer

It can happen. Sometimes the tampon goes in a little crooked, so blood can leak around it. Sometimes your flow can be so heavy that it can cause leakage too
because the tampon can't expand quick enough.

Answer from kathy_is_a_nurse at Aug 11,2011 00:29

You should try a different brand, or the kind for heavy flow. That might help.

Answer from TheNextKeshaa at Aug 11,2011 00:31

Tampons will leak if you don't have the right absorbency or if you keep them in too long. The absorbencies range from light to super heavy. Try going up one or
changing them more frequently. Another thing to do when you wear a tampon is to also wear a panty liner. Panty liners catch any extra blood that the tampon
can't hold.

Answer from The Wise One. at Aug 11,2011 00:36

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