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My period is still late?

My period is about a week late, My chances of getting pregnant are very slim, i posted on here a week ago. I finally took a test and it was negative, so i have NO
idea why i'm late. Oh yeah, i used to get my period on the 2nd week of the month but than it changed to the last week of the month, so i'm thinking that could be a
reason why?

Asked by <3333 at Aug 10,2011 08:59

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It is normal for the preiod to slowly move and change times and dates, assuming you're not on the pill. If it does not come within 10days of when it should go and
see your doctor. You will most probably need a blood test if the problem is not clear but usually it will be nothing to worry about as all us girls are different and
annoyingly our bodies work in unusual ways. It could be down to a heavy drinking session? Exercise? Hormones changes? Change of eating habits?

Answer from EighteenEchoes at Aug 10,2011 09:05

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