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My boobs are growning?!?!?

My boobs are currently in the process of growing because I'm on my period, so ik their is nothing to do to make them grow bigger but is their any foods I can eat
to enhance their growing or anything I can do? Thanks(:

Asked by Jessica Perry at Aug 15,2011 23:48

Soy milk. They have estrogen which will make boobs bigger

Answer from mr. know it all at Aug 15,2011 23:50

Just keep the right nutrition and stay healthy. Don't be overweight, but don't be underweight either (being underweight can cause them to be small).

Answer from dragon3025 at Aug 15,2011 23:52

Best answer

No there is nothing. Soy milk is a myth. Estrogen in soy is not enough to cause any growth. They are not growing because you are on your period, they are
growing because you are in puberty.

Answer from navyboy763 at Aug 15,2011 23:52

i wish there was -__- get a pushup bra they always make it look like your boobs are bigger !

Answer from Aly Worn at Aug 15,2011 23:53

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