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Missing period while on the pill, should I worry?

I have been on the pill for almost a year now and have always been regular, but this month I am spotting yet having all my lovely pms symptoms. Should I worry?
I HIGHLY doubt it's pregnancy? any thoughts?

Asked by Emily at Aug 11,2011 10:08

I wouldn't be worried, Irregular periods while on birth control is completely normal, even if it's been regular so far.

Answer from Taylor Nieuwdorp at Aug 11,2011 10:12

Best answer

It's normal, if you read up on your birth control information it'll tell you so. I always had normal periods while on the pill, until my sixth month. I missed it that
month, and the next few months were very light and spotty. I'm not pregnant, it's just the pill. Hope I helped. :)

Answer from Ali.Sets.HerFriends.On.Fire. at Aug 11,2011 10:13

the pill is only 99% effective with perfect use (taken at the SAME time EVERY day). I would take a pregnancy test just to be safe, but it could also be that your pill
isn't working anymore and needs to be switched to a different dosage, especially if you have been on it for over 2 years

Answer from Ashley G at Aug 11,2011 10:14

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