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					Hunter School of Nursing
Recruitment DVD
Draft #7- 8/18/2011

VIDEO--TK                      AUDIO
9-mins/27-secs (less into/outro) version

2:00 min Intro                          [Music start strong, fade into VO]

Open with Hunter logo and graphic that VO: The educational experience
says “The Hunter-Bellevue School of    at the Hunter School of Nursing
Nursing Experience”                    is exceptional. Consistently
                                       ranked one of the best public
                                       Schools of Nursing in the
                                       country, it is a vibrant place for
                                       learning, a place where both
                                       students and faculty grow
                                       beyond their expectations.

Student holds sign reading              VO: Students come to Hunter for
“Academics!”                            many reasons, including its high
                                        academic standards.

                                        Pres: We’re the only school in the
                                        world to have graduated two women
                                        Nobel prize winners in Medicine. And
                                        that tradition continues today with our
                                        extraordinary success of our women
                                        in science.

Graphic: Hunter inspires a love for     S3: I wasn’t looking for a piece of
learning.                               cake kind of program, I wanted
                                        something that would be able to
                                        challenge me mentally and

Use pics here of Library exterior and   VO: School of Nursing students
lab                                     and faculty enjoy outstanding
                                        resources, including the
                                        Brookdale Health Professions
                                        Library and the Nursing Skills

                                        F1: The environment is exciting, it
                                        facilitiates learning, and there are
                                        wonderful resources available.
_________________________________________________________________              1
Hunter School of Nursing
Recruitment DVD
Draft #7- 8/18/2011

VIDEO--TK                           AUDIO

Graphic:                                   VO: And the Hunter School of
                                           Nursing leverages the latest
Video                                      innovative technological tools for
CAI                                        teaching.
High-Fidelity Simulation
Electronic Databases                       F2: Hunter nursing students are able
PDA Integration                            to practice real-life clinical conditions,
                                           high-risk in a well-equipped skills
                                           nursing lab.
Shot of that freaky talking dummy in
the lab                                    F5: Our graduates leave prepared to
                                           work in the most sophisticated health
                                           care settings, utilizing “state of the
                                           science” clinical information and other
                                           high-tech health tools.

                                           VO: Hunter students also benefit
Student holds sign reading                 from the real-world experience of
“Opportunity!”                             our professors, who understand
                                           some of the best learning
                                           opportunities are hands on.

                                           F1: We offer more than the traditional
                                           ivory tower academics, from the
                                           bedside to the classroom. Many of us
                                           are practicing clinicians and also
                                           engaged in clinical research. So we
                                           work hard, for our students, to open
                                           doors and to train them outside of the

                                           S3: I wanted to learn from professors
                                           that were still in the field, so that I
                                           could get that real-life perspective in
                                           the classroom.

                                           VO: Thanks to its location on
Use photos I sent of NYU, Bellevue,        Hospital Row, in the heart of
etc. here, to replace some of the VO. If   Manhattan, Hunter can offer its
necessary, id each place below the shot    nursing students training in the
and make a composite showing all 3 or      city’s leading health institutions.
_________________________________________________________________                   2
Hunter School of Nursing
Recruitment DVD
Draft #7- 8/18/2011

VIDEO--TK                            AUDIO
 4 at once if that saves time.
                                        F3: Students come to Hunter-Bellevue
                                        School of Nursing because the faculty
                                        here are well-connected in all types of
                                        settings acute as well as community
                                        based organizations throughout the
                                        New York city area, and we really try
                                        to get our students involved in all
                                        settings to get as much as they can
                                        from their academic learning

                                        VO: Students work hard, but
 Student holds sign reading “Fun!”      when it is time to have fun, it
                                        isn’t tough to find. Barron’s calls
                                        Hunter “a dynamic campus” with
                                        an energy that “makes the
                                        campus sizzle.”

                                        S2: There is always something going
                                        on at Hunter every night. There are
                                        over 130 clubs! And with so many
                                        programs, there are always new
                                        people to meet, things to do.

                                        VO: Students as well as faculty
 Student holds sign reading “New York   are drawn to Hunter because of
 City!”                                 its location in the “City that
                                        Never Sleeps.”

                                        S2: NYC is one of the most vibrant,
                                        diverse cities in the world and the
                                        Hunter campus reflects that—it’s
                                        edgy, smart, and creative. The 24/7
                                        spirit of the city brings out the best in

                                        F2: I love the accessibility of the city’s
                                        restaurants, the parks, the museums
                                        and all the astounding cultural events
                                        that occur here.

_________________________________________________________________                3
Hunter School of Nursing
Recruitment DVD
Draft #7- 8/18/2011

VIDEO--TK                           AUDIO
                                        VO: The Hunter campus reflects
Student holds sign reading “Diversity!” the city’s diversity, with students
                                        from over 100 countries
                                        attending. Hunter represents a
                                        microcosm of the world and
                                        prepares students for living and
                                        working in a global society.

                                       Pres: It’s a wonderful mix of people
Campus shots emphasizing variety,      learning from each other, and the
diversity                              faculty is extraordinarily diverse.

                                       F1: I think Hunter provides an
                                       encouraging atmosphere for students
                                       with [from] diverse backgrounds.

                                       VO: The Hunter School of Nursing
New Graphic—“Great faculty make a      faculty is also exceptional.
great nursing program”                 Accomplished and dedicated,
                                       they generously share their
                                       knowledge, experience, and time
                                       with students, helping them
                                       succeed not just in their chosen
                                       programs, but in their careers as

                                       F2: Our nursing program is very
                                       challenging and it’s very rigorous—
                                       and we certainly prepare our nurses
                                       to be caring and competent
                                       professionals in the field, and we
                                       instill a love for lifelong learning, as
                                       well as develop leadership skills for
                                       the future of nursing.

                                       VO: Faculty also recognize the
                                       challenges many students face—
                                       juggling work, family, and
                                       school—and offer the support and
                                       flexibility students need to
                                       manage it all.

_________________________________________________________________                 4
Hunter School of Nursing
Recruitment DVD
Draft #7- 8/18/2011

VIDEO--TK                        AUDIO
                                     GS1: I was really impressed on how
                                     the nursing faculty is very accessible
                                     to me. They offered guidance, and
                                     support, and also flexibility to my
                                     school and work life.

                                       VO: The Hunter School of
                                       Nursing’s long-standing
                                       commitment to public service
                                       also sets it apart from other
                                       programs, and faculty teach
                                       these values by example.

                                       F4: Hunter’s mission in meeting the
                                       underserved population of New York
                                       city is only obtained through a diverse
                                       student body that’s encouraged,
                                       supported, and nurtured by
                                       committed nursing faculty. That’s why
                                       I stay, that’s why I will stay and walk
                                       the walk by all that I do, my teaching,
                                       research, and service.

                                       VO: But what really distinguishes
Student holds sign reading             the Hunter nursing program from
“Affordable!”                          so many other nursing programs?
                                       It’s affordability!

                                       S3: I get a high-quality education at
                                       an affordable price; I mean, why pay
                                       5 times more at a private school if I
                                       can get the same education here at
Graphic:                               Hunter?

Tuition for Manhattan BSN programs     S2: With Hunter, I get the knowledge,
(all figures approximate):             skills, and training I need to start my
Columbia—$65,000                       career in nursing, without mortgaging
NYU—$140,000                           my future.
Hunter—$16,000                         F2: For students who have limited
                                       means, who can’t afford the Harvards
                                       or private schools, Hunter can makes
_________________________________________________________________              5
Hunter School of Nursing
Recruitment DVD
Draft #7- 8/18/2011

VIDEO--TK                         AUDIO
                                      dreams come true for career
                                      achievement and bettering oneself
                                      through education at very reasonable

                                       VO: In 2009 Hunter was named
                                       one of the “Top Ten Best Value
                                       Public Colleges” in the country by
                                       the Princeton Review.

                                       Pres: We have 21,000 students all
                                       getting a phenomenal education at a
                                       price they can actually afford.

Graphic:                               VO: The Hunter School of Nursing
Hunter-Bellevue’s Undergraduate        offers two Bachelors of Science
Nursing Program                        degrees: the Generic Pathway,
                                       for students new to nursing, and
                                       the RN Pathway, for those who
                                       have completed a nursing
                                       program or who already have a
                                       license to practice nursing in
                                       New York State. But our
                                       undergrads leave with more than
                                       just their credentials.

Graphic:                               S1: The bachelors of nursing program
        Hunter                         at Hunter not only gave me a career,
More than just a degree!               but also helped develop my sense of
                                       purpose and gave me the direction I
                                       needed to find in life.

                                       S3: In my community there are many
                                       uninsured people who need basic
                                       health care services. Doing something
                                       to help them, while also bettering my
                                       own life, feels very rewarding for me.

Graphic:                               VO: At the graduate level, Hunter
                                       offers seven MS degrees and two
_________________________________________________________________            6
Hunter School of Nursing
Recruitment DVD
Draft #7- 8/18/2011

VIDEO--TK                                             AUDIO
Hunter School of Nursing Graduate Programs,                 post-master’s certificate
Certificates, and Subspecializations
                                                            programs that focus on providing
M.S. in Nursing Specialties                                 culturally competent care for
         Adult Nurse Practitioner                          traditionally underserved
         Adult Health Nursing, Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL)
         Community/Public Health Nursing
         Community/Public Health Nursing/Urban Public   F3: We try to create the programs
          Health (MS/MPH)                                and tracks that are cutting edge and
         Gerontological/Adult Nurse Practitioner
                                                         we try to be innovative in what’s
         Nursing Administration/Public Administration
          (dual MS with Baruch College)                  happening in the workforce. For
         Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner                 example we were the first to develop
Post-Master’s Certificates
                                                         thel gerontological nurse practitioner
         Nursing Education                              program here at Hunter.
         Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
                                                         VO: Graduate program managers
                                                         act as specialization coordinators
         Care of Persons with HIV/AIDS
         Integrative Modalities
                                                         to help the graduate students
         Nursing Education
                                                         pick the program that is best for
                                                         GS1: I was having a really hard time
Specialization Coordinator/Program                       choosing which master’s degree
Dr. Kunsook Bernstein                                    program was right for me. But the
Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner             Hunter faculty helped me understand
Dr. Mattia Gilmartin                                     the different degrees and
Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL)
                                                         certifications they offer, and also what
Dr. Donna Nickitas
Nursing/Public Administration                            job I would land after graduation.
(dual MS with Baruch College)
Dr. Judith Aponte                                        VO: Hunter’s graduate programs
Community/Public Health Nursing (MS/MPH)
                                                         are flexible, enabling students to
Dr. Steven Baumann                                       continue working while earning
Adult/Gerontological Nurse Practitioner
                                                         their degree.
Dr. Elizabeth Simon
Nursing Education
Dr. Joanna Hofmann                                       GS3: Hunter allows me to go on a
Adult Nurse Practitioner                                 part-time basis, I work and have 3
                                                         kids at home. Hunter’s programs are
                                                         offered in the afternoon and evenings
                                                         and allows you to take up to five
                                                         years, so I knew it was the right place
                                                         for me.

                                                         F2: Over 90% of our students are
_________________________________________________________________                                 7
Hunter School of Nursing
Recruitment DVD
Draft #7- 8/18/2011

VIDEO--TK                       AUDIO
                                    employed in local health care
                                    systems, attend part-time, and
                                    complete degree requirements within
                                    3 to 4 years.

                                      VO: And all of Hunter’s nursing
                                      programs meet the educational
                                      requirements for certification by
                                      the American Nurses
                                      Credentialing Center and national
                                      specialty organizations. Our
                                      graduates go on to enjoy active
                                      careers and play leadership roles
                                      in the field.

                                      F5: Hunter graduates find
                                      employment in a variety of settings.
                                      They work as nurse practitioners,
                                      nurse educators, clinical specialists,
                                      nurse administrators. And many of
                                      them go on for doctoral studies in

                                      GS1: Hunter has given me a great
                                      education. I love my career as a
                                      public health nurse. But even better,
                                      it’s allowed me to grow professionally
                                      and also further my field.

                                      GS4 (Malachy): And with the constant
                                      changes in health care, it’s critically
                                      important that I continue to advance
                                      my skills both academically and
                                      professionally so I can move forward
                                      in the workplace.

                                      VO: Many of our Hunter grads
                                      enjoy their academic experience
                                      so much, they return to the
                                      Nursing School as faculty.

                                      F4: I was a student here in the
_________________________________________________________________              8
Hunter School of Nursing
Recruitment DVD
Draft #7- 8/18/2011

VIDEO--TK                         AUDIO
                                      undergraduate as well as the
                                      graduate program. I graduated from
                                      the graduate program with a Master’s
                                      in nursing administration before I
                                      went elsewhere to get my doctorate
                                      degree. And it… working with the
                                      faculty here not only as a student but
                                      now as a faculty member has been an
                                      exciting, idealistic type of setting
                                      working with great faculty who are
                                      ambitious and smart and just there
                                      for their students as well as

                                          VO: As you plan for your future
                                          career, consider becoming a part of
                                          the Hunter-Bellevue School of
                                          Nursing community.

New Graphic:
For more information, visit our website
or call us at 212-481-7596.

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