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Is something wrong with my legs?

Whenever I shave my legs, the hair automatically grows back the next day. It starts feeling all prickly and not smooth like the day before. Am I doing it wrong? Is
there a way to keep my legs smooth for days without shaving everyday, if I shave everyday my legs will get those red bumps everywhere because my skin is
sensitive. I can't wax because, it look painful and costs a lot of money. Help?

Asked by Mariajose at Aug 17,2011 00:54

that is normal you can try using nair. but the reason you get red bumps (razor burns) is because you might be shaving to soft or hard. or your legs have gotten
cold in the shower. a lot of darken skin people you can see their hair growing back . so it is normal

Answer from Kyra Barkley at Aug 17,2011 00:58

Your hair is always growing. When you shave your legs you squarely cut off the hair, causing it to feel prickly and rough as it grows back out. You could try a
product like Nair to disolve the hair, which will keep your legs smoother for longer.

Answer from Nickolaus B at Aug 17,2011 00:59

That's normal. When you shave the hair starts growing back right away. You can buy home waxing kits that are cheaper than having it done in a beauty parlor.
Waxing your legs pulls the hairs out by the roots. It takes longer for the hairs to grow out and for your legs to get "fuzzy" again. Edited to add: Yes, Nair is good.
I've used it myself. It's smelly, though.

Answer from sunburst at Aug 17,2011 00:59

I'm guessing since you find wax being expensive that you wouldn't want to invest in laser treatment or anything. Try finding a week where you're not doing
anything at all, and just don't shave your legs for a long time, and let the hair grow, and that will slow down the process. Hope this helped!

Answer from Cammmmy at Aug 17,2011 01:00

Best answer

Its normal, my friend shaves in the morning and if its cold in the classroom it grows back by the end of the day. Some people are like that, the more you shave the
faster it'll grow back. Waxing isn't all that painful and its worth the money because it lasts for weeks! You can even do a cheap home waxing kit, some last for up
to a month! And if you don't want to wax, try Nair, it doesn't hurt. They even have a roll on wax that lasts up to 2 months! Wouldn't it be nice not shaving for 2
months?!?! Look on here: They have coupons on there too so you can save :) Try using this, I also have sensitive skin and it
worked great:

Answer from sBeatles. Its called Music, Love s at Aug 17,2011 01:02

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