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is it werid that im 14 and still havent had my period?

im about to be going into 9th grade and i still havent had my period. my little sister who is 2 years younger just started having pre mentstral spotting or whatever
and im just thinking that maybe im a freak or im doing something that is making me not have my period

Asked by Casey Jo at Aug 17,2011 00:33

body not ready yet

Answer from dalylahgurl at Aug 17,2011 00:35

Best answer

You are definiatly NOT a freak hun! Trust me! A friend of mine got hers when she was 17! Your body matures at it's own time, when ITS ready. Unforchunatly it
doesn;t whenever YOU'RE ready! Hopee I helped a little! (:

Answer from Maddie Schultz at Aug 17,2011 00:36

No, not at all! My grandma and mom started at 17, but I started at 12. Everyone comes on at different ages, when their body is ready, you're definitely not a freak!

Answer from Katie Smith at Aug 17,2011 00:39

No , it's no problem !

Answer from Dani at Aug 17,2011 00:41

not if your a guy but you are a girl and it's a little weird but it does happen and it could start anytime so you might want to carry pads/tampons as a just in case

Answer from shroud at Aug 17,2011 00:43

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