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Is it true your breasts swell during or before your period?

If they do, by how much? Like how much %?

Asked by Olive Penderghast at Aug 11,2011 10:44

3% yes

Answer from spicyrob at Aug 11,2011 10:45

Yes, they do. But not too terrible much. Just a little bit. I'll just go with 3% like someone else on here said. :P But not everyone's breasts will swell during that time.
Just some people will have that. But it is a pretty common symptom of PMS and periods.

Answer from Jennifreak Poop at Aug 11,2011 10:53

Best answer

Like 3% and nice username I loved easy A

Answer from questions at Aug 11,2011 11:15

Yes they do, and some lumps may appear. Shed your inhibitions and clear your doubts by consulting an O&G Specialist / Physician, please don’t look for any
medical advice in this forum. Good Luck.!

Answer from Asim at Aug 11,2011 11:25

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