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Im In class right now taking summer school, and I dont feel good at all!?

I've thrown up 6 times in my mouth, and 4 times in a trash can in the past 15 minutes! But my teachers can't let me leave the class room because were in finals,
and if I don't finish it I automatically fail the class! But how can I explain I need to leave the room for a 5 minute break for fresh air and bathroom break! The
teachers could get fired! The principal explained these rules yesterday!

Asked by Chloe Martia at Aug 17,2011 06:38

They'll let you on yahoo answers, let alone the internet while you're taking a final, but won't let you go out of the room to throw up?

Answer from Alex at Aug 17,2011 06:47

Wow your at school kind of late!

Answer from Live Life at Aug 17,2011 07:28

Best answer

Who is at summer school late in this morning. Plus you been asking about your period on another post and 2 weeks ago you were asking the same question.
How many times do you need people to answer your stupid comment.

Answer from Krystle Mumley at Aug 17,2011 09:44

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