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Im always tired when on my period?

I have had periods for the last 4-5 years but i have noticed when im due on my period i either am extremely tired 2 to 3 days before or when i am on i could just
sleep through my whole period? This isnt normal as i havnt experienced it before the last 2 month. What could it be?

Asked by Abbie at Aug 13,2011 11:07

That's normal. It's due to pms

Answer from RS at Aug 13,2011 11:10

Best answer

It's normal, even if you haven't experienced this before. PMS and periods can cause fatigue, which of course would make you more tired and make you sleep
more. And plus, your PMS and period symptoms can change after some time. It's all normal. :)

Answer from Jennifreak Poop at Aug 13,2011 11:12

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