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If a husband can attend a birth?

can he also attend a smear test - and if not, why not?

Asked by Katie Chang at Aug 10,2011 12:35

Best answer

Probably, my doctor was about to do mine with my 6 week postpartum check up while he was there and I asked if he could leave first. Some doctors might not
want them there but mine was. *EDIT* I'd say honestly most doctors would be fine with it, I really don't like having them and feel extremely vulnerable getting one
so I personally would choose not to have him there, he was with me throughout my labour and was meant to be there for the birth but I ended up having a caesar
which he was there for until after our baby was out and they had to put me under, its just physicals lol I don't know what the go is.

I also get a pap smear every year and have since I lost my virginity, every female in my family and most of my friends do too, I don't go to the gynecologist unless
I'm having problems or when I was pregnant.I just get them done at the GP.

Answer from Rach at Aug 10,2011 12:39

Why would he want to?

Answer from Oh Yeah at Aug 10,2011 12:39

I don't see a reason why they wouldn't allow a husband to attend a smear test if that's what his wife wanted. If they tried to tell me that he couldn't come with me,
i'd say he comes with me or i don't have the test. If i'm the patient then i believe it should be my choice.

Answer from Jesse at Aug 10,2011 12:40

He can attend. In the UK, it is between the patient and the doctor whether he goes or not. I imagine those 'smear' tests have a role to play in seeking out cancer
but, to be honest, I don't know anyone who goes for them.

Answer from Fran J at Aug 10,2011 12:42

Some countries they can but would not be allowed to film or take pictures, probably. The trouble is it takes a little the focus and the baby could be delayed.

Answer from Katia Eberspacher at Aug 10,2011 12:43

It is NOT a question of why HE would WANT to attend - read the poster's question! - it is more an issue of HER wanting HIM to attend. She probably just wants
some comfort in the room.

Answer from Joanna Sinclair at Aug 10,2011 12:54

I don't know women who go either. They need to devise a better way of testing. If you can have a baby in a test tube, or have a self-pregnancy test, surely there
must be some kind of self-admin test? But yes, surely he should be allowed. I agree with the great answer above: if the doctor - male or female - doesn't allow
him to stay in the room, tell the doctor to hit the road.

Answer from Laura Moyes at Aug 10,2011 13:04

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