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I cant take this stupid period any more!?

Its my third day, and im struggling like crazy trying to keep up. This is the worst one ive ever had and i was NOT expecting it. Im running out of pads and im
gomma have to improvise somehow. I dont know what to do anymore. I just want it to end but it seems like it never will. WHAT DO I DO! somebody
plleeeeaaaassseee help me!

Asked by Lacey Doll at Aug 13,2011 23:08

Buy more Pads. And it will end Your Over Reaction.

Answer from Coco at Aug 13,2011 23:11

Take some tylenol and put a warm cloth on your stomach.

Answer from Leah at Aug 13,2011 23:11

You don't have any girl friends that could help you out by making a supplies run for you?

Answer from Peachy1 at Aug 13,2011 23:12

use tampons

Answer from Hello at Aug 13,2011 23:12

You have to stock up on pads. That's life.

Answer from Glorious Chilidog at Aug 13,2011 23:15

You're just going to have to stack up on pads/tampons. That's what I do.

Answer from Vintage Girl ♥ at Aug 13,2011 23:17

Best answer

My periods use to be TERRIBLE when i was a teen, At one point i got a bad period pain and the pain was intense i nearly passed out!, (I'm not very good with
pain:() When you get pain take some tablets to ease the pain if you can't handle it, Just keep calm and breathe for a second, You have 4 more days at most (:.
Periods can be heavy or really light, the first few days there heavy and they get lighter and go :) You could use tampons? but if your not comfortable using them,
Get some night pads that are a lot thicker and the absorbancy is at its most. What i do is either wear 2 pads on one pair of undies or i wear 2 pair of undies and 1
pad :D Take one day off if you can and just relax, If your doing nothing, sit on the sofa with a hot water bottle and just pamper your self for a hour Like do your
hair, makeup or put a face mask on, or get your girl mates round or watch a movie that makes you happy with some chocolate ;D It always helps me feel a lot
better, (expesh the chocolate:P ) :) Exercise can make you feel better, do dancing or go for a walk, When your on your period you feel all bloated and fat and EW
but exercise makes you feel a lot better as well. Change your pads every 4 hours if you can :) this will help you feel clean, If you wear tampons change every 3
hours at most, It will go away and just keep reminding your self, Periods are there to clean your insides out keep all the nasty stuff away :). The first few days of
my period i feel like crap, I feel like a big fat blob. Its normal, and when you get older there not as bad, :) Just try and do what i advised

Answer from BeckSTAR at Aug 13,2011 23:20

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