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I always have to go pee?

I don't think it's a bladder infection because I'm only 19. But it feels like whenever I'm laying down or in the morning I'm always having to get up to go pee. I can't
even go to bed at nights until I feel like my bladder is completely empty. What do you think this is? Why can't I go to bed at nights until I feel completely released?
Help =l

Asked by Lisa at Aug 10,2011 17:00

Stop drinking water, then you won't pee ever again.

Answer from Beebes at Aug 10,2011 17:05

Best answer

sweetheart being nineteen has nothing to do with getting a bladder infection. it sounds like one get a home uti test from the store walmart or cvs. and if its positive
go to doctor. I had bladder infections on and off from may last year to february this year. if you have sex alot you can get them if you wipe the wrong way you can
get them.from uncleaned tub you take bath in you can get it or toilet seat or if when you poo if you splash up you can get it.

Answer from Sally at Aug 10,2011 17:08

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