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                                                Latest Update: 5/21/2010 7:07 AM EDT
COUNTRY                      Yes, all official visitors must have an
CLEARANCE                    approved country clearance before arriving
Last Updated: 6/21/2007 6:58 in Moldova.
                AM EDT

CONTACT                      U.S. Embassy Chisinau
INFORMATION                  103 Alexei Mateevici Str.
Last Updated: 6/21/2007 6:36 Tel: (373) 22-408300
                    AM EDT Fax: (373) 22-233044

                         The workweek is Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 6

                         When you receive you approved Country
                         Clearance by e-mail a Control Officer will
                         be listed. Please advise your control
                         officer of any planned or desired meetings
                         with Government of Moldova officials and/or
                         other local political leaders, as these
                         meetings must be arranged through the U.S.
                         Embassy’s protocol section. Any media
                         events must be cleared by the U.S. Embassy's
                         Public Affairs Officer.
VISA REQUIREMENTS American passport holders do not need a visa
 Last Updated: 6/5/2008 1:51 to enter Moldova. Please note that the GOM
                    AM EDT has changed its procedures for registering
                             foreign nationals when they arrive in
                             Moldova. Visitors are now registered at the
                             point of entry (e.g., airport or border) and
                             their passports stamped, serving as evidence
                             of registration. No other papers are
                             required for stays up to 90 days. Please
                             note that entering Moldova from Ukraine
                             through Transnistria is handled differently
                             by the GOM. Please contact the Embassy's
                             Management Office for details.
DEPARTURE TAX                No departure tax. A VIP Lounge is available
Last Updated: 7/31/2007 3:56 at the airport for a fee. The VIP Lounge
                    AM EDT will expedite your customs clearance and
                             bring your luggage to you as you wait in
                             comfortable surroundings. If you wish to
                               use the VIP Lounge, please contact the
                               embassy’s travel assistant, Mariana
                               Cosniceanu at The
                               price for VIP Lounge use for visitors
                               arriving with diplomatic passports is 49 lei
                               (approx. 4.08 USD); for departure the price
                               is 79 lei (approx. 6.58 USD). Standard
                               prices for non-diplomatic-passport holders
                               are 490 lei (approx. 40.8 USD) for arrival
                               and 790 lei (approx. 65.8 USD) for
                               departure. Please note that the traveler is
                               responsible for paying the VIP Lounge fee.
HEALTH INFORMATION Western-quality medical treatment is not
Last Updated: 6/21/2007 6:53 available in Moldova except for dental
                    AM EDT care. Bring sufficient quantities of
                             prescription drugs and any over-the-counter
                             medications you may require. Post
                             recommends that travelers drink bottled
                             water while visiting Moldova.
SECURITY THREAT              Moldova is currently rated a "medium" threat
INFORMATION                  country for criminal activity. There are no
Last Updated: 6/21/2007 6:32 off-limits areas in Moldova in general
                    AM EDT (although the Transnistria region remains
                             unrecognized) or Chisinau in
                             particular. Most crimes remain crimes of
                             opportunity or property crimes, and visitors
                             should take commonsense precautions to avoid
                             danger. Recommended steps include avoiding
                             unlit areas or walking alone at night,
                             remaining wary of pickpockets in crowded
                             areas like markets or buses, not leaving
                             valuables in plain sight, always locking
                             doors and windows, and avoiding "standing
                             out" as an American.
Last Updated: 6/21/2007 6:28
                    AM EDT

Last Updated: 5/21/2010 7:07 I. INTRODUCTION
                    AM EDT Post’s administrative     support, which is
                               offered by ICASS service providers, is
                               available to all TDY employees on a
                               reimbursable basis. It is the policy of
post to provide these services whenever
possible by direct charge to a fund cite
provided by the TDY employee(s). Those
services that cannot be directly charged
will be billed using the ICASS TDY module.

Policy is transparent and posted in eCountry
Direct charge where possible;
TDY stay must be more than 7 days and the
ICASS charges $500 or more to warrant an
invoice. For groups, multiply the number of
travelers times the number of days in
calculating length of visit. For example 4
visitors in a delegation who stay 2 days
meet the minimum time threshold under this
policy, as the total stay is 8 days (4
TDYers multiplied by two days);
Daily rates are calculated by the ICASS TDY
invoice module and are initially based on
post’s approved initial ICASS budget and
then on the ICASS mid-year budget once that
is available later in the fiscal year. The
initial and mid-year ICASS budgets are
subject to change each fiscal year;

This policy will be applied to all TDYers
who come to post (with exceptions noted
below) to ensure equity and transparency of
transactions.   Generally, TDYers for the
purpose of this section are U.S. Government
employees sent overseas for temporary duty;
however, they can also be USG
contractors/grantees, provided their
contract/grant covers ICASS services and the
sponsoring agency agrees in advance to pay
for ICASS services. TDY visitors must
request country clearance from the Deputy
Chief of Mission. Once the Deputy Chief of
Mission grants country clearance, ICASS must
be one of the mechanisms used to provide the
approved visitor with official support.

The following categories of visitors are not
subject to ICASS TDY invoice charges:
Visits of the President, First Lady, Vice
President and spouse, members of Congress,
Supreme Court Justices and Cabinet members,
including principals and support staff.
Visitors who are temporarily filling vacant
positions or staffing gaps (which are
already reflected in the customer agencies’
workload statistics);
Visitors who are providing support for ICASS
services, or
Visitors who are providing post-to-post
assistance (regional personnel sent from one
overseas post to another to provide
temporary support/assistance, when the
traveler is already counted in the regional
post’s annual ICASS workload statistics).
Visitors who utilize no ICASS services
(beyond the basic country clearance) and who
have virtually no impact on the post ICASS

There are two categories of charges for
services provided to TDY visitors, direct
charges and ICASS TDY charges.

A. Direct charges for Administrative
Administrative support services that can be
direct charged to fiscal data provided by
the TDYer include but are not limited to:
Airport transportation, one way to/from
hotel by commercial contractor ($25-30 per
Cell phone usage ($20 for activating a SIM
card; or $100 to $150 to
purchase a basic cell phone with SIM card)
and costs of actual cell phone calls (up to
$0.15 per minute for local calls, $0.13 per
minute for calls to the USA);
Vehicle rental with driver ($75-$165 per
day, 8hrs, 100km);
Official in-country travel expenses (e.g.
$0.55 per mile for government-owned vehicle;
daily perdiem rates outside Chisinau is $140
for lodging and $65 for M&IE. Round trip
cost to Balti via USG vehicle cost
approximately $89, excluding driver
Cost of office supplies and other goods
procured to support the visit;
Interpreters ($150 to $180 per 8-hour
working day)
Overtime incurred in support of an agency,
individual TDYer or TDY group, including
motorpool drivers ($5.96 to $6.92 per hour)
and emergency after-hours assistance by RSO
personnel ($10.80 to $14.40 per hour)

        Note: Airport transportation and
cell phone charges are quoted in US dollars
but charged in Moldovan Lei. The current
exchange rate is 12.50 Moldovan Lei =
US$1.00. All the direct charge rates quoted
above are estimates only and subject to

B. ICASS TDY charges through TDY Module:
There are two types of costs connected with
TDYers in this category and each one is
managed differently as follows:
Per capita costs - can be recovered in the
current fiscal year using the TDY module and
are a non-recurring addition to the post
ICASS funds.
Transaction/quantity-based costs - are
recovered in the current fiscal year using
TDY module and are a non-recurring addition
to the post ICASS funds.

1. The per capita services that can be
charged to TDYers under ICASS Lite are:
Basic Package Services
Community Liaison Office (CLO) Services
Health Services
General Services – Shipping/Customs, Travel,
General Services – Procurement
General Services – Motor Pool Operations
General Services – Storage and Delivery
General Services – Vehicle Maintenance
Information Management Services - Pouching,
Mail and Messenger
Information Management Services –
Switchboard Operations
Security Services (FSNI support)

2. Transaction-based costs – cost for
services for temporary support of TDYers who
may not be covered in annual workload
measurements include the following:

Information Management       Number of
peripherals supported and number of
OpenNet+ user accounts;

Financial Management Services   Number of
strip codes processed for cashier and non-
cashier transactions + accommodation
exchange transactions
Non-Residential maintenance   Gross square
meters occupied (if space is excluded from
annual budget);
Residential maintenance   Gross square
meters occupied (if space is excluded from
annual budget);

The length of stay and the cost threshold
are the two criteria for determining ICASS
TDY charges. Based on this, there are two
categories of TDYers:

Short-Term (0 to 7 days stay and when
cumulative support cost is less than $500)
The post’s built in TDY base is expected to
support TDYers during this period. Post will
absorb the first 7 days of support for any
TDY provided the total cost of support is
less than $500.

Long-Term (over 7 days or when cumulative
support cost is $500 or more)
Post will prepare a TDY invoice to reflect
the required services workload for these
types of TDYers. This is in contrast to the
Partial Year Invoice, which is done for
changes in permanent staffing levels.
Charging for ICASS Support through TDY

A. All visitors must request Country
Clearance before proceeding to post.

B. When direct charges will be
incurred: Visitors who anticipate incurring
direct charges are responsible for bringing
travel orders and/or fiscal data to pay for
direct costs of the visit. This information
must be provided to the Management Officer
at the beginning of the visit. The fiscal
data must include an explanation of what
costs may be charged against it and the
total amount of funding available. Post
will not provide service if fiscal data is
not provided for the direct charges. Fiscal
data should be attached to each service

C. When the 7 day threshold will be
exceeded.   TDYers who will be at post over
seven days and anticipate consuming ICASS
services are responsible for informing the
Management Officer what services will be
required. If the cost of the requested
services is at least $500, a TDY invoice
will be generated using the TDY
module. Charges in this module are
calculated on a per-capita-basis or per
temporary workload basis, prorated for the
length of stay.   See Appendix A for current
daily rate estimates. Please note that a
TDY invoice will be based on the initial
ICASS budget if issued during the first half
of the fiscal year and on the final mid-year
budget if issued in the last half of the
fiscal year. For this reason, the daily
rates for services may change throughout the
year if there is a difference between the
initial and final mid-year ICASS budgets.
When the agency is not subscribed to ICASS
at this post. If your agency is not signed
up for ICASS services at post, please be
prepared to sign a Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU) document for ICASS
support services upon arrival. The agency
should provide post with a written
communication that confirms the agency will
pay ICASS charges for the TDYers, provides
the agency ICASS billing code the TDY
support charges should be applied to, and
authorizes the traveler to sign the ICASS
invoice generated by the TDY module.

Approved:    Brian Anselman, A/DCM
Drafted:       Aurel Vieru, B&F
Cleared:        John Hardman, ICASS Council

Appendix A

Sample Temporary Duty Invoice for Fiscal
Year 2010
(based on initial budget, subject to change
in mid-year budget)

Chisinau – 261


ICASS Chisinau Modification Definitions:

Please remember that modifications should be
based on the general needs of the positions,
not preferences of individual incumbents or
the needs of a given year. ICASS has to
maintain the infrastructure and personnel to
provide the services offered, even if demand
ebbs and peaks. Cost centers not specified
below are not modifiable.

General Services – Shipping/Customs, Travel,
Leasing: workload factor: Number of
                      USDH/contractors serviced plus number of LES
                      serviced times 0.2.

                      Full-service: An agency signs for all three
                      services, including:
                      and Customs

                      0.6: An agency signs up for (and specifies)
                      2 of 3 services.

                      0.3: An agency signs up for (and specifies
                      which) 1 of 3 services.

                      Financial Management Services: workload
                      factor: Number of strip codes processed over
                      12 month count.

                      Full-service includes, per Post Service
                      Standards, Planning/reporting (includes
                      preparation of ICASS initial and mid-year
                      budgets and associated workload counts,
                      invoices, and reports); Accounts and records
                      (technically this is only for serviced
                      agencies, but some reports are done for all
                      customers); vouchering (payments); and

                      Since the percentages for services are
                      spelled out in the service standards, any
                      agency that has bills paid through FMO is
                      automatically at the 0.6 level. Adding any
                      of the other services would bump the agency
                      into full-service.

                      0.6: An agency signs up for vouchering and
                      cashiering services only.

                      Your eCC and arrival at Post constitutes
                      acceptance of this policy.
CURRENCY                     Moldovan Lei - Please be aware that Moldova
Last Updated: 6/21/2007 6:27 is mostly a cash economy. Although credit
                    AM EDT cards can be used at major hotels and for
                          withdrawal of cash from ATMs, nearly all
                          stores and restaurants require payment to be
                          made in cash. When using credit cards in
                          Moldova, travelers are reminded to be
                          vigilant against attempts to obtain pin
                          numbers and other sensitive
                          information. Businesses and official
                          exchanges generally do not accept travelers’
                          checks. All travelers are advised that it
                          is illegal to exchange currency except at
                          established, government-authorized
                          agencies. For official purposes visitors
                          can use the Embassy cashier. The cashier's
                          exchange rate is currently [CURRENT EMBASSY
                          EXCHANGE RATE] Moldovan lei to one U.S.
                          dollar. The rate obtained at exchange
                          agencies can vary by as much as 0.15
                          Moldovan lei.
CLIMATE                      Moldova’s climate is continental and is
Last Updated: 6/21/2007 6:28 roughly comparable to that of New York
                    AM EDT City. Moldova has four distinct seasons,
                             including warm, semi-humid summers with
                             average daily temperatures in July exceeding
                             75 degrees. Winters are cold with
                             temperatures in January ranging from 23
                             degrees to 27 degrees. Sidewalks and
                             streets can remain icy from the first snow
                             until the beginning of spring.
ELECTRONIC DEVICES Electronic Devices are not allowed in the CA
   Last Updated: 2/28/2007 areas.
           11:19 AM EDT

Last Updated: 6/5/2008 1:52 New Year's   Day (US & Mold)   January 1,
                   AM EDT 2008
                          Orthodox Christmas (Mold) January 7-8,
                          HoMartin L. King Jr. Birthday (US) January
                          21, 2008
                          President's Day (US) February 18, 2008
                          International Women's Day (Mold) March 8,
                          Easter Monday (Mold) April 28, 2008
                          Labor Day (Mold) May 1, 2008
                          Memorial Easter (Mold) May 5, 2008
                     Victory Day (Mold) May 9, 2008
                     Memorial Day (US) May 26, 2008
                     Independence Day (US) July 4, 2008
                     National Day (Mold) August 27, 2008
                     Language Day (Mold) August 31, 2008
                     Labor Day (US) September 1, 2008
                     Columbus Day (US) October 13, 2008
                     Veteran's Day (US) November 11, 2008
                     Thanksgiving Day (US) November 27, 2008
                     Christmas (US) December 25, 2008
TRANSPORTATION               [Per Post TDY Policy, all travelers are
INFORMATION FROM             instructed to use the airport taxi service
AIRPORT TO HOTEL             (1400 taxi) for travel to and from the
Last Updated: 6/18/2008 7:49 airport. Please be prepared to pay between
                    AM EDT USD 20-25 to the taxi driver for each trip
                             to/from the airport. Drivers will accept
                             local currency (Lei) or euros.

                     During your stay in Chisinau, you may choose
                     to take taxis. They are generally available
                     during the day on busy streets at designated
                     taxi stands and in front of hotels. Rates
                     are reasonable, although passengers should
                     establish the cost of the ride before
                     getting into the taxi. Tipping is not
                     expected. The most frequently used taxi
                     services in town are the Expediting Taxi
                     Service (Oleg’s) (tel. 24-04-32) and CVS
                     service (tel. 22-95-59). Dispatchers and
                     some drivers speak English.
OTHER                        RESTAURANTS: Chisinau has a fair number of
Last Updated: 6/21/2007 6:53 good, reasonably priced
                    AM EDT restaurants. Although most restaurants
                             serve standard Moldovan cuisine, there are
                             also restaurants serving Turkish, Mexican,
                             French, Italian, Greek, and Lebanese
                             food. In warm weather, Chisinau blossoms
                             with many outdoor, street-side
                             cafes. Tipping is generally 10%.

                     GETTING TO CHISINAU: Travelers should be
                     aware that no U.S. airline has an inter-line
                     agreement with any Moldovan airline for
                     baggage handling. Unless the airline agrees
                     to check bags through to Chisinau, travelers
must claim their bags at the intermediate
stop in western or central Europe, pass
through local customs, and check in again
for their Moldovan flights.