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how to make my breasts bigger?

Are their any certain foods or exercises?

Asked by sιssss sυηαωαs at Aug 17,2011 01:34

Time (if you're a teenager). Surgery (if you're an adult). No.

Answer from Mary Kontrarry at Aug 17,2011 01:37

I think eating a lot of soy made my boobs bigger - theyve grown a full cup since I went veg and started eating a lot of soy. However, I dont think this applies to
most people or tofu would be far more popular!

Answer from jenh at Aug 17,2011 01:39

no- breasts are Gene+Age+Weight+ hormones There is Nothing you can do or take to grow them Breasts are mainly FAT!

Answer from LadyMerton at Aug 17,2011 01:40

There is no certain things. Gain a little weight girls with a little weight have big boobs. You can let them grow naturally or surgery. You can also use breat cream
or always wear a bra. It works for me. Please check out my video answers on YouTube. I'm making a video answer to this question for you hopefully.

Answer from rawr.. at Aug 17,2011 01:40

Best answer Problem solved

Answer from Maynor at Aug 17,2011 01:41

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