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How to a avoid leaking in public?

i am due to start my period tomorrow and i am suppose to go to the mall with my boyfriend on Saturday is there an easy way to avoid leaking without using a
tampon? i dont use a purse so i cant bring extra pads

Asked by Bubbles Name at Aug 10,2011 18:06

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Hey, In those situations i always use the exstra long, and wide pads that are thin, but have wings, these always seem to really help with not leaking, I"m sure your
boyfriend would understand to if you had to put a pad in your pocket or something like that, that might help. Another thing that i always do that seems to help, is if
i have nothing eles on me, i'll go to the bathroom and roll up some toilet paper and put it ontop of the pad, that way i have a bit more absorbency. good luck!

Answer from lil pip at Aug 10,2011 18:10

Then stick a pad or two in your pockets! But even if you don't wear a purse, it would be a good idea to just bring one anyways. You never know when you might
need a spare pad! Anyways, like I said in the last question you posted, just wear a pad that's meant for a heavier flow. I don't mean one of those really thick
diaper like pads, just a thin one that absorbs more. It will say on the package. Or you can wear two pads, one layered on top of the other, so when you think the
first one might be getting full, you can always go to the bathroom, take off the top pad, and you will have a fresh pad underneath! :)

Answer from Jennifreak Poop at Aug 10,2011 18:10

Wear a pad before going out. Just incase, you're already wearing it, so no worries :) Put one in your pocket, also and then go to the washroom to change if you
have too.

Answer from Pennelope Colomb at Aug 10,2011 18:38

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