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how do i tell my dad i got my period?

please i dont want him to make a big deal and my mom and sisters live real far away.and i dont just want to bring it up by surprise idk what to say i dont just want
to say "dad can you buy me some pads or tampons?" bcos it might shock him and i'll run away and cry (hint:im rlly sensitive) or i might not talk to him 4 a looong

Asked by Brooke Chan at Aug 14,2011 01:45

Best answer

It can be embarrassing when you first get your period. But its nothing that will shock your father. Just tell him. If you're REALLY uncomfortable telling him in
person, try writing him a note. Good luck. It will be fine!

Answer from Ashleigh . at Aug 14,2011 01:51

my mom died so when I got my period I went into my dads room and I was embarrassed and Inwas like dad I'm bleeding . Down there. And he was like o, o. And
then he He took mento walmart to get pads. Don't worry, now I just go and say dad I need pads. (I hate tampons) he knows it's not ur choice to have ur period,
don't sweat it :) best of luck! Ps if u have a grama or aunt, u could ask them too.

Answer from Nikki :) at Aug 14,2011 01:53

Well I know this is a hard thing to do, but you have to tell him. He knows that this day would be coming soon, and I promise he won't make a big deal out of it. You
could just say something like "ugh, im feeling soo crampy right now" and then start off that way and lead into saying you just got your period. He probably will be a
little uncomfortable, but if you are okay with the situation and take control, he won't be as nervous. Or if that's a little to intimidating, you might want to just tell him
you need a ride to target to get some feminine products and Im sure he will totally get it. He probably won't know what kinds to get, so I suggest that you get
Always Infinity pads. Make sure you get overnight ones, and probably some pantiliners for the lighter days. Good luck!

Answer from sbsjill at Aug 14,2011 01:54

Being embarrassed is totally normal. If u don't want to tell him don't. Just get ur own products its not that bad I promise

Answer from B.B at Aug 14,2011 01:55

If your inthe store when you go down the girls isle just walk over get some pads and put them in the cart. Or ask him to go grab something while he's shopping
and then come back with some pads. I did that with my dad and he got the point. He looked at me and smiled and them just went on like normal then when he
came home from work the day after he gave me some book and stuff to teach me how to insert a tampon and stuff like that. Hope this helps!

Answer from Kirstin G. at Aug 14,2011 03:37

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