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Get rid of stretch marks?

Is there a way to get rid of them or prevent them?

Asked by Brandi Jay at Aug 16,2011 01:39

There is a product called Mederma on the market that is getting good reviews.

Answer from navyboy763 at Aug 16,2011 01:42


Answer from Brittain at Aug 16,2011 01:44

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Hi~! :D I have the same problem! I do recommend using lotions containing cocoa butter to prevent (and they can also fade ) stretchmarks. Vitamin A, E & C help
with prevention as well as just drinking water. By staying hydrated, your skin remains healthy. You can't get rid of stretchmarks without surgeries (and even then).
To fade them use some of these remedies: Time - They will fade eventually! Retin-A (Tretinoin) - I believe these lotions need to be prescribed but they work
VERY WELL. Exfoliate daily- Just scrubbing them will work over time. Vic’s Vapor Rub - If you rub these nightly and daily, it should work :) Vitamin E Gel – Rub
the oil into the skin over the stretch marks daily for 2 weeks. Tanning - It fades them to your skin for a period of time. Hope I helped! :D

Answer from h Italian Beauty h at Aug 16,2011 01:44

Nothing that they make can get rid of them. Don't listen to what others say. I've tried it they fade and get smaller over time. Just embrace them! Haha to say the
least don't be embraced of them.

Answer from RaM at Aug 16,2011 01:45

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